Saturday, March 30, 2013

Europe's Hurt Pride Created the Euro

Watching the eurocrats squirm and act like uncaring tyrants has been enjoyable as an American. I feel for the common people of Europe who were lied to by their leaders, but at each step, they received a nice social welfare bribe to go along with it. The peak of their arrogance was creating the euro. This is a nice layout of the history of the euro. One could fill a book with the downsides to this as well as the dearth of reasons to go forward with the euro idea. Banksters were willing accomplices to the power hungry eurocrats, but there was something deeper at play. Besides some monetary positives, post-WW2 Europe was desperate to retain it's position as the hand on the globe and sought any means to remain relevant, and the euro fit into that policy.

Public Economic Reasons
1. There is a financial advantage to a reserve currency.
2. Lower borrowing costs.
4. Global financial stability with multiple tent pole currencies. De Gaulle's speech on the USD + gold from '65.
5. Independence from the dollar.
7. Trade and monetary union would prevent wars. >whatever<

"How Dare You Discuss These!" Reasons
1. Banks play financial pairing trade games in a much more liquid + broad market with the new currency.
2. Free movement of low level labor on the same currency basis would destroy earnings of middle and lower classes of wealthier nations, helping capital owners in all nations.
3. Poorer nations can borrow at lower interest rates to consume more products while richer nations see their currency lower in value making exports more competitive. Same with poorer consumers in all nations. Your debt is their asset.
4. Banks could offer policy advice and consulting for a fee as well as sells CDS to manipulate the debt loads of nations in order to meet currency treaty obligations.
5. Backdoor way of imposing supranational authority on sovereign nations first through money, which would cause crisis, followed by fiscal spending unification, followed by consolidated government.
6. The financial and potential government consolidation would act as a counterweight to US dominance making up for the loss of prestige and influence with the destruction of European colonial networks after WW2.

This last one is my focus. For centuries, the world had been under European rule with a European nation's currency as the world reserve currency. Note: some charts show France as the world reserve currency between the Spanish & British. These countries had worldwide empire's. Some even had the arrogant approach that anyone who spoke their language could be considered a countryman (France). Starting with the interwar period and ending with the '60s liberation and independence movements, these nations suffered an immense hit to their status and pride. France was even defeated by the tiny forces of Indochina and had to hand over the job of fighting the Commies to the Americans. The worst part of the post-WW2 era was having to take American aid (Marshall Plan) just to rebuild and suffer under the yoke of the American built institutions like the UN, IMF, World Bank where leadership positions were usually appointed by American politicians. Mon Dieu! Sacre bleu! In pure population numbers, the individual nations could not compete with the USA or USSR, and the Americans took over the global naval power role as well as held air power supremacy. This burned euros.

Look at De Gaulle's biography. The man created Gaullism, which stressed not relying on America but really French power and ambition. This meant nuclear power for energy independence, which was also to fuel their nuclear arms program. France constantly tried to play a triangulated position between the USA and the Commies. It all screams of a mid-life crisis of a declining nation. That is where the euro comes in. It is the financial attempt for independence as well as enhanced status on the world scene because they so desperately wanted to remain a top dog. There is one more event that must have spurred the French to conjure up the euro and an ECB: the Suez Crisis. One of the many methods that different sides deployed to end the crisis, which was basically a 3rd world country and former colonial powers tussling over a nationalized item (the Suez Canal), was Eisenhower instructing the Treasury to sell UK bonds to put the squeeze on the Brits. I wonder if the Chinese do this with the US now. A currency meant independence and global influence. The American could not use money against them as directly as before, and other nations could curry favor by using the euro as a reserve of writing debt in euros. It would act like a national botox injection for declining European countries.

That is truly the heart of the matter. After World War Two and the dismantling of European Empires, these countries sought new roles. The countries were spiritually and emotionally spent by the conflicts. The UK slid searched for decades, and they did find a nice role as the go between for the US and Europe and continued financial power. France went in another direction with it's thorn in the side approach. The euro fits that attitude. The euro was a completely ludicrous idea that had as many holes and negatives as it had positives, and the first recession is proving its folly. It will not survive, and if it does, it will be a rump euro. One last bit that bolsters the ego case. They could have started at any relationship to the dollar. Maybe 2 to 1 or 5 to 1. No. They picked a ratio near parity (1 eur: 1.17 USD). With the swindle of the Europeans complete and destruction of their social welfare systems approaching, individuals (maybe even some economists) may look back and see the euro as the boost of nitrous that set those engines into overdrive. Hurt pride and deflated egos can drive an individual to do rather ridiculous things. Nations are no different.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Coming Euro-Yuan Switch

The Cyprus shakedown has revealed more cracks in the euro structure and continued kowtowing to the banker and bank bondholder desires rather than the citizens of the euro members. The ECB has installed plenty of Goldman Sachs cronies in positions of power throughout the EU, so we know who is in charge. The latest grasp at depositors' money, private property, may been a step too far. I did not support its creation over a decade ago, and I am more confident know that we will see 2020 arrive without the euro. The big winner out of this will be China. Talk is always of China becoming the reserve currency. That is a multistep process and if possible, will be a choice of their making. By 2020 with the global debt issue in the rearview mirror*, China's yuan (renminbi) will be a reserve currency.

China's Yuan does not trade internationally. The Chinese need to develop their foreign exchange markets (Hong Kong can handle that). China has been making bilateral trade agreements with raw material suppliers as well as giant economies like Japan to trade without the need for the dollar, directly with the yuan (source). While a bit of an unknown, trading this much directly with their currency gives the world exposure of holding the yuan. Once used for trade on a consistent basis, the next step would be for countries to hold some reserves of it for exchange rate fluctuations. Another route China is pushing is to set up a bank outside the framework of the IMF and World Bank with BRIC leadership. The reveal of the prestige as magician's call it will be the late '10s announcement that China's gold holdings are audited and on par with America's claims.

At the current rate of domestic production and importation, China will surpass America for official gold holdings in 2018 (article estimating gold increase). If the euro disintegrates at roughly the same time, whether new or not to the international reserve currency scene, the yuan will be a likely alternative to take the euro's place. One could argue the euro's numbers will be split by the European countries, but don't be so sure. As the dollar lost value in the 2000s the euro rose as part of global reserve holdings. I can see German Marks having value as a reserve currency, but a yuan backed with the world's highest gold reserves will be a tempting reserve currency. What will petroleum exporters do? Will the Saudis and other gulf states fall under the Chinese protection umbrella in exchange for using the yuan for oil trading? Since China now imports more oil than the US, it might become a reality.

The counter argument is that China has a huge debt bubble and a trillion or so in bad loans internally. True. China also has $3.3 trillion in currency reserves. This is why China jumped in to finance our debt in '08 and bleeds us out. They need those reserves to have value just long enough to gobble up hard assets. The problem with China's internal bad loan issue is that it is a black box. No one knows what the hell is there. Local governments have supposedly $1.7 trillion in loans piled up. These guys in 2001 at UM were right that loan resolution would fail as China has just rolled up bad '90s loans into their new bank system. Their land bubble is amazing, and the result of mainland Chinese having limited investment options. This is a problem, and one with little transparency. China is trying to change the situation by making Shanghai a major financial center with the goal of 2020 as the date of full realization. Still, I would be betting on the country that runs a trade and current account surplus, a homogeneous population and quick means of reforming or killing corrupt cronies. China is a nation aligned more with Russia's Putin who views the west as committing suicide, so they may learn from our mistakes.

I've blogged before on China's potential as the next hyperpower. I'm optimistic on their future. This will be a long process. It remains to be seen if the Chinese will want the reserve currency status or not. They may just want regional hegemony, a free hand in the western Pacific or just a place in the sun. Europe's economic and demographic crisis as well as the euro's disintegration will play to China's hand. The countries who do accumulate currency reserves will have a choice in the coming years. If China times it well, they can be Plan B for countries that are forced to lower or remove euro reserves but do not want to deal with Uncle Sam's games. Here's another secret: many countries have moron cousins running their investment or currency bureaucracy and consider the yuan as having nowhere to go but up. Many large Chinese goals are all planned to reach fruition between 2018-2020. It is an awfully dangerous time historically for a global power that is locked in an economic mutually assured destruction arrangement to be as fractured as America is in comparison to their partner China. With a gold backed or supported yuan, a debt bubble behind it, a new financial center and several years of international use of the yuan in trade agreements, China may just be too tempting of a country for others to buy into for financial security.

*Prediction of 2020 for the debt + economic issues to be resolved. Social + political issues will come after.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Theory - Sesame Street = Mental Institution

After having a kid and trying to shield him from the idiot box as long as possible, I have learned to keep his dosage of TV low. I try looking for retro things just for the low ADD feel. I also noticed that Sesame St's cultural marxism went full tilt after season 35. They might as well rename it Baby Marx Boulevard. Netflix has Sesame St. Classics available. While old, they are more letter and number oriented compared to the PC + cathedral messaging that stuff modern episodes. The characters are also much more Henson's original intent compared to newer episodes. Henson himself has some quirks. Watching the episodes and looking at the entire show, Sesame Street is a mental institution.
The humans on the show are considered authority figures compared to the monsters (puppets). The puppets are usually portrayed as infantile or young, needing help from the humans. For pre-1990 America, Sesame St was pretty diverse with whites, blacks and hispanics all interacting with the puppets. Children show up, but usually are poorly behaved, engage in the same delusions as the puppets and often there are handicapped children present. This isn't a surprise. Many asylums have children's wings. The adults are usually cleaning, listening, keeping order, performing maintenance (Luis) and teaching the puppets. The humans encourage the puppets to do art and use music to teach lessons (art therapy). There was an older white guy, Mr. Hooper, who ran a store that never charged anyone money for goods, but the goods were unique favorites of the puppets (birdseed shake, cookies, toys, etc.). The humans on the show are the nursing staff, orderlies and maintenance crew of the asylum. Mr. Hooper is the authority figure or doctor in charge of the asylum that provides the medication for the puppets.
The puppets are for the most part monsters. They are referred to as monsters often, and often have different value systems than the humans, which creates a weird split when events happen. These monsters live in the asylum. Let us review the puppets:
Oscar the Grouch - Hoarder obsessed with filth. He loves the opposite of what normal people value. He is insane as he has no understanding of right from wrong. When confronted with a reverse outcome, he will alter the meaning of it to be a positive for him. "Oh that ticks me off that my plan didn't work, but grouches love to be ticked off, so that's a win for me!"
Big Bird - Giant adult with the mind of a 5 year old. Despite his large size, he approaches the world as a 5 year old with rudimentary math and reading skills. He also suffers from hallucinations. He has an imaginary friend that no one else sees (Snuffy).
Cookie Monster - Prone to psychotic outbreaks with total disregard for the environment and anyone or anything around him. Obsessed with cookies. Addicted to cookies. Has eyes that are googly and does not know his own strength, which is common in boys who suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome.
Bert - Autistic grown adult. Obsessed with the weirdest things long after they have passed peak of popularity like bottlecaps and stamps. Pigeon obsession causes him to bird watch for the incredibly common pigeon, have pet pigeons and sometimes think he is a pigeon.
Ernie - Adult with infantile behavior and a literalist. Can not put things into context. Takes orders to the nth degree. Bugs people often as he does not understand boundaries.
Telly - Manic depressive with low self esteem. Bipolar mood changes on a whim. Trigger for manic phases is image of a triangle. Very self destructive at the slightest sign of failure.
Grover - Narcissist with delusions of grandeur. Hides fears and weaknesses in alter ego that is Super Grover who solves problems and fights crime, but often fails to do said feats.
The Count - A being who believes he is an aristocratic vampire from Europe who is obsessed with numbers and counting everything he sees (a touch of OCD). His name is Count Von Count, and his obsession runs so deep that he prefers to be called a verb, "Count".
Elmo - Manic personality who is also a narcissist. Speaks of himself in the third person to disassociate from his poor, infantile behavior. He has an entire world of make believe that he named "Elmo's World" where he spends a quarter of his time in.
Rarely if ever do the puppets' parents visit them, but the puppets do have memories of their parents and grandparents. These are shown as flashbacks, as if the puppets used to live at home but now live on Sesame St. Why would they ever leave home? They have to because they are monsters and must be taken care of by the staff at Sesame St. This also explains why the puppets can engage in the same delusional fantasy scene. They are all unique in their sickness, but they are all mentally ill. New staff members come and go, but the puppets/monsters always remain. They can never be let out into the real world.
This is just rambling of a dad who has Sesame St. on the TV a couple times a week. There is one weird thing though. Debates go on about Jim Henson being an Asperger's patient or not. Looking at the list of monsters above, some of them display autistic or Aspergery traits. Many fiction writers and artists write or create what they know. Looking at his birthdate, Henson would have been a teen in the late '40s and early '50s. A common approach to autism and Asperger's syndrome treatment in those days was to have children placed in homes or institutions to have around the clock care. Considering how recent the acceptance of mental disabilities and illnesses has been and the stigma of being in a mental institution, I can see why Henson would have denied or shushed any mention of him being an Asperger's kid. He was trying to make it in show business. Henson's dad was an agronomist for the US Dept of Agriculture (wiki), so Henson grew up with some material comfort. While Christian Scientists, therapy with well trained professionals does sound like something a middle to upper middle class family in the Beltway would do in mid-20th Century America. Their son might have even nicknamed some of his fellow patients. Put the proper uniforms on the humans of Sesame Street and turn the monsters into teens or adults forced to live there, and it's easy to see how Sesame Street was a loony bin.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Silence on American Oligarchs Because They Own the Media

Russian oligarchs have been in the news a lot recently. We have all read about them paying for sex with ballerinas, committing suicide in strange ways and seeing their money confiscated by the Eurocrats. Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism has a great post on the silence about America's oligarchs. The NY Times does its best to portray the Cypriot banking system as a conduit for dirty, dark Russian mob money. There is a bit of truth to it, but the facts paint a grey picture. Cyprus is more like Russia's Cayman Islands, Bermuda or for Western Europe, Switzerland. It is a low tax investment haven with safe rules and secrecy protection. Yves Smith does a nice job explaining how crooked the American elite are, how income inequality is worse in the USA, and how no one calls the elites oligarchs, but they are the same. What Yves misses is that the modern robber barons of the USA are aligned with the media through ideological sympathies and direct ownership.
While written with a liberal slant, Naked Capitalism is one of the best econ-finance blogs on the Internet. Yves and contributors do a great job of explaining complicated concepts in simple terms. That is why her inability to see the alignment of the media and big money shocks me. She mentions Carlos Slim by name yet never mentions that Slim owns 8% of the NY Times stock. Slim floated them a multi-hundred million dollar loan in the financial crisis when their stock plunged & liquidity was an issue. Her post on the silence about America's oligarchs is a perfect time to bring up Warren Buffett's steady purchases of newspapers. She remains silent on it. The megaphone to call out America's oligarchs is the mainstream media, especially the NY Times now with it's online reach. For the time being, we can get a Matt Taibbi article with some good points but tainted by swears and the Rolling Stone name. Newspapers hold an amazing position in US society, and with declining revenues and stock prices, they are vulnerable to vultures in the form of billionaires. Because the big banks own quite the slice of major newspapers, they can protect themselves from the media airhorn. Same applies to individuals.
Buffet is a special case that an interested reporter could evaluate. Buffett is known for picking up undervalued private firms, private firms that he can strip down or, in recent years, companies that can become wards of the state. Despite being the 2nd richest man in America, Buffett loves the estate tax because inheritors are forced to sell their family business when it passes down to them or face a big tax bite. Why would Buffett buy newspapers if they are a declining industry with declining revenues? These newspaper acquisitions can act as a vertical integration play for his brick and mortar businesses' advertising costs. He can reduce expenses on his already lean companies. There's another incentive. Buffett is a follower of Graham's value investing. He used to trumpet that solid approach. Intrinsic value is tangible and intangible value combined. Buffett sees what others are discounting with newspapers. While the papers have little value and possibly are guaranteed losses they have a giant intangible value in molding public opinion. He sees the non-monetary value in having media protection. Sure, Berkshire will stay away from editorial influence (whatever), but they can control which news items make it onto page one or into the paper's back pages. It's a duplication of Slim's investment in the NY Times, where they avoid mentioning immigration's negative effects at all. Buffett's papers can explain why pipelines and the trucking industry are bad, which helps his rail business. The newspaper can act as a cost leader, but its payoff is to all of his primary businesses.
The interests of our oligarchs are aligned with the media. The Sulzbergers (family owners of the NY Times) and other media conglomerate owners like Sam Zell are million or billionaire oligarchs as well. They dare not pry too deep into the interests and workings of our multinational corporations because those interests are very much in sync. Recall, the Washington Post only makes money through the college racket now. Billionaires like Slim and Buffett can gobble up media properties, and with their advertising purchases, can threaten big media into compliance. As more billionaires come out in favor of more immigration or more regulation, an honest media would be slicing the platitudes mouthed by billionaires to shreds to get to the truth. They don't now. The old business oligarchy is gone and what is left of our natural resource producers is not aligned with them (see: North Dakota oil boom hit pieces in the NY Times). The ascendant Big Health-Big Pharma-Big Bank-Big Uni economic sectors of the last 25 years are buddy buddy with the goals of our cathedral media. After all, who is going to fund that welfare state? 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Centerfold Inversion

"Now that anyone who wants one can get a slut, a domestic good girl is the true rarity." - TJIC on Twitter.

First, I saw Marissa Miller in FHM in a series of domestic goddess photos in 2010. Then, I saw other glamour models posed in regular home scenes. I recently saw the Penthouse Pet of the Year photos, and sure enough, Nicole Aniston is posed as a (removed links) domestic goddess at an ironing board and laundry basket. An ironing board is one thing, but a laundry basket? That is just too goddamn prole for my glamour, soft core pornography memories. Whatever happened to a classy yet erotic pictorial? Hooker in the bed, maid in the kitchen is not what I want to see pushed as the fantasy.

I don't recall this in former centerfold pictorials. For an absolute classic, Google Image search Nancie Li Brandi. I no longer have the link to every Playboy centerfold picture, but I do recall the general shots and plenty of pictorials from the past. There were not many, if any, scenes of domestic chores being accomplished. The object of desire in the past was usually a young female in classic male fantasy modes: side piece, sporty young girl, virginal looking girl, naughty girl, etc. The audience was made up of guys not getting laid consistently or married men. I don't know who reads FHM or Penthouse anymore, but what does it say about our society if the fantasy is a hot chick who can iron? You can get the cute girl to sleep with you easy, but can she, or will she, cook you breakfast the next day? Will she clean the house, will you do it or will you live in a pig sty? Can she iron or will you iron all of your shirts? If she can't do any of these things single, how can you ever see her in charge of your home when you are at work as the mother of your children? This is the fantasy, you want it, but just like the Playboy model naked in a softly lit hotel room in 1972, you won't get it.

Thank You & R.I.P. Joe Weider

Joe Weider, founder of the Weider Fitness Empire, died at age 93. Weider was a missionary for physical fitness and bodybuilding. The scum at the NY Times managed to take jabs at him right in the first sentence of his obituary. Doubtful products, fixed competitions for performers who endorsed his products, and problems with products efficiency are lines sown throughout the obituary. I'll assume that when vegetarian zealots and stop eating fat prophets die that the NY Times will be just as harsh in those obituaries. Fuck you NY Times. Within Weider's story is the story the Times hates: the individual who made something of himself through their will, intelligence and work by doing the opposite of what the Times says.

Joe's Wife - Betty was an hourglass.
In Weider's obituary, it mentions he came from nothing and was scrawny, which inspired him to start lifting. He spread that message as well as physical fitness. Yes, his products played on the male desire to be visually hypermasculine. He was smart. He knew that there were many like him, and he created products for that market. Some people have obstacles in their way and bitch about it as they ask for help from some figure with authority who can help while others see an obstacle, do something about it and overcome it. We know that one can overcome obstacles both ways, but the way that will make you feel proud is path two. Technically, these undersized men and bloated women were appealing to his expertise, but they were applying his methods, his products and his discipline to their life to look and feel better. That is also why the NY Times scoffs at him and bodybuilding. Hell, the Times is pushing fat acceptance now. Working out is a way for men to strive for a masculine ideal that the Times disapproves of, and through their hard work. Weider's belief and message that you can change your life if you just work hard at it is anathema to the NY Times message of "be a pathetic little victim and our elite, socialist friends will take care of you". No one gave him his business. He built his business, and much of what he said went against their health shibboleths.

I love working out. It's my way of dealing with stress. I'm also a perfectionist. Here's my old back and shoulder workouts (also, just walk). I still have old clippings from Muscle and Fitness of workout plans that are great building block routines for newbies and when getting back to the gym. Weider was selling products and a spiel, but every single nonfiction piece of writing is selling you something. It might be a product or it might be propaganda. Weider's message, while promoting his products, was that with enough discipline, you could be a bigger, and in your eyes, a better man. Weider used to sell ephedra laced products, which worked like a charm for weight loss. Those eventually got banned when a 320 lb MLB pitcher collapsed after taking them. "Dozens died" as the NY Times put it in their call to ban it. Where's the call to ban antidepressants? The NY Times doesn't want you self sufficient, masculine and feeling proud of achieving something for your end. It is not surprising that they'd subtly mock a man like Weider. Thank you Joe Weider and may you rest in peace. Excuse me, I'm off to do some deadlifts.

"New Leaders Council" - Cathedral Officer Candidate School

Are you a power hungry American? Were you not fortunate enough to get into a top tier college for automatic placement within the cathedral after graduation? Are you a true believer, progressive automaton? Can you please be a woman or minority? Then apply for training at the New Leaders Council Institute!

This institute trains progressive robots to go be the next generation of leaders. Their mission is to catch up to what the conservatives have done since 1979 in training the leaders of tomorrow. How warped are these people? They do not see that the conservatives had to set up that institute since the Democrats had a pipeline for new leaders called 'the entire American university system'. If you ever want to get in with the GOP, just go to DC right out of college. They have so few people under 30 to select from in DC that you get assaulted by older conservatives with jobs and money. Democrats, well, you better have a great reference from a professor or a good victim card to play. This institute sucks up the unlucky progs who couldn't go to Harvard, indoctrinates them, and then returns them to their territory to spread filth. Back home, they take positions of leadership for nonprofits and other government jobs, and have the certified stamp of approval from the DC progressive overlords. Run through the courses, they are a joke. Why bother with courses on messaging and framing when the entire media is on your side? Some of these graduates will go into the media and PR positions. This started in 2006 because the Democrats didn't need this at all. This entire institute is a rip off to give some good progs jobs. It is amazing how blind these people are to their control of the system that they feel the need to play the underdog role in superfluous realms. This is our sick system.

Addendum: Check out the Board of Directors. That ugly, inhuman skull above worked day and night to get turnout to 105% in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. One of the many white folks who guide the Democrats' coalition of victim groups. A Truman Democrat (wouldn't that make him a 21st century Republican?), he is a committed believer to the progressive cause. A beady-eyed worm in human form like that could only come from Massachusetts. May there be a hell so that he can burn in it.

Conan The Barbarian - Anti-Hippie Allegory

Conan the Barbarian is a pretty fun action flick. There are sword fights that seem realistic, a mythical setting, tits, cults, magic and revenge. I used to think Conan, produced in 1982, was a rip off of Star Wars set in the Conan universe. A young hero with a special sword saves a princess from a castle and evil lord with the helps of thieves. Looking at the career of Conan's director/writer, John Milius, and the decade in American history prior to Conan, Conan represents the desire for normal America to see the '60s hippie cultists, who were poisoning their children's minds die, by an agent of traditional masculinity.

Milius was famous for being a macho force in Hollywood. He wrote Dirty Harry, Apocalypse Now and consulted or worked on other films, adding a touch of machismo when needed. The man wrote Red Dawn, which is the most pioneer themed, libertarian movie of the last 30 years. Milius used Conan as a skeletal structure to act out the '80s fantasy of revenge on the forked tongue professors and cult leaders of the prior decade. Milius' view would be that a strong willed man of traditional, masculine powers could decapitate (literally) those Pied Pipers and end that sick force of liberalism. Spoiler: the movie ends with Conan doing exactly that, and the followers of Thulsa Doom just toss their candles into the water and melt away.

Think of the entire movie. Thulsa Doom's Set cults are spreading. Youngsters tricked into following them stab their parents. Thulsa Doom talks of destroying the old order and elders:

You, my children, are the water that will wash away all that has gone before. In your hand, you hold my light, the gleam in the eye of Set. This flame will burn away the darkness, burn you the way to paradise! ...  Purging is at last at hand. Day of Doom is here. All that is evil, all their allies; your parents, your leaders, those who would call themselves your judges; those who have lied and corrupted the Earth, they shall all be cleansed

Holy shit, does that sound straight from the mouths of far leftist cults from the '60s and '70s? The old king sends Conan and his crew to bring his daughter back who turned away from him to follow Thulsa Doom. Thulsa's cult has tons of hedonistic acts going on, and Thulsa himself while portrayed by James Earl Jones has the odd eyes and hair that one might associate with Eastern Gurus. How many white kids seek enlightenment with gurus and communes pre-'82? Does the king's daughter, brainwashed by Thulsa, remind anyone else of Patty Hearst and the Symbionese Liberation Army with its cobra symbol? Good old Conan will set everything right with some ass kicking. Your hippies words will mean nothing compared to some fighting.

Milius was wrong. You cannot just decapitate the snake of '60s/'70s liberalism and set everything right. Thulsa's words found fertile soil. In a real world, killing him could not simply stop the idea or rectify the troubling environment that gave rise to him. Conan spoke to regular action audiences because it was the big guy destroying the weaselly, different guy and saving a princess for the existing order. In the climate of 1982, Conan was reaching a little deeper into those moviegoers minds and telling them, "We can just be rid of their visible leaders and all will be right again. Your children do not hate you if you just use enough force and have a superior champion on your side". Audiences watching it, especially proles not able to go to college in the '60s and '70s, might have given that revenge fantasy a thought but quickly tucked it away. Best not to think about what those cultists are doing now since you never eliminated their leaders.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

How Did the NY Times Miss Walmart?

Walmart has had an amazing story for a company younger than the Boomers. Check out this cool flowchart for the growth of Walmarts across America since the company's inception. I checked Google's ngram service, and Walmart really only jumped in mentions in the late '80s, despite being a publicly traded firm for years and close to the number one retailer in America by that point. The times had reported on Walmart solely from a stock perspective from the mid '70s to the late '80s until the famous "When Walmart Comes to Town" hit piece. By then, it was already too late, and Walmart would rule the Brazilification of the US mid to lower end consumer. Only when their media properties were affected did the NY Times pay attention. The NY Times missed this growth story that would change all of America due to its New York centric worldview and Walmart's growth in the southern Midwest.

The growth was staggering, including year over year revenue growth for 12 straight years right in the teeth of two recessions in the early '80s. The NY Times didn't notice anything weird about them. From the '87 stock earnings report blurb,

It is, in fact, difficult to find an analyst who is not bullish on Wal-Mart Stores Inc. of Bentonville, Ark., which has taken the discount-store route to become the nation's third-largest general merchandiser, after Sears, Roebuck and K Mart. ''Management,'' enthuses one analyst, ''is fantastic.'' ... Wal-Mart operates its discount department stores in 23 states, mainly in smaller communities across the Sun Belt. Now observing its 25th anniversary, the cost-conscious company has fostered what one analyst calls ''an unusual culture with a concern and commitment for its employees.''

This should have sparked something in the NY Times' heads; maybe even inspire a profile. That profile did not come until 1989. In the '89 article, they use an Iowa store's saga to explain how Walmart destroyed downtown retailers and preyed upon small communities. The analysts words were lies if the NY Times had only researched it a bit since the very claims made about management or care for employees could have been refuted by the people interviewed in the '89 profile since Walmart had screwed them over by '87. The NY Times missed this though because of that mention that Walmart was in rural areas of the Sun Belt. Unless a black kid is getting killed by white supremacists in the Sun Belt in the '70s and '80s, the Times wouldn't notice, the NY Times isn't reporting on the southern midwest, so Walmart might have as well been on Mars.

Check out the flowchart again for store openings. Not a single northeast store until the '90s. Check out the Times' media properties again. They purchased a bunch of southeastern papers in '85. In the '89 article, the economists and small town people say it takes eight to nine years for a town to turn into a ghost town when a Walmart moves in. Walmart started cracking into Alabama and the Carolinas in the early '80s. The NY Times bought those newspapers in '85 and would have seen ad revenue drop immediately and throughout the '80s because of mom and pop store closings. This ad revenue drop would have raised a red flag and caused analysis internally. The local paper would have said, "We're not selling more ads because the Walmart destroyed local businesses". With no chance to boost ad revenue, the Times would have seen a lower return on investment. Someone at the Times would have been clued into why the newspapers' owner sold for such a 'deal'.

That is what got the Times interested in the underbelly of Walmart. Walmart's unique way of destroying competition across different retail sectors would have affected the bottom line of the Times. That 1989 profile in the NY Times Magazine was the first hit piece. In defense of the Times, it is a bit more fair than I expected. Even in the '89 Times profile, they mention Walmart blackmailing towns, accepting their money to build their stores, and screwing over American manufacturers. From the profile, "In 1987, 100,000 independent manufacturers representatives initiated a public information campaign to fight Wal-Mart's effort to remove them from the selling process, claiming that their elimination jeopardized a manufacturer's right to choose how it sells its products." You know who is a great megaphone for any piss ant liberal cause but missed out on 100,000 manufacturing employees fighting a big bully? The NY Fucking Times! Imagine what the Times could have done for US manufacturing, but they had to tell us to be nice tot he Commies. Walmart's true stab in the back to America was squeezing American manufacturers for years, delaying their accounts payable as long as they could, and forcing suppliers to go out of business... and then Walmart just shifted purchasing to China. As South Park put it, we shop there, we give them our cash, we love the bargains. The Walmart leviathan is of our making, but a little sunshine on that disgusting beast in its infancy may have stopped or at least slowed the monster down.

Missing from Times Article on Men's Falling Income

The NY Times has an article on the decline in men's incomes (via PussyLion of the Blogosphere). They do cite single parents as having an impact. In true cathedral fashion, it is phrased in a way that men make less income so women are choosing to raise kids by themselves. Oh of course, Times, because every single mom I run into ISN'T bitching about how hard it is to raise kids by themselves and how all men want to date them. Sure, whatever. The best part of the propaganda was right here:

“I think the greatest, most astonishing fact that I am aware of in social science right now is that women have been able to hear the labor market screaming out ‘You need more education’ and have been able to respond to that, and men have not,” said Michael Greenstone, an M.I.T. economics professor who was not involved in Professor Autor’s work. “And it’s very, very scary for economists because people should be responding to price signals. And men are not. It’s a fact in need of an explanation.”

Thanks Professor for that good dose of propaganda to get men to go to college more. Please, take on loans that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy in a declining economy. C'mon men! Do it! Now go ahead and read the article for a good laugh. The single parent thing is making its way through the cathedral organs. They will never admit culpability for their social welfare programs. This isn't the entire story. The Times misses a giant issue that has hurt men's wages. I recently blogged about it. They can't mention it, because it helps their side. Here's the one word that is nowhere in this article but definitely hurts middle and working class men:


Mourdock's Abortion-Rape Answer was Planned

"I believe that life begins at conception. The only exception I have to have an abortion is in that case of the life of the mother. I just struggled with it myself for a long time but I came to realize life is that gift from God that I think even if life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen." - Richard Mourdock
When I heard this, I thought it was a rambling off the cuff comment by a guy searching for a way to invoke God when discussing why he didn't consider rape a reason to abort. Dumb in hindsight too since mother's health + rape make up 3-5% of all abortions. Didn't it seem like an off the cuff statement? It wasn't. This was called a debate gaffe, but it is a gaffe only in the meaning of it being a mistake. I recently learned this and felt that I had to post it. That statement was planned and canned for him to say in response to that question at the debate. They knew that specific trap question was coming and that was the scripted answer. His handlers were idiots. Had this been a rambling off the cuff response, people could simply call him an idiot, losing a US Senate seat in the process. This was not. His handlers knew the question was coming, had just seen what had happened to Rep. Akin, and they still drafted up his response in this manner. All they had to do was change the last part to "all life deserves a chance". His delivery was even wishy washy and had no authority or gravity to it, which softened the intended effect. To Mourdock, if you thought this was good enough for your debate, you're a fucking idiot.

The Tea Party crowd, while smart for realizing that runaway spending and $1 trillion dollar deficits will destroy the dollar, is another example of the folly of universal suffrage. The Tea Party crews latched onto any jackass willing to exploit their desire for fiscal sanity. This usually meant latching onto no-names who had short track records or limited experience snake oil salesmen. Mourdock had won statewide elections, but there are some people who are not ready for prime time. I am happy the Tea Party could help a guy like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz beat up on establishment picks in Kentucky and Texas. The Mourdock phenomenon happened in other states where idiots like Angle and O'Donnell (to name two) manipulated a slice of voters with a "new" message of fiscal conservatism only to fall on their face in the general election. The GOP has pissed away multiple Senate races, and yes, the American system of universal suffrage shares some of the blame. They are a symptom of the problem. Democracy sucks.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Beyond Adria Richards, It's the Lawyers

Yes, Adria Richards is a fucktwit who was a technology evangelist hired solely because she would represent tech firms and whatnot at tech conferences and was exactly opposite of what everyone would expect, "Oh wow, a blackish looking woman is speaking about tech. How intriguing!". She is a hypersensitive shit who cost a guy his job and then got fired because her PC warrior badge needed shining. Still, she is just a symptom of the problem. Her shaming had value to her and to someone else. Follow the money, because this is America, and there's always a pay off. It's the fucking lawyers.

1. Lawyers are the jerks who take any harassment claim to court and get a cut of awards from juries.
2. Lawyers are some of the biggest political donors in all of America. They may not match the FIRE economy, but versus those bits on their own, Lawyers come out high. They donate the money to make laws that require their interference, services and consultation to generate income.
3. They make up many of our politicians, civil service employees and gophers in DC who write the laws and codify the insane academic papers into federal and state law.

The anti-patriarchy theory of socialist feminism is just the female focused tentacle of socialism. The goal is to destroy the family bonds so that the state has no one in between it and women. These academics created their theories of oppression and fear as it pertained to the workplace, partly based on real issues of harassment and power, but extrapolated beyond belief to not just be actual harassment of an individual but any words or actions that might cause an uncomfortable work environment. This wouldn't add up to anything if there had not already been court cases decided by our wonderful activist courts that awarded megabucks to individual women and class action lawsuits for women (this applies to any oppressed group). A judge awarded someone cash. A jury awarded someone cash. Companies started to settle out of court. Companies started to take no chances. Companies do not like refunding customers after a set date, what makes you think they like wasting money in court or out of court on BS issues like this? That is why so many companies have zero tolerance rules for harassment now.

Stop me if you've heard this one: hot chick at work starts emailing you weird stuff, and you think 'oh no, I better save these emails in a separate folder in case anything happens because they'll just fire me in a he said-she said'? I know a guy suspended for a week without pay for licking his lips, making a woman feel uncomfortable. Yes, America lost its way and didn't stand up to these shits decades ago when they should have. It's not their fault. Someone probably did and their company got their ass handed to them in court. Pycon fired that guy for making a passing remark to a friend because our legal system has a stranglehold on much of American business. Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism posts on this issue. If you want, I can show you life insurance exclusions that have to spell out autoerotic asphyxiation because yes, the company lost a case in court over that. They have infected every element of American society. Adria Richards is a little turd, but she, like millions of others, is just a wind up toy for the lawyers of America. You want to reboot the system? You want to get rid of the politicians? Save plenty of room at the bottom of the ocean for a majority of the lawyers in America.

Forget Seasteading. Buy Namibia.

Seasteading sounds cool. Not nearly as cool as the art deco inspired underwater city from Bioshock, but it is cool. A floating hotel of sorts on the high seas, outside of the reach of the law is great. Woohoo, libertarian paradise. Not really. Being on the open ocean can be unsettling for some people no matter how big the vessel. It's also the ultimate refugee idea. You actually are landless.

I say screw this idea. If you truly want to carve out your own location and play Sim City or Sim Nation, escaping the clutches of the awful cathedral, pool your money together and buy Namibia.

Why Namibia? I had to look for a country with a good coastline because white people love the water. Namibia also has a low population of 2 million. Namibia has a shitty economy, so we could technically buy them out pretty easily and if forced to, set up a 'ready made' reservation the size of Rhode Island for the 2 million in Namibia. Buying them out wouldn't be that hard as we could have a large down payment, and then split mineral royalties for existing mines and resources (note: existing). Maybe $5 billion to buy them out add in future royalties, and maybe what a couple billion to set up a "Chinese Ghost Town" for the 2 million people.

Namibia is also in the process of land reform, where they will eventually squeeze out the few white farmers through land confiscation so that the farms go to rot and the country hits rock bottom just like Zimbabwe. We would need a billionaire sponsor, Thiel comes to mind, but with some corporations on board (all corps love a 0% tax rate), this would be doable. A chunk of the money would have to come from us. What would you chip in for freedom? If there is trouble, South Africa could take them in as they have taken in refugees from Zimbabwe. Blackwater, XE, Academi or whatever could be the security force. Namibia also has some deserts that could help with border control. We would want a tight border because running a sparkling nation in that area would entice illegal infiltrators.

Consider this a Free State Project but with balls. Seasteading is already sucking in money from fools and has plenty of entrepreneurs eager to jump in, so what would stop them from doing the same with an actual country? Why waste millions on development of some floating fortress that will most likely have nonstop maintenance issues? Just pool some investor money together, offer no corporate taxes as long as HQ and a chunk of the overall employee count is there, and use great marketing brochures for the sandy beaches that line Namibia's coast to lure in talent.

If we truly live in an age where call centers can be in India and much data entry or IT problem shooting is location independent, could we not lure many employees and companies to move there? Imagine offering people true freedom of thought. It would be a playground out of the mind of Hans-Hermann Hoppe. You could make it a Singapore for traditionalists and reactionaries. Maybe set up that neocameral theoretical state of Moldbug's ramblings. The only point of the country would be providing safety, security and long term viability of the nation state.

Of course we'll need a security presence on a contractual basis. Not a standing army. I would expect many residents to pack enough firepower, and with a careful resident screening process, threat of exile, and lax marijuana laws, police forces would be small. The entire Miami-Dade County region had one night shift sheriff's department car in the 1960s. That one car covered an area roughly the size of Rhode Island (again with RI). The good folks at Blackwater/Academi could have a training grounds out in the deserts of Namibia. In exchange for the desert location, they could provide border security. Something tells me that, for tax purposes and possible future international human rights court protection, Mr. Erik Prince may want to be a resident of our nation. A private military contractor is purely border control and for small skirmish events if any brewed up. We would take care of any giant threats through our R&D and science programs designing a working "Sword of Damocles". Who needs nukes when you have kinetic bombardment? Non-nuclear space weapons have never been outlawed by any supranational body or treaty. Purely defensive measure, but to paraphrase Eisenhower, "You fuck with us in a serious manner, we will retaliate in a massive way".
One thing that is a positive, and keep this in mind, is that we'd have plenty of ideological agents and spies globally to enable us. Similar to the early days of communism, and even today with the progressive, cathedral religion, the ideology can have agents everywhere while still being good old Americans, Canadians or Europeans. It might not hurt to throw the Chinese or Russians a bone for back up. In reality, we'd become a useful thorn for those two nations in the way that they enable North Korea and Iran. Think of how insulting it would be to see maybe one, two, three or five million Americans leave for another region. There is nowhere for us to go, and there lies the trick. The USG would probably prevent any such 'buy out' of Namibia from happening, but rest assured, when nations are facing tough times and the aid stops flowing, the deaths will mount up, and the final thing they will have to sell is land. The Chinese will be there to buy, but so can we.

This isn't the free cities concept that failed miserably in Honduras. Honduras has too little land and too many people. Honduras also had a bit better of an established state. Namibia is a fucking shithole with a 15% HIV/AIDS infection rate. Let them kick out the white farmers, and within 20 years, they'll have no food but plenty of dead AIDS patients in their cities. They may ask for the help themselves. The free cities guys also didn't go in with a ruthless mindset. Bring your Blackwater guys, your money and your willpower. I've mentioned money a bit, but keep this number in mind. If we could get say 500,000, a good-sized American city, to start this Austin in Africa or whatever, $10,000 a piece would be $5 billion. It might be worth it. This new area should be a bastion of freedom of thought and a limited government in every way shape or form, but if you threaten the security of the people, you will be dealt with quickly and with extreme prejudice. Once again, it might be worth it.

Addendum: I forgot my bonus economic part. With the state of technology and how many unemployed bank employees there are in America, London and Zurich today, you could lure them to your nation to reconfigure a banking system set on Austrian principles and reinstating old Swiss Bank secrecy laws that the last 5 years have destroyed. Post suggestions, please. This is like secession without having to deal with the USG directly.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Myth of the Minotaur - Political + Religious Warnings

Everyone has a favorite story. Everyone has a favorite fictional character. Within genres, people gravitate towards one story or series or the other. Reading plenty of Greek and Roman mythology tales, my favorite classical figure is Odysseus. My favorite story or myth itself is the myth of the Minotaur. I have written about it before here. There are multiple ways to look at the myth, which is part of the success the myth had in staying power as well as being common knowledge for many classically educated people. While I previously looked at the myth as a message on interpersonal relationships, today let us look at the myth's larger religious and political messages as well as how the story fits into the early Athenian era after the Bronze Age collapse (Greek Dark Ages). Written after the Bronze Age collapse, Theseus, King Minos and the Minotaur conflict serve as a warning to Athenian society to respect the gods and focus on succession of political power or else face collapse as the prior power did.

The hero-founder tale of Theseus involves the founding of Athens, which rose after the fall of the Bronze Age powers like Crete. King Minos was the Cretan king (Minos actually means king) who pushed for power, was rejected by the people, but prays to the gods for power and claimed the gods would support him. Poseidon helps him out, sends a bull as a sign of approval and for Minos to sacrifice, Minos defies the god by not sacrificing the bull, and this leads to Minos' wife copulating with the bull, producing the Minotaur. The Minotaur is also the 'son' born in the purple, as in he was born while the father reigned as king not before his rule and power. Minos' perfectly healthy and powerful normal son goes to compete in games, wins plenty of honors, but the jealous Athenians kill him. Minos then displays his power by surrounding Athens, taking sacrifices of young boys and girls every 7 or 9 years as tribute. A few cycles later, Theseus goes to Crete, slays the Minotaur and settles Athens as the new political force in the Aegean.

This tale was formulated after the Bronze Age collapse. The Minoan civilizations, which wrote in Linear B that stopped being used entirely, crashed. The new Greek city-states were rising after that fact. The story of Theseus-Minos-the Minotaur is a great way to express to the citizens of Athens that they have a just and righteous start to their culture and city, and it serves as a warning. Minos was rejected by the people. The myth makers are actually imposing their Greek democratic behavior (whether early Athenian aristocratic democracy or extended suffrage democracy) onto the old Minoan culture, which did not operate that way. Minos then asks for the gods' help. The gods come through, which reinforces that they exist, confer legitimacy and will work for the right people. Minos defies the gods. He turns his back on them by not sacrificing the bull. That is his fatal error. Minos considers himself outside of the gods control after he has reached power. That is the warning at the heart of the tale: do no defy the gods even if you reign gloriously from a massive palace with reach across the seas. The gods transcend your petty view of political power on earth.

Looking at Minos' life, one can argue that the cause of the civilization's downfall is linked to his treatment of Poseidon's gift and what followed that rejection of the gods. Minos defies Poseidon, which is followed by his true, worthy heir (Androgeos) being slain by a rival political state and his wife bearing an unworthy heir, the Minotaur. Minos succession is divided by his son, from the 'prays to the gods' era, and the Minotaur who was born in the purple, from his 'defy the gods' era. The Minotaur is a creature of a god's curse, which infects the queen. The matrilineal side is the crazy side that commits bestiality and raises the monster as her own. This monstrous heir could be a symbol of the men whom rule after a culture's peak that are driven by passion fulfillment first (half animal) instead of the full rational approach of a law giving, god fearing leader. Theseus is a god honoring figure of royal stock who chooses to end the tyranny of Minos and the sacrifices. Theseus is the righteous, religious political figure that slays the beast.

The key is that this myth was created and spread after the fall of Crete's ruling culture. The Theseus piece of the Minotaur myth is the glorification of the founding of Athens along with a warning about what came prior to Athens. A founding myth could have had Theseus performing any heroic acts. The myth makers deliberately chose to include the action on the big island of Crete and not directly in Attica. Theseus' deeds other than slaying the Minotaur are heroic enough. The inclusion of King Minos and the Minotaur served as a specific message that would have been felt very sharply by the people of Athens crawling out of the Bronze Age collapse. Look at what the Cretans did. They had it all, they turned on their gods, their leaders became men who pillaged and demanded tribute (not trade), they are in ruins now, do not follow their path. The Athenians did not listen.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fishtown Rots as Media Holds Gender Bitchfests

My posts on black American home life being influenced (maybe) by family structure back in Africa as well as fatherlessness affecting school performance, which no liberal dares come out and say directly were tangents turned into posts. Those topics were derivative of my real topic: gender and relationship bitchfests in the media. As the media is a left wing entity, this debate is usually from the anti-patriarchy side. It is mostly power posturing in the struggle for a bigger piece of the elite pie. While this is going on, the underclass and even middle class is rotting. The media wants to celebrate the triumph of women earning more, but there is the reality that a pursuit of riches through careerism leads to a life unfulfilled. These articles are still focused on a higher earning and educated subset of the population. Fishtown is unraveling, and it is due to the consequences of family law changes, the social welfare system, and also immigration's effect on the common man's earnings.

Forget man up columns, which are male shaming articles for 55 year old moms to read and then nag their sons about not being married. Just google 'when women are the breadwinners' for a taste of this elite bullshit. So many of these articles talk about Lady McGreatjob who makes over 50K and her husband makes less. They like to slip in women who make 100K as well, because 100K earners are so common. I'll add here the requisite, powerful black woman who still wants a man to pay for meals article. More and more women are breadwinners the articles echo, but some statistics stand in the way. These statistics though point out the clues as to why men are slipping.

1. Mean average income for men in 2011 was $48,948. For women, it was $30,553. Median income though was $32,986 for men and $21,102 for women.
2. While women have seen a steady rise in median and mean wages since the '60s, men on an inflation adjusted basis have seen a rise in mean income only, as median income has been stagnant ($32,986 in 2011 vs. $32,216 in 1966).

If I put my old college hat on, if the mean is rising for men while the median is holding steady, that means men are skewing more and more into haves and have nots as male income inequality rises. I wonder if the college degree job barrier and our schools failing our boys for decades has anything to do with that. As often stated on the Internet, outsourcing blue collar jobs destroyed the working class man's earning capabilities. The specialization of our economy with higher skilled white collar work taking a precedence created what some call value transference work, which shifts more revenue to fewer specialized employees. The other factor is that many professions men routinely worked in with decent wages saw a wage cap slap on their wages due to unchecked immigration (construction being top of the list). Women are overrepresented in education and health care, which usually have degree requirements or licensing programs that require you to speak the English. Women have been insulated better than men with regards to immigration competition. Add in a social welfare system that substitutes Uncle Sam for a man without the partnership requirements, and we have a nation of bastards on our hands. Replicate for over thirty years and you have the world of today. The social engineering and immigration policies of America have killed Fishtown.

This will not stop our media from spotlighting the difficulties of hard charging, high earning women have finding suitable mates. I laugh when they say they want a man with the same education or earning similar money and not to marry down. What did men do for eons when they were the educated ones with good jobs? Was what they did marrying down? This will not stop the family law fights back and forth. The media cannot shine their light on Fishtown or they would have to admit culpability in the dysfunction. Elite insularity kept them from professional competition and kept immigration's effects at arm's length. Joe Six Pack had to accept the same income year after year because more guys kept pouring over the border. Even if they did marry, their wife could divorce them for no reason and collect the same money from the government with him out of the door. If she was lucky, she could take half of what they had for assets and collect a check. If ever a class of people needed a restrictor plate on its impulsive, short sighted decisions, it would have been late 20th century American working class women. This is a disincentive to marry at all, and men are responding. The media's only response is for men to man up. The media can still bitch about a lack of diversity in Silicon Valley because there are high paying puff jobs to create and place women and minorities into to keep the EEOC lawyers and media spotlight away. Boardrooms and executive suites are the media's focus. If they had to spend similar energy on what ails Fishtown, the members of the media who championed the liberalization of divorce law, the expansion of the welfare system and unchecked immigration would be hung from lampposts by their toes and used as piñatas.

Russian Ballet Gone Nuts

What the hell is happening with the Bolshoi? Acid in a director's face. Old oligarchs using ballerinas as prostitutes. It is worse than a night time soap opera. We usually associate higher class behavior with ballet, but that must just be aesthetics.  The acid attack is supposedly not linked to the prostitution, but it is an odd time for that accusation to leak to the public. This part of the article made me laugh:

Volochkova, who has previously said that dancers were pimped out as escorts at oligarch parties and was fired in 2003 for being overweight, repeated those claims.

Ballet. Where you get fired for gaining weight. Knowing professional ballet dancers, this means she looked more normal. Are we really shocked about the prostitution? My former ballerina wife wasn't, and actually sounded surprised that isn't reported more often. This isn't anything new as far as the dancers using their status, sex appeal and figures for money. Stefan Zweig wrote that in pre-Great War Vienna ballerinas could get the highest of prices for a night of sin. The Kirov Ballet, formerly the Mariinsky Ballet, was renamed after the beloved Soviet figure who was a major patron and admirer of the ballet. He loved dating ballerinas and was commonly seen with different dancers. Kirov had a thing for them. Russia is stocked with pretty women, so I am surprised the Russian oligarchs would risk being compromised or even spending the money for a ballet dancer. This might be a Russian cultural quirk.

Any Russian insight into this possible fetish?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Boiling the Frog

Progressives use the phrase boiling a frog in the NY Times for climate change legislation and the economy. Conservatives use it on websites for the erosion of the Constitution. The first is a lame use of the phrase, which is more a visual garnish to a crappy Krugman column. The second is more applicable. Let's talk about two long term frogs who really are one frog that has been boiled for decades. It has been a slow boil by the elite class with plenty of help from the sous chef media and academia. That white, middle class frog needs just a few more years before it is boiled alive, and without debt restructuring and an end to immigration, the lid and that frog's fate will be sealed.

The metaphor of boiling a frog alive is that if you place a live frog in a pot and slowly turn up the heat, the frog will boil to death before realizing it. In the 1970s, the US economy was ending a long post-W2 boom that had been dislocated by LBJ's escalation of Vietnam and LBJ's Great Society. That created a currency problem that Nixon and Kissinger resolved by closing the gold window of gold convertibility and creating the petrodollar. The decade of the '70s was basically the rest of the world trying to resolve the destruction of the Bretton Woods currency arrangement. Throughout this inflationary period Americans received wage increases. There was cost push inflation that Joe Six Pack could use in wage negotiations to demand more money. This ended with Volcker raising interest rates to create a recession and kill inflation. This also started the period of low inflation and fear of inflation, yet inflation of financial assets and mortgage debt. Americans felt more prosperous and did enjoy a rising living standard but it was on debt. Few cared about debt because of all the goodies it bought us. Now the deflationary moment is upon us and we've seen our jobs go to foreign countries, our houses be mortgaged with no relief and debts everywhere piled up with no relief in sight. As Thomas Jefferson put it, "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered."

Debt and wealth controlled by the few can be rectified with legislation and tax policies if the groundswell of voting is there to put people in place or threaten lame politicians whoa re scared to lose their seat. This is a much harder thing to accomplish when the party aligned with the 1% wealth holders and big banks is the party that benefits from immigration. It started as just a problem for California and border towns. Amnesty in 1986 was meant to help those unfortunate souls. More souls crept in with anchor babies, social welfare use and other odd benefits like in state tuition. Blacks felt the hit first due to neighborhood infiltration and competition in working class jobs. This is all while the media performed a basic shame game on anyone daring to notice it and a brown out of the widespread invasion by our Mexican neighbors. The 'racism' charge will be hurled by those daring to oppose more immigration, and even the right has suicidal leaders willing to hispander. Eventually, enough immigrants from the Leninist country to our south will enter the country to turn former swing states like Nevada and Colorado into solid blues and former reds into swings.

It took several decades and will take more, but that frog will be cooked. What is left of the middle class, which let us be honest looking at income statistics in 1965 was nearly all white, may actually grasp the situation and try to do something about it. By then, they will be broke and just another constituency for the elite to throw crumbs to. Our elite will do their best impersonation of the Brazilian or Indian elite and keep just enough money to keep just enough of the peasantry happy and willing to do their bidding should any poor slice of the nation get angry and start having any ideas. America will slide to a lower standing, if she remains whole, and we will need to have enough order to supply raw materials and food for China. That is not a civilization but a raw material source. It does not have to be this way. Break up the big banks, restructure debt and end immigration. A healthy middle class is the best way to build and maintain a civilization, not maintain a lecherous government.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Common Tie to Greek + Cyprus Screwovers

Greece has had it the roughest of any of the Euro PIIGS as far as treatment, even if it doesn't feel like they execute on any plans. Greece has been used as a conduit to shift more money to big banks and hedge funds, who often are funded by the same big banks. Cyprus is a basket case as well, and just this weekend, the Euro weenies decided to screwover the savers of that nation by imposing a one time wealth confiscation equating to deposits. Why the hell have Cyprus and Greece been targets of such harsh measures when Ireland, Italy and Spain have been riding out the storm longer? They are smaller fish, so that makes them easier to fry, but the treatment seems so out of step compared to other nations. Greece and Cyprus are sitting in a newly scouted region of oil and gas reserves while also being in close proximity to the latest proxy war between the West and Russia/China: Syria.

Greece has no economic prospects besides becoming a retirement home, a spring break destination and an oil producer? Estimates are 26 billion barrels of recoverable oil in total off the shores of Greece. Cyrpus has gas fields that could contain 7 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, and the Israelis want to build an underwater gas line to pump it to Europe. The US sent Sec. of State Clinton to Greece to shore up support and get cracking so that the US and not Russia could exploit these resources and build pipelines to control the flow. Russia is offering generous help as well. Russia and the US engaged in the early steps of the resource wars; "the prize" as Winston Churchill called it. All IMF and ECB loans are given with the Anglo-American banking system's blessing. They want help, they hand over the oil and gas. They want help, then they let us send arms through their island nation to Syria; recall that half of Cyprus is in Turkish hands. The Syrian proxy war, which looks to be a win for Assad and team Russia/China is a loss for the American interest of installing a new democratic Islam dominated nation... wait how is that a win for America? Even if Assad wins now, we'll keep funding the rebels. Either way, Uncle Sam wants the oil, gas, control of the pipeline network of friendly petroleum resources.

Greece and Cyprus are sadly pawns of the banker game. This is now the second complete destruction of rules so that bankers do not have to take a haircut. The IMF-ECB threw out pari passu so that private debtors took a back seat to public debtors with Greece, and now they are going after bank deposits, insurance be damned. These bastards hide behind rules, language and laws when it suits them, so I would not be shocked to hear the Euro weenies call bank deposits unsecured loans by savers to the banks. By any means necessary, the bankers will be protected and shielded. Greece and Cyprus have some natural resources and just happen to be near the most recent hot zone. This should explain why governments and bankers hate gold. Every 401k, bank account, IRA, mutual fund and brokerage account is neatly organized for such one time raids by greedy bankers and their government bitches. Gold is easy to hide, easy to buy, hard to track and much harder to confiscate. Cyprus may have been a test run for all we know, but now that you know I will ask, "Got gold?".

*Note: Crete & Cyprus are popular spring break destinations for Russian college girls.

Cathedral Omission: Black Female Drop Out Rate

College. So many see it as the ticket to the good life, that they get hyperfocused on it and don't let their kids breathe. I spent Friday afternoon chatting with a black female coworker about how set her son was going to be as long as she kept him out of trouble. He loves to read (gets called a fag by other blacks for it) and does well in school. She is super involved but worried about problems black men have with getting into college. We're close enough, so I broke it down for her how affirmative action works, how college admissions are a liberal controlled chokepoint, and sadly, the truth that the black male high school completion rate has been at or below 50% for the last decade. There are not enough bodies to even apply to top schools so all schools pounce on any black male talent; this applies to academic scholarships as well. After going home, it got me thinking, why doesn't anyone mention the black female graduation rate? Censorship by omission because it does not fit the liberal narrative. My theory is that the excuses, which can be pinned on the system, whitey and on the lack of male role models, unravel if applied to members of the same race who have an achievement gap.

The Black Boys Report is dedicated to the problem of black male high school completion. The website twists the truth a bit about how the graduation rate has jumped 9 points since 2002 from 43% to 52% in 2011, because in reality it bounced around the mid to high 40s for the entire 2000s. If you are doing the math, that does mean that if you meet a black guy under 30, it is 50-50 odds he finished high school. I couldn't find a single resource that was dedicated to black female graduation rates, but in 2006, it was listed at 59%. Please note that the MTV write up actually mentions some liberal excuses why the high school completion rate might be lower in greater detail than the NY Times blurb. The interesting thing about the Black Boys Report that they have changed their message and website with the liberal talking points. They now include Latino data, AP course enrollment, gifted and talented enrollment and school suspension rates. This is another tool for the cathedral. Browse the site, and it is cathedral all the way down.

A very important tab is the highlighted solutions section. This mentions black male engagement, a black male leadership development institute, school suspension awareness and education red lining. The key sentence in the black male leadership development is:

The condition of Pittsburgh’s African American men and boys is a consequence of both historical and current injustices, including enslavement, structural racism and a narrow definition of black manhood.

Pennsylvania abolished slavery around 1780, and western Pennsylvania did not have a long history of slavery. In these folks' minds, school suspensions aren't due to fighting and acting out. Nope, racism of teachers, who are all evil conservatives, wait a minute. American teachers get the biggest liberal hard on helping a black kid read, so they are not the problem. No problem can ever be about the family structure or culture; it's all whitey and rappers. Even though this foundation admits the problem of drop outs, it still misses those two big reasons why a program spotlighted for black males is focused on engaging them in MALE ways and TEACHING them how to BE A MAN. Could it be illegitimacy and fatherlessness? The illegitimacy rate has been around 70% for over fifteen years, and these teenagers have been lacking positive male role models who do just the basics for masculinity (work, fix things, not be an emotional bitch, be a husband, mow the lawn, be present, change light bulbs). I live in a big metro area. I see the leadership development ads on TV, and yes, they are mostly geared towards blacks (website example). The absent father piece is an issue, but it cannot be everything.

It cannot be everything because black girls have graduation rates well below white boys & girls, hispanic girls and possibly hispanic boys (couldn't find data). Ask the common American, and they'll bemoan how poorly black boys perform in school with no knowledge that black girls are not much better. The media and policy mavens do not bring up black girls underachievement because they have female role models present throughout their lives and are raised in a matrilocal and mostly matrilineal culture. American schools are hyperfeminized environments. Black girls know how to be women from momma, auntie and gramama. Black girls have a wide definition of black womanhood compared to black men (to borrow from above). They have lower suspension rates. They do not need those lame leadership programs, which are just substitute dad programs, yet they still have horrible graduation rates. Black girls also benefit from an education system that caters to female achievement. The overlooked concern, proving the black boy leadership focus is useless, is that the gender gap is for all races. The gender gap is for all, so why specific focus on black boys? If the role model research and programs aren't any special help, then all of those cathedral foot soldiers are out of jobs. Black girls endure the same societal dysfunction yet outperform boys, so the liberals need to avoid discussing the girls' grad rate since the gender gap is there for all races. This cannot be common knowledge or Joe Six Pack goes from pitying the cycle of fatherless boys to "will blacks ever get their act together?".

If the focus is placed on all black students and not just boys, then liberals would be stuck with blaming everything on whitey, which even some white liberals would balk at (not Tumblr progressives). God forbid anyone ever suggest it might be culture and genetic/biological. Blank slatists cannot allow that, and the volunteer thought police would yell racist at either item. Far better for our educators and policy makers to spotlight only boys and throw in the racism bits while not saying it but admitting it through programs that fatherlessness hurts boys especially. That should be applied to all boys, but then we'd have to face the consequences of post-68 female liberation instead of just hating on whitey for societal & historical reason and black absentee fathers for personal reasons. By avoiding tackling the illegitimacy problem at the source and discussing hard truths about the structure of black families or family planning, the dysfunction will continue, white liberals who earn a master's in public policy will still get consultant jobs, and black guys with clean records will be paid as substitute father figures to the sons of the cads who beat them up, picked on them and stole their girlfriends. Enjoy the decline.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Massachusetts Alimony Reform: Still All About Ladies

There is a dark realm of progressive behavior: Massachusetts. It is an unholy land of progressives inverting all that the West knew as order and natural. Massachusetts used to have lifetime alimony no matter how short the marriage. Massachusetts new alimony provisions look like a giant leap forward for men. Woohoo, super progressive Massachusetts just did away with lifetime alimony for a schedule (slide show quickies here) that looks decent and has some provisions that terminate alimony if a woman cohabitates with another man. How did Massachusetts reform alimony yet is the most progressive state in the union? Easy. Women are paying it more & more; they hate it big time. Progressives in Massachusetts are responding to this, and looking to the future.

The cathedral works really well with all of those articles being pumped out in 2012. The articles are soaked in anti-male phrases to defend the anger and frustration women feel with paying alimony. The lower earning men are described in a manner no article would use for a lower earning or stay at home mom.
But there continues to be protest from some of the female population, especially in those cases where women are forced to pay spousal support to a deadbeat husband (SOBL: deadbeat?). In fact, some litigators find that their female clients had no idea what was ahead when they chose to support their husbands financially and emotionally through most of the marriage out of a sense of obligation and kindness. The idea that they would asked to continue to do so after the dissolution never occurred to them.  
“I think most women never give this another thought. Most are shocked to find they could have to pay spousal support,” Sember said. “There's always someone taking advantage of every system, so why should this one be any different? But I don't think though that there are many men who are taking low paying jobs for years with a plan to eventually get a divorce and get alimony. I think there are more men who are simply thrilled to find out they could get alimony and then paint themselves as house-husbands or primary child caretakers in order to make it clear they are not just deadbeats who don't earn a lot of money.” (SOBL: men 'take' low paying jobs & their crime is earning less)
Either way, the court often times just doesn’t care. “These women have allowed their husbands to sponge off them for how many years? They really created their own monster and now they want to complain about it,” Gold-Bikin said. “They should have seen it coming.” (SOBL: sponge, ever hear them say that about divorced women?)

Are you fucking kidding me? Reverse the genders. No article would ever portray divorced women as leeches and monsters. None. It would be women needing help because they were denied access to jobs due to the burden of motherhood and being a wife. If you read these articles, you'll see how some men don't take the alimony because they value being independent. Oh men, we have honor. This is a partial win for men, as elimination of alimony would have been a real win.

Massachusetts would be on the cutting edge due to their economy. Education, government work, health care and tourism are pretty huge sectors of the Massachusetts economy, which usually have female overrepresentation. On the man side, Massachusetts has lost wholesaler distribution jobs due to state regulations, and the port of Boston takes in less than Portland, Maine for the same reason. As Mass has lost manufacturing through the years, and has less construction, forestry and mining compared to other states due to its actual state age and development, man friendly jobs are few and far between. A wife out earning her husband is old hat in Massachusetts, and as more masculine jobs get outsourced or beaten down in salary due to illegal immigration competition, this will become more common in the future. It's not like marriage is huge in Mass as it has the lowest average length of marriage for white women between age 18-44 per Sailer's graph. Still, these ladies don't want to pay alimony. If the progressives do truly think that their order and system of power will remain permanently in place, expect more divorce reform for states with liberal alimony laws currently. Yes, the media will use a man paying 30 years of alimony for a 3 year marriage, but behind that poster boy is the true genesis for alimony reform, a manjaw, hyphenated named lawyer.