Friday, December 09, 2016

Closer + SM Review-Preview 68

It's been a while since I had a light hearted post. The Weimerica podcasts and Instagram are my channels for discussing the lighter and odder things in our society. We need the laughs. I will keep this in mind for the winter. I have not posted any cheesecake in a while. I'll think something up. I did want to post on how lame and gay rap and hip-hop have become, but that is not fun or funny. A post on why the chorus from the Macklemore song "Downtown" deserved a better song to be paired with, like a '70s Billy Joel or Bruce Springsteen series of verses. Maybe later.

I found one item though. The song "Closer" is a great bit of musical pop cheese. I hope this band is a one hit wonder because I want to hear the song on the radio 15 years from now and automatically hear, "How come they never had any other hits" leave someone's mouth. It's terrible and cheesy. It's also about a guy's relationship with a hooker. It's also one of those songs where whites do a black styled song and knock it out of the park.

Listen to the lyrics. He describes a girl that came to the city with little money and doesn't get any calls for four years. She is now in a hotel bar looking pretty. She has a Rover that she cannot afford, just like her tattoo. He describes one of those in-house hookers you can find at good hotels. In any decent sized city, the hotel bars usually have one. She'll wear last year's fashion, look attractive, be tapping her foot looking annoyed unless on her phone and will instigate the conversation with you. Think of the hookers that approach you at blackjack and craps tables in Vegas wearing prom dresses. This song captures that. If only they had written in lyrics about her "Seeking Arrangement" and student loans, it'd be perfect.

This song would be a prime candidate for parody on the "dream comedy show" that Pax Dickinson and I discuss from time to time. I'm not kidding when I say that Pax and I will randomly message each other like "Hey man, sketch idea....". I completely reworked the song "Shut Up And Dance With Me" to "Shut Up You Gotta STD" and created lyrics that reflected the current Millenial dating, jobs and debt situation.

"I know it breaks your heart
Go to a uni + take student loans
And four years, no jobs
Now you're looking pretty in a hotel bar
And I can't stop
No, I can't stop"


Last week, I wrote how globally we are seeing that the reaction is a masculine one against the feminine globalist order. This week's Weimerica Weekly covered two topics: a current high-low action in the news and the body positive movement.

This week I discuss the Twilight Zone political future that the DSM V points to as a possibility. Weimerica Weekly will possibly cover travel, adult day camps, a Christmas song or possibly an interview.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

WW1 Dummy Tanks

It wasn't just WW2. At the end of WW1, those Anglos were using dummy tanks made of canvas and wood to trick the Central Powers. These were made by Australian Engineers.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Social matter - Weimerica Weekly - Episode 50 - Body Positive Movement

New Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. This one covers the body positive movement. I do spend the first dozen or so minutes discussing the Dakota Access Pipeline because it illustrates a high-low political event in action. I mention the power of using American Indians as propaganda tools. Huge PR win to guilt whites. I also discuss a little how the "Injuns were here first! Dibs!" mindset is weak.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

What The OPEC Cut Signals

It's amazing to see things flip after one silly election. This is not about Trump, but he is placing feathers in his cap with these manufacturing plant relocations post-election. One can smell the anger as pundits like Dan Drezner call Carrier a Republican Solyndra, which is a joke since Carrier is part of UTC. UTC has been a Dow component for decades; Solyndra was a rent seeking scam. Forget Trump. Look at the OPEC production cuts.

Supposedly, OPEC is going to cut oil production. Non-OPEC nations have stated they will cut if OPEC cuts. OPEC actually provides a lower percentage of oil worldwide than it did decades ago. If these cuts are real and not just jawboning, then it might prove the idea that USG asked the Saudis to pump more to break Russia and indirectly hurt domestic American economic rivals.

Consider those hurt:
1. Russia - Oil is their economy and coupled with sanctions could cripple them and possibly create overthrow of current regime.
1a. Russia also would lose share of oil exports to Saudi Arabia, which is now exporting to the East.
2. US oil industry - Oil has acted like what land was in days of yore; independent money sources to fund political rivals to USG regime.
3. White proles - Not just the white proles onsite of oil extraction, but the entire chain of suppliers and the communities that service those workers. Significant red state exposure, and in purple states like Colorado and Pennsylvania, white working and middle class is hurt, not progressive clients.

That is a win for the entire progressive empire. Oil and subsequently gas gets cheaper for consumers, which helps everyone but those within that sector. It is a huge win for the regime. This is why while no one came out and said that USG asked the Saudis to pump to crush enemies, we saw multiple pundits openly discuss it on cable news and in essays. Oil was a weapon. The goal was to weaken and hurt Russia enough so that repeated color revolution attempts could be made. Trump's win means that progressive project is over. Forget buying the American stock market, might as well buy into the Russian market, even Russian bonds with high yields right now.

The election of Trump means the end of Russian sanctions. Without those, Russia gets the boot off its neck, making the oil pump wars less critical. Saudis back off, which as a 10 mil bpd producer makes the rest of OPEC step up. Even if it is just half of what Iran wanted the Saudis to cut, it is a cut. Did anyone bother to do basic math to see what Saudi Arabia "gave up" financially? At $40 per barrel and 10.5 mil bpd production, they could (very crude estimate) generate $420 mil in revenue per day. Oil pops to $50 per barrel with 10 mil bpd production, they would generate $500 mil in revenue per day. They did not give up any coin, so what's the "struggle"? Nothing financial, which is critical as the Saudis lose two wars it spent gobs of money on for years. This fight was about something else.

Oil pops, and cost per barrel is critical for the marginal drilling site. Saudis have incredibly low costs for production and large EROEI. This matters to American drillers much more. Oil is popping as the dollar rallies too, so any dollar weakness will boost the cost per barrel. Oil rig count had collapsed in the last eighteen months. Employment in that sector was down by hundreds of thousands of jobs. At this point, it might have been millions. Oil over $50 makes more shale fields economical. More fields that are profitable means more employment.

This OPEC cut is a sign that the interests behind the Left's coalition just lost. It is not even January, yet we are seeing tangible changes geopolitically.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Social Matter - The Masculine Reaction Against Feminine Globalism

News essay at Social Matter.  This covers the underlying trend to little pushback across the globe that is building into the International Nationalism we are witnessing. Orban, Trump Duterte and Putin are the prime examples.

Friday, December 02, 2016

NY Times Goes NRx + SM Review-Preview 67

We have been reading "democracy iz bad" pieces from lefties for three weeks now. No one likes voting unless they win. Pro-secession pieces are out in the open, too. I was excited this week to see the NY Times tiptoe towards a regional break up of America in their oped pages. It does not explicitly call for a break up but consider the ideas the writer puts forth in the essay. It is easy to see the regional, rump Americas forming.

The article is race blind, blind to the cities vs. everyone else situation of America and straightjacketed by the platform. The writer is not American, and it shows. His ignorance of how regions work, and even cultural differences within his supposed regions is laughable. One does not have to drive for long outside of Columbus, Cincinnati or other Midwestern states to hit acres and acres of farmland. Not every metropolitan area has the NYC layout. Regional infrastructure investments? Okay, so even in red states this will pit black run or heavy black cities vs. white suburbs. Let me know how the Feds side in those disputes. Voting results clearly showed that America is really the cities vs everyone else. The writer cannot clearly admit that. He is an immigrant, so I will pat him on the head for trying.

I have written extensively on break up. One needs founding myths and identities for new rituals for the people to engage in and to build social cohesion. It will help as the lowest common denominator for reaching all becomes sharper in smaller political units. More homogenous social units means no forced inclusion and a celebration of the people, not abstract ideas like 'muh freedom'.

We will see what Trump's immigration policies do to the social situation, but it is easy to see Texas, California, a Pacific NW (Cascadia could rope in Canada's BC I bet), Acela Corridor Land, Dixie, The Flyover Red Nation, and then a Rio Grande and desert based La Raza Land and a black ethnostate like my "Georgia Plan". It is easy to see all of those regions having founding myths they will celebrate with identities far stronger than the American identity of 2016 being peddled in our culture. We could de-SCALE our society.

Note that if blacks do go to the ethnostate for security and freedom from evil or meddling whites, all of those purple states flip red. Pennsylvania, Michigan and even Michigan come to mind. Red states go deep red. Do some states cede off parts to other regions? Hard to tell, but county authority and lines may be the next generation's cut points. Remember that every junking of the prior version of America gave way to a new order based on new splits.

A peaceful separation with formalized sorting and safe population exchanges is what is needed. You go be as commie as you want, just do it in your nation.


Last week I wrote on the progressive need for the nurture meme. They desperately need it to keep the wildly different coalition pieces together as it gives them cover for their transfer schemes as well as papering over differences. Weimerica Weekly discussed the changes to the political discourse and acceptable talk with this election. As the Left discusses electors going rogue, they suddenly trip the entire structure to mean that an unapproved candidate would not need 270 to win but possibly 275 or 290. Completely shatters the gentlemen's agreement. This system is ending.

This week I don't know what they will pick for the essay as I submitted a couple for them to choose from. Weimerica Weekly might be on travel or I might start the Obama recap and discussion podcasts.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

WW1 Flares At Night

Shell fire and flares. This wonderful looking effect is due to Verey lights used by Germans. This would illuminate the front of trenches where a raid was expected. Verey lights were shot by pistols and came in a variety of lights.