Friday, May 26, 2017

Curious Case of Known Terrorists + SM Review-Preview 91

This is something worth digging into, but there has to be something deeper at play with the suicidal moves of the EU elite with regards to leaving the borders open despite terror attacks. Each time one happens, they know they sacrifice some votes to nationalist and ultranationalist parties. I've written before that the parliamentarian way they have things set up, the neoliberal mandarins have cushion, but the danger is in that bloc or blocs becoming too large.

Many of these attackers are known to police. Some are observed and even under watch as they get ready to attack. It is too easy to state that they are just enforcing anarcho-tyranny because the elite realize that each attack harms them. A multiracial melting pot with zero attacks is far superior to one with common attacks that leave dead children in the streets.

This is worth researching because there must be both a high and a low reason. First a high must be pulling strings for specific types of law enforcement and observation. Second, a low might be too tricky to handle for the law enforcement. Jihad and mosques provide quite the cover when jihad is woven into the fabric of the religion and mosques act as recruitment centers.

These recent jihadis have been small time crooks so known to the police might mean something different than observed for jihad possibility. They could even be run as informants and assets for the internal security just monitoring regular crime.

This is the pain of a multiracial, multicultural society. This is why people must go back, the boats must be stopped, the immigration flow must end. More pain will come and will continue until the serious steps and harsh measures that must be taken are taken or formalization of the no-go zones and ethnic enclaves occur.


Last week I wrote on the radicalization of the youth being tied to their presence in a society that resembles more and more American prisons. Weimerica Weekly was about all of the blackpilling around.

This week I will cover the F35 mega-project and how it was a project meant for another era but completely in the MIC corruption mode that Eisenhower warned us about but does not have to be. Weimerica Weekly will cover the odd open marriage glorification in the NYT Mag and then a curious case of the exception being discussed as a means to rewrite our laws.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

WW1 - Talented Americans

In this beautifully staged scene, American soldiers gather around the piano to listen to one of their comrades play. American involvement in the war was really secured via our banks. All of those loans to the allies had to be recovered. American business had made bank supplying those Allies. America entered late in the war and hardly entered the battlefield for long before the Armistice. It was the threat of American involvement, the threat of American supplies and the pure numbers game that was needed. This photo is from right before the Armistice in October of 1918 in Argonne, France.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Geopolitical-Immigration Bullet to Watch

The entire world is allowed to view the endgame that is wrapping up in Venezuela. The mainstream legacy media is even covering the pain in Venezuela. Online socialists are pulling out the 'it wasn't real socialism' line, but their Internet history of statement after statement praising Chavez's communism is there for all to see. Normal conservatives see the failure of Venezuela and can use it as the anti-Left ammunition that it is. Both are avoiding a coming push and the bullet we dodged by not having President Hillary. The Venezuelan refugee crisis will hit.

Venezuelans are starving, have been starving and will continue to starve. The Chavez government took guns from the people, and now that they have failed and people are fighting back, the guns are given to socialist squads to suppress rioters. The heir to Chavez, Maduro, may continue in power albeit with more transparent political processes. There may be a civil war of sorts. There may be a military government that forms and is aligned with DC. It looks ugly now and will continue to for the near future.

This will create a humanitarian crisis. It is already at that stage, but it will become worse and the international community will want to intervene. Once the power conflict is resolved, the demands for intervention for feeding the people will be heard. Along with those calls, will be calls to take in refugees. America has been doing so for years now, and recently even put legislation forward to grant them permanent residence. Those refugees were middle and upper middle class that could hop over to south Florida and wait out the bad times.

Now picture a President Clinton in office with the current state of Venezuela. The legislation for the older refugees already has bipartisan support. All she would need is to squeeze some GOPe types, and boom, we'd have a bipartisan approach to taking in poor, hungry Venezuelans. This would have been a nightmare and become a legal means to funnel all of central America into the Untied States. Florida is already becoming a dumping ground for Puerto Rico, so by the time President Clinton would be done, it'd be a weird mash of white, black and every single nation of Latin America in Florida.

Thankfully, we do not have a President Clinton. Still, the potential argument and issue is there. We must say no. If private individuals and groups, want to send food, send supplies, and send medicine, fine, but not a single Venezuelan should come to our shores. Let the Venezuelans sort it out. Venezuela is a far more likely future for America than simply Mexico or South Africa. While the conservakin and normiecons do not see the edge like we do, allow them to use Venezuela as a harbinger of things to come provided we stay on our left flowing current.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Weimerica Weekly - All Sides Blackpilling

New Weimerica Weekly is up. Everyone on all sides is blackpilling. Not just the hardest of right wing Trump supporters but people in the middle and even on the left. This is part of the decline. I advise one not to give into blackpilling but to recognize the dark road ahead no matter who is in charge.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Future White Progressive Suicides

There were fears 2017 would not deliver. It has. The insanity continues. The Left will not take a moment to be self-reflective or introspective. They do not do that. Especially now when they feel so close to total victory. The white progressives continue to deliver with the insane hot takes or emoting over any odd, alien person or cultural tidbit. This will continue until we hit the phase of the cycle with white progressive suicides.

There is a feeling a religious revival of some sorts will hit in the 2020s. This might just be all pieces searching for some answer to the emptiness of McWorld. If it is, one outlet will be in the pieces of the West that make up the anti-West, anti-white voter coalition ginning themselves up even more in their anger and frustration. Not just at whites but with the lack of satisfaction in life despite having power or an elite supposedly acting on their behalf. White progs are in a bind.

Some will disappear into hedonism or technology. Others will melt in if they do marry or have kids. That is a signal already out in the open from them, and it does signal self-annihilation. They will take this one step further. Their search for status and holiness points will push them towards a cycle of suicide. White progs will kill themselves in the name of equality to wipe away white guilt. It will be their act of destroying white supremacy and the legacy of white racism.

If this sounds odd, keep in mind this appeals to many different needs these white progs have. This hits the religion need with both the creation of a ritual and sacrifice. This also allows them to become the star of the play, so their narcissism gets a boost. All focus is on them for the act. Make no mistake this will become a performance art. They lack creativity or talent, but they can make up for it with one hell of a suicide.

Think of the target demographic in question. Think of the childless whites hitting late 30s now. What will they do in 10-15 years in their late 40s-50s when sex peak has passed and they are old? What do they have? Nothing. The rhetoric of antiwhite crap will be ratcheted up from the Left which will add value to doing this and they have no heirs. They can leave anything to nonwhite charities as a transfer of wealth.

How? This could be like the self-immolation of Buddhist monks to protest Vietnam, but that is too awful for the progs. Some will turn it into a play of sorts as they discuss their lives and what they are giving it up for with proper non-white props. It would give them the chance to see who would attend their funeral. Think even more narcissistic. They will use hemlock.

Hemlock gives them the chance of the slow death to pontificate when they think people will be absolutely listening for any gem of wisdom, for their inane stories and for their cares. What is tweeting, Facebook posting and random virtue signaling if not a grasp at some attention? Suicide in the name of progress for the abolition of the white race will be their final post, their final tweet, their final periscope, and the good riddance of the most delusional and insane branch of the European family.

May they bury the enlightenment with them.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Social Matter - It’s Not Spontaneous Youth Radicalization, It’s Prison Culture

New essay is up at Social Matter. This one attempts to answer why the youth are radicalizing and where we see this same tribalism take shape. Progs have created a situation and once again, act surprised that the people placed in it react as humans naturally do. The denial of reality is horrible, but the worse denial is that of basic human nature.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Others Get It + SM Review-Preview 90

Charles Hugh-Smith has an essay that Zero Hedge published that really hits the nail on the head about what is going on in the West. It is disintegrating. Immigration adds to it. Multiculturalism adds to it. Even if they continue to pour in more and more people from a variety of places, the fragmentation will only accelerate. Hugh-Smith is right there. He is very close to us but does not take the last step in his writing.

He and Peter Turchin have many good points. Charles Hugh-Smith sees sickcare for what it is, a jobs racket and rent-seeking endeavor. He sees the parasitic elite detached from the population it supposedly guides. He knows. He sees how the center cannot hold. He sees how centralization is now at the negative returns stage. He points out that centralization's effects are now all negative, and the positives are sequestered away to the very few. Eventually, the social effects will become too much to endure.

The tech is there for greater centralization but it is there for decentralization as well. Each element of tech that adds to greater centralized control can be equally applied for decentralization if people coordinate to value decentralizing. Nick Land has written about the democratization of massive violence as adding to decentralization. This applies to many other capabilities.

How many people want to be a tiny fish in a giant, fetid pond? The elite count on you not just tolerating that but wanting that, craving the chance for that.

Spend some time reading Charles Hugh-Smith's essay and his other work. It is worth it.


Last week I wrote on how rebellions fail or succeed if they have elite factions supporting them. England saw two similar attempts, with one succeeding, so the story was why? Elites need to feel threatened and feel that they have something to gain with the rebels. Weimerica Weekly was on the Chinese critique of the white left (baizuo).

This week I will write on the spread of prison culture, and how our culture is sliding towards it not just from the police state assembled but population-wise. Weimerica Weekly will touch on the blackpilling, which allows me to discuss what the first 100 days or so of Clinton's presidency would've looked like.