Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Weimerica Weekly – Student Loan Crisis

New Social Matter Weimerica Weekly podcast is up. This one covers the student loan crisis. I go into the demand portion for universities but also how the government pushed demand to absurd heights. I tackle education as a jobs machine and the history of changing bankruptcy law. This one is 37 minutes as a warning. I broke the 30 minute rule I set for monologue episodes.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Israel Is The Top Cuck Point

In the year of the concept of the cuckservative entering the political discourse, it has taken some beatings but still stands tall. Liberals and conservatives tried to make it a black-white thing missing the point entirely as it was an immigration thing combined with the enthusiastic support that the GOPe provides to its constituents dispossession. The fools at some GOPe organ even tried to take the term and make it their own, when it showed how inept they are at the meme game. There is one piece to all of this that needs to be addressed, and that is the Israel cucking.

This is deeper than a simple rah rah Israel versus the Muslim Arabs jokery. It is the suppression of looking out for the white American middle and working class voters in America into an orgasmic approach to Israel. Senator Ted Cruz being booed for telling Arab Christians to their faces that you are getting the stick because you didn't stand with Israel is an example. The Israeli flag lapel pins are ridiculous but everywhere. There is a pride in being pro-Israel. This pride must also only apply to Israel's policies, which are applauded, and cannot be transferred to America (icky walls and closed borders).

From the side of the neocon, what better way to make your puppets show their allegiance and obedience? Neocon Jewish thinkers can get an entire pool of voters to not simply support the Jewish ethnostate. Aid is not loaned but simply funneled to them. An aggressive foreign policy that really does not help America in the long run but does help Israel is orchestrated and promoted by these voters. Any attacks on said foreign policy and its goals, and these voters spring to its defense. Thousands of lives lost and trillions of tax dollars are wasted on these wars. If anyone even doubts the foreign policy approach or even states neutrality to be an honest broker in the Israel-Palestinian issue, they are immediately labeled an anti-Semite... and not by Jews but by these voters and their chosen representatives. It is an enthusiastic and aggressive advocacy for another. Power is having others to do for you what you feel needs to be done.

The war element is so amazing because it is the ultimate male expression as well as expression of state power. Conflict and war is where prime energies are spent. In the last twenty of so years, America has watched its southern neighbor become a narcostate. Cartels are so vicious and so incredibly intertwined in power in Mexico that our border is better described as a refugee zone for Mexicans. America cannot be bothered to spend money, time and energy on the border or in attacking these cartels. This is the fight at home. This is the fight on our doorstep. War is waged on the other side of the globe though because prominent journalists demand aggressive action, which  >cough cough< appears the same as decades old Israeli strategic plans. Note that the road to Damascus went through Baghdad, and that the Clean Break paper was merely an echo of Oded Yinon.

This trickles down to simple everyday Christians who ape what their leaders do. Recently, I saw that Erick "Extra Cheese Please" Erickson officiated a wedding and in the opening recited Genesis in Hebrew. In his tweets, he noted the people were crying. At a Christian wedding, what connection to Hebrew do these people have? Assuming a wedding of whites (worse if blacks), these people hail from European stock that never spoke Hebrew. Jesus Christ himself spoke Aramaic. Greek was the language of much of the early church's expansion. Now if doughy American Christians at some wedding officiated by a fat redhead from Georgia are weeping at hearing Hebrew, what level of cuckery is this? These are a people who have lost all sense of their history.

Now I like Israel's administration of its nation for its citizens. Israeli farmers also made the desert bloom. I wish my people could have what Israel has and aligned interests between the state and the citizens. The Right outbred the Left and shucks, looks like the Israeli Left was not allowed to import millions of third worlders to win. Odd how that works.

Israel is one nation of roughly 200. They should be treated as such. The absolute disgusting glorification of Israel by the christcucks or evangelicucks is a symptom of the way the neocons aligned with them decades ago for electoral wins. The GOP Israeli First crowd abandons defending its territory, cares not for cultivating its historical population and avoids approaching domestic and close violent concerns over fighting half way around the world. This is the worst of the misdirected emotions and energy. This is the top cuck.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood + Reboots

"It's Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood for kids who don't smell so good..."

That is a modified line from the theme song to PBS's cartoon Daniel Tiger's neighborhood that I substitute an action in for (in this instance "smell so good"). The singer sounds like he is taking a dump while singing or is Jack Johnson. The show is one of the latest in entertainment media recycling old ideas as a framework with crappy, progged content. This show comes with cautions for parents looking for wholesome entertainment.

This is a cartoon that takes the trolley to make believe segment from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and fleshes it out as a full environment. This land of anthropomorphic animals is the full episode. The main characters are the children of the puppets from the original series. The other hand puppets from Mister Rogers' mind are there as parents or guardians to the new leads like Katerina "Meow Meow" Kittycat, O the Owl, and Prince Wednesday. The cast is progged to the maximum, but I'll get to that in a moment.

The timeline for watching this for a parent is as follows:
1. "Oh cool, PBS took the Mister Rogers puppets and put them into a cartoon. Let's check it out."
>nostalgia, enjoy the theme song with your kids and share the experience<
2. "The characters are... annoying but not as bad as Caillou."
3. "Hey why is everyone else in town a minority."
4. "Oh for fucks sake the black girl has a white mom!"
5. "Where are the new episodes for Masha and the Bear?"

If you are a parent of little ones, you are screening your children's entertainment consumption. It is not just a matter of how much but of what. We rely on old cartoons that are not basically outlawed and relegated to uploads on Youtube. When was the last time anyone saw Speedy Gonzalez? It is hard to find a non-progged show, and I have written before on the subtler messaging of some shows.

Daniel Tigers' Neighborhood takes it to a new level with the lessons for the kids not always being the best. Kids learn voting is good! Kids also learn to stomp their feet when mad and odd negotiating skills with parents. The parents, just like in that wretched show Caillou, are horrible beyond belief. They are those parents you give the "WTF" look to at birthday parties and on the playground. Daniel Striped Tiger (the original) grew up to be a fucking SWPL, maybe a STPL, and you want to punch his tiger face for being such a spineless sap.

Side note: We all know there are college girls who watch this or young moms who end up roleplaying Katerina's "meow meow" vocal tic in bed, especially if wearing a sexy cat Halloween costume. This would make a good SNL sketch where married couples end up unknowingly roleplaying stuff from kids' shows because they have heard it so much or knowingly do it for fun.

One can see PBS definitely knows the viewers will be white kids so the key assumption is to default Daniel, a tiger, as behaviorally white. A clue on this is when his sister is born she has blue eyes. This does make the prog casting of the town make sense from a progressive point of view. The showrunners build a diverse cast around the "white" lead. There is the mestizo Hispanic baker, the black teacher, the black small businessman, the Indian female doctor and the little black girl who has a white mom. This is good old fashioned conditioning. One can easily tell this is fiction not because the white mom of the biracial girl is thin but because the black female teacher never once yells at the kids or accuses them of racism.

Unplug. You can try your best. A full embargo is hard, but even if you allow for some, the fear is not violence or sexual content but of prog messaging. The poz runs deep. At one point they showed the Hispanic baker mixing a bowl, going right up to the "camera" and saying in his accent "You too can be any-ting joo want to be!". Then the realization hits in that these reboots are not reboots.

All of these reboots are terrible prog memes and storylines that the entertainment industry knows won't sell so they need to wrap them in a brand to pull in easy viewers and have a baseline audience. Ghostbusters was atrocious, but with the social media marketing tying it to Clinton's first female president campaign, we get the message. A reboot just means built in audience to subsidize their shit product. Media spreads the new religion via stories as we gather in groups to watch, which is not too different from going to church on Sunday to hear stories as a group.

One reboot or progged adaptation that is overlooked for awfulness and proggification was 1999's "Wild Wild West". This was black cowboy storyline versus the evil Confederate. It is nothing like the television show it was an adaptation of. Here is the plot summary first paragraph lunacy.
In 1869 U.S. Army Captain James West and U.S. Marshal Artemus Gordon hunt for Confederate General "Bloodbath" McGrath, who is wanted for mass murder, throughout the Southern United States. This is due to McGrath ordering a massacre in a settlement called New Liberty, where many of the freed slaves were murdered, including West's biological parents.

This was a comedic black revenge fantasy. The film bombed. One might simply consider it a failure due to the bad plot and ridiculous finale with the big metal spider, but it had Will Smith who was guaranteed box office gold in that era. The television show itself was a cheesey spy-Western mash up with one fantastic villain, Miguelito Loveless (played by a dwarf). It seemed an odd property to reboot, but had some fans built in. It bombed because it was a black cowboy comedic revenge flick. This was the first SJW reboot flop but we did not know it yet. We did not know the reboot with minority/woman/gay inserted trend would kick into high gear. From what I read, the new Spiderman movie might as well be white teen navigates a city high school infested with minorities not Spiderman: Homecoming.

This is where we are at with children's entertainment. The messaging starts young. If your television advertisements are now thirty seconds of poz, then your blockbusters can be two hours of poz. They'll use your favorite fictional universe from your childhood, but just prog it enough. Ghostbusters or Daniel Tiger, the delivery method is the same. These progged reboots don't sell, but the regime is willing to take a financial hit just to have the message out there. This is the key difference between the big money on the Left vs. Right. Left understands taking a loss is worth it simply by controlling the platform. If it is good for adults, why not start them young?

It's Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood for kids who don't read so good...

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Social Matter - The Priest-Warrior Conflict

New essy up at Social Matter. This one is on the conflict we see in the media at every foreign intervention. Media/academi vs military with the media normally rguing for an end to hostilities or against military methods. They just want their trained priests of State, NGOs and academia running the show. This is not a new game and the previous Anglo empire endured it as well.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Of Course Hillary Is Ill + SM Review-Preview 55

While I have written about Hillary being a stroke victim in the past, the concern over her health is finally getting some mainstream attention. This focus was willed into news coverage by the meme warriors. Amazing to witness. America's decision for figurehead leader boils down to two individuals that will be in their 70s for a majority of the term if not all of it. This is not a positive any way we view it as we know the mind does lose sharpness as it ages.

The real scandal and horror is that the system is selecting for a woman clearly off (stroke or no stroke). We know she naps. We know she is often confused. The #HillaryStools hashtag has drawn attention to her need for stools and short backed chairs at all appearances. Colostomy bag? I can believe it all because this is a near 70 year old woman that I strongly believe had a stroke. Think of your mom or aunt at 70. Now if they didn't have a stroke, would you want them in charge at the most intense situations? No. Now add in a stroke in their mid-60s. This is a broken system to get to this spot. This is the system rubbing it in everyone's noses.

Hillary is a nexus for corruption where pay to play has a huge node. The Clinton power island pulls the donors, the bureaucrats and the business interests onto its shores. The Left does not have another node, except Soros, but Soros is linked to the Clintons. The Clintons have no competitors due to the Left's pols being wiped out now for years in statewide elections. That Clinton is now Weekend at Bernie's in real life but being selected for the supposed leader of the system is pathetic.

People saw the puppet strings with W. They could see them with Obama clearly as a minority puppet to cover for the economic looting and more war. The sadness there was how our chattering classes were taken in by such an empty suit who can't be bothered to even feign an effort. Selecting a zombie like Clinton out of their suite of potentials shows how the system wants a reliable vessel for getting its way, for symbolism of a "first" and can't even pick a healthy individual. It's spitting in the face of anyone with an IQ over room temperature. That's okay though, they're importing almost exclusively from those with IQs below that.


Last week I wrote on the immigration goal of "one man, one vote, one time". This is baked into the cake due to immigration and birth rates, and would require Herculean efforts to prevent from eventually happening. This is classic imperial tactics of an empire from its seat flooding a zone of unruly natives with foreigners of all types that will be beholden to the imperial rules. This is about regime power, nothing more. Weimerica Weekly discussed the direct and indirect ways that Hollywood scrubs the gay experience to mold opinion.

This week I will write on how the bipartisan war party in DC right now is not too different from a prior bipartisan war intervention effort. The issue is democracy and needing the faux legitimacy of the vote to support an action. It also explains why the Left peels away support quicker than economic or strategic interested parties. Weimerica Weekly may be on student loans as I gather more information or it might be on something else. Listeners have been sending me quirky things that are worth a look and maybe a podcast.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

WW1 - The Orthodox Easter Friendly

It is not as celebrated as the Christmas Truce of 1914, but in 1916 some Russian and Austro-Hngarian Empire troops managed to fraternize on the Orthodox Easter of 1916. Not all of the war was in the trenches of the Western Front. Not all of humanity was drained away after the first year.

Drive Time With Erick Erickson

Let's have some fun with a parody of one of our favorite #NeverTrump phonies.

October 2022

"Welcome back to The Erick Erickson Show. Call on in because it's cuck o'clock here as we notice some distubrances across the nation. We have John from Minnesota."

"Erick, I'm sitting here with my 2 teenage kids and our 3 African adoptees. We got a call looking for a home for some Zika Brazilians. I also received calls for border narco cartel wars kids and there are always the heroin orphans in my hometown that I know their grandparents. Who do I adopt? What is doing God's will?"

"I am not a holy man, but I can pretend to be one on command. I even read Hebrew thanks to Paul Singer's financial sponsorship.Adopting mentally retarded children is really not much different than what you have done for the Lord already with your African adoptees. God would want to to take in complete strangers and cause a burden on your kids and local community as you introduce severely disabled aliens to the great land of lakes. Oh God I just thought of butter >sucks down 2 cinnamon rolls<. As God said, 'love your neighbor that you have to fly for 15 hours to say good morning to.' Heroin orphans come with risk unlike African children, Zika Brazilians or narcowar orphans. God bless! Brian in Pennsylvania, what you got?"

>gulps from a 1000 calorie coffee concoction<

"Erick, I was a little upset when we decided to be #NeverTrump and then Hillary went ahead and nominated the transwoman, otherkin Jewish Harvard and Yale product who wrote that the 2nd amendment technically meant "bear arms" as in arms of the bear. You constitutionalists agreed it was the strict interpretation. Do we hand our guns over or do I join one of those Road War crews that send me funny tweets and I see lifting outside?"

"Brian whatever you do, do not join one of those groups. They don't even want to fight for conservatism. They keep joking about me and Muh Constitution. >stares at Constitution on desk, tries to pop a boner, only musters a halfie, eats 3 ho-hos< We have to admit that it is the law. It... is... the... law. Nothing we can do-"

"Couldn't we form militias as provided for in the second amendment which Justice Goldenburg left out to write 'sick burn, you are gonna get it now goyim'?"

"I've read the mainstream media's pitch and it's either gulags or 50% white privilege taxes. There is no other route. That's the choice. I might take my chance with the gulags because God forbid I suffer the tyranny of taxes. The last thing you want to do is defend yourself which is a natural right and shouldn't be necessary to encode it is so fundamental to the nature of existence but us Constitutional fetishists, check that hashtag listeners for Ben Howe's best tweets on it, know we need something spelled out for it to exist. Do not do that basic human function of self defense. Turn in your gun, and accept the new Pink Panther Pellet Gun. It is guaranteed to upset tweaking meth and crack heads enough to make sure a robbery goes wrong. I own one. I even bought gun oil that smells like bacon for it."

>Grabs a BLT, pulls out the tomato and lettuce, eats straight bacon sandwich in one gulp<

"Caller in from Nevada, Bradford, how can I help you?"

"Erick, I just returned from the latest Gulf fuck-up. Iran was far more prepared than Iraq, and weren't we trying to lessen strains across the globe. Doesn't anyone want to stop the wars of choice? You said it would be a surgical strike which our mighty airforce would be able to take care of, and they wouldn't need Marines like me. Was losing a carrier worth removing a political and regional rival for Israel? We had no skin it that game; they did."

>sound of grease dribbling on the floor, but it's just Erickson's tears<

"How... dare... you... say that about our greatest ally. Israel would gladly fight all of these secular warlords we took out to make the world safer, destroy terror networks and spread Western values. Unfortunately, they can't as they got a note written by their mother excusing them. We did it for what I hope one day is the 52nd state. If Puerto Rico can join, why not Israel?"

"Destroy terror networks? We accelerated their formation. We even funded, armed and trained them. You ever gonna fight? Why not stop terror by closing the door and deporting recet immigrants?"

"It's not who we are. We do not say no to Muslims. George Washington was friendly to Muslims. Thomas Jefferson had sex with an African Muslim! Alexander Hamilton is now played by a Muslim on broadway! We do not do that. I lived in Dubai for my formative years, so I know islam is a Religion of Peace. As far as fighting, I receivd a 4F deferment, fat, fearful, feminist, and faggot. I will gladly pay honor to the dead who return as their caskets land by watching it on my cellphone and making a hashtag about it. Please listen to this spot and remember to vote for the right Republican and if not available, the Democrat."

Political Advertisement
>Are you tired of the federal buses dropping off hundreds of third world citizens into the empty homes from the financial crisis that the feds never cleaned up? Are you worried about the jungle diseases running through our schools from the potato shaped kids from Guetemala and Nicaragua? Are you worried that the federal non-prog taxation rate is going to bite too much out of your wallet? Are you worried about the next time D'marcus is shot dead while raping a grandmother and 'the community' decides to burn the nearest city down with the media applauding? Vote Crawford for Governor. Pardons for real heroes, real human beans will be autosigned. Extralegal road war crews will be legal under my administration. Keep Lifting, Keep Posting. Vote for me on the Republican and Secession ballots<

>Erick Erickson eats 8 Buffalo Wild Wings boneless wings in one sweep of his doughy hand, mouths the words "So good" to the Lord, then grabs the 4 sticks of butter in the minifridge his gunt rests on and shoves them in, paper still on<<

"Welcome back, now remember folks, the mid-term elections are here and please vote for good, approved GOP governors and Senators. You can recognize them by their third world adopted children or the twitter hashtag #FAGOP, which is for "Freedom Always GOP", no that icky save civilization, protect whites, or secession GOP. Ricky in Oregon, you're on the air."

"Erick, my family escaped Portland's heroin-Mexican-SWPL descent into favela-land on the east side. Who could have foreseen tiny houses would turn into tin roof shacks all on the east side? We're hunkering down, more like bunkering in the eastern half of the state. Not just us but several competent men I know and their families. Only one has a two wife poly situation. We're setting up a communal feeling with shared services and duties, obligations to one another-"

"Excuse me but did you say communal, as in sharing as in communism? What type of American are you to be exiting the capitalist system we have? That's down right hippie communism."

"No, we actually view it as surviving the decay around us and saving a piece of civilization like in the decline of Rome-"

Decline? Our GDP is up 1.2% again this quarter. Unemployment is low but the universal basic income, which we fought but relented on since it only goes to a sliver of Americans that register as Democrats, limiting that gosh darn socialism, makes up for our employment pains. What kind of American are you? Turning your back on capitalism."

"Capitalism or corporatism? The corporations love Common Core which now affects all credentialism and white collar work, we just want an exit from the madness."

"We can fight this together. I know that when Marco Rubio runs in a couple years that this time, his 3rd try, will be the charm and then Common Core will be gone."

"I don't think you grasp the depth of the problem."

>Erickson eyes stack of pecan pancakes, drools so much he changes his bib, digs into pancakes<

"Caller >munch munch< from Colorado, shoot."

"Erick, are you having second thoughts that 2016 was a special chance to undo the horrific legacy of exactly 30 years earlier when Reagan signed the immigration amnesty? I asked not to say my state because stuffing Mexicans first tipped the state to Democrats but now the corrupt police have taken enough silver to let the cartels set up shop in abandoned commercial real estate. Shouldn't we have stumped for Trump?"

"How can you even suggest a selling out of our principles like that? Trump was no conservative like Mitt Romney nor the compassionate conservatism of President Bush. Trump was a big government liberal who liked the KKK and was a proto-Hitler. He never would've cut government or balanced the books like Romney promised to do and Reagan and Dubya failed to do but promised. He was pro-choice!"

"Yeah but when Dubya had the presidency with a GOP congress and sympathetic SCOTUS, he did nothing on abortion and greatly expanded the government while blowing out the budget. Wasn't it just you had sour grapes."

"Oh now you're going to bring up this Dolchstoss meme I keep hearing about-"

"No it is not a stab in the back when you do it openly and from day one. How are we going to win anything politically, peacefully going forward?"

"Outreach to minorities and new arrivals who hold no allegiance to us. Nations always need new arrivals to replenish population stocks and grow."

"Or pro-natalism could be encouraged in the tax code-"

"I will not stand for government largesse to waste tax dollars on messing with people's private lives!"

>Erickson drinks from Big Gulp, starts sweating pure bacon grease<

"This is a special edition of my show where I open up the phone lines, which I don't normally do, but it dawned on me after years of doing this that I could eat while others talked. Who wants to listen to my whiny voice anyway that has no Southern accent, must've been all those years living in Dubai. We have a Norman, sorry Normie Neet calling from Memepolchan, must be one of the new disadvantaged refugee cities I have heard about via strong fitlers of news but I hear they have good food. Normie, what is your question?"
"Erick, be honest, why would someone with the surname Erickson name their kid Erick? Is it stupidity?"

"My parents were not stupid. Find Jesus in your heart caller. Do you have a real question?"

"At what point did it kick in that there would be no negotiated surrender?"

"Now wait a minute >sets the IV of gravy into his arm< There is plenty that we can still do. They won't have a supermajority in the Senate until 2026. The cartels can't expand here like they've done with the powersharing in the Southwest. That also depends on Geroge P. Bush taking Texas out of the union assuming his role as the hybrid Messiah for a true Tejano identity."

"Stop. There weren't 10,000 fucking Mexicans in Texas in 1900. The Anglos made the desert bloom. Fucking bloom. Ever notice how nothing improves when the Anglos move out? Have you seen California? That won't be the Republic of Texas. It'll be a mongrel bastard unless we all leave for it. You didn't answer my question."

"We can set terms with Hillary and even if we turn in our guns. She said they'd be nice and only limit the immigration to 20 million more per decade-"

"No, everyone knows what you'll do with the Democrats. I meant when did you realize there would be no negotiated surrender with us?"

>Erickson shits out a Wendy's number 8 combo, looks at the fries, but holds back<

"Wait, are you one of the meme war veterans. Trace it, >squeals< trace the call."

>Grabs a box of krispy kreme donuts, eats dozen and box included, starts eating the fries from the Wendy's combo<

"Yes, totalitarianism came to America wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross, except it was the Left's totalitarian communist system and the idiots waving the flag and carrying the cross distracted us from seeing it and shouting us down as bad Christians for objecting to it. How much of SuperPAC money goes to your detail? Maybe not enough."

>Erickson look at bank balance on cell phone, praises Jesus for the material wealth, promises self he will start the diet and lifting tomorrow for the millionth time<

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly - Hollywood's Scrubbing of Gays

This week's Weimerica Weekly is on the scrubbing of gays by Hollywood. I poke fun at the basic way Hollywood portrays gays in a completely angelic fashion. I discuss when it seemed to kick into overdrive, a past portrayal that was more realistic but is of course horrible to SWPLs now, and then I mention a weird way that they frame gays so your disgust gets channeled into another emotion. Hollywood is molding your opinion and does so in blatant and subtle ways.