Friday, May 31, 2013

No More Underage Lust Songs

While on twitter this week, I noted that beta male rock had transitioned over time. In the '70s, there was a cornucopia of soft rock (Gen X/Millenial kids call it "mom rock") classics that were men basically singing, "Look, girl, you are not going to be a slut if you have premarital sex with me, I won't tell, I really love you, so let's get down". Bread, Dan Fogelberg, Seals + Croft and Dr. Hook had tons of light FM classics that revolved around a softer approach to getting laid. It was not the hard '70s, "bang me I'm a rock God" music. It is far superior to today's beta male soft rock that is about supplicating to women and glorifying their every behavior no matter how crazy and awful. Tal Bachman' "She's so High" and Ed McCain's "I'll Be" are the tops of the list for puss rock. While looking up '70s songs, I noticed something: there were tons of songs about guys lusting after women under 18. You never see that anymore. They are gone, and couldn't be made now. Our matrist society will not allow such an expression of male sexuality while promoting unrestrained female sexual desires.

A quick search revealed a page chock full of songs with underage lust. I noticed that the most recent one was Billy Idol's "Rock the Cradle of Love", which was released in 1990. There are huge bands with under 18 lust songs like Zeppelin, the Cars, Nugent, Alice Cooper, Chuck Berry, etc. Those songs did fit in with the more patrist society that America was before 1980. Check the matrist link. A patrist society has a restrictive attitude towards sex, limits freedom of women, chastity valued, inhibition, and fear of pleasure are big trends. All of the teen love songs are men trying to get young women to be wild. Women may have the adult look but are restricted from play. They are trying to break them of their chaste ways, and they are sometimes men abstaining from spoiling them due to their age. People could hear the song and understand the situation. Some might sympathize and others might say "horny men can't wait". The songs fit the times and society.

They couldn't be made today. Today they'd be chased off the radio by women's groups. The media would howl at them. Polite society would agree, and the matrist trends would explain why. Women have freedom, power, pleasure is welcome, exhibition rules, and there is a fear of incest. Many of the older man-underage woman songs have a little pervy molester vibe to them, which underneath skirts around incest. The obstacles of the '70s songs no longer exist, so no one would sympathize but more would think 'perv'. The songs now are Rihanna asking for more S&M, Katy Perry kissing girls and liking it, Lady Gaga being whatever, and unrestrained freedom for gals' sexual tastes. We're living in bizarre world from just a couple decades ago. What was formerly common enough to spawn tons of songs is called creepy or weird now, while what was creepy and weird is now played over the speakers at your gym. It's nice that the music manages to keep up with us.

Why did the Times Hire Andrew Sorkin at 18?

Andrew Ross Sorkin. If you read any business media stuff, you've heard the name. Sometimes it is positive as with his book on the financial crisis or it being optioned into a Hollywood production. Other times it is bad for his friendliness with those he covers. The guy is in his mid 30s and has been at the NY Times since he was 18. Yes, actually since he was 18. While I like to joke that Matt Yglesias must have blown a professor to get a journalism job right out of Harvard, especially the economic stuff he writes considering he has never worked a real job, owned a business or earned a worthless economics degree, Yglesias' path is nothing compared to Sorkin. I do not believe the company line, but I don't think it is a case of daddy and mommy getting him a job. The Times knew what they potentially had in Sorkin, roped him in and cultivated him for a role in their media infrastructure.

His origin story sounds like a well crafted children's book. Just apply yourself kiddies and anything is possible. Let's hear the man explain it. In the Cornell Chronicle, a writer explains,

"If you had ever told me I'd be standing here, I would have laughed at you," Sorkin said, noting he spent much of his time at Cornell writing for the Times, which published 71 of his articles before he graduated. 
He said he "always had a passion for journalism and the media," and founded a sports magazine at age 15. "It was a remarkable education in how persistence, more than talent, really can get you much further than you could ever imagine," Sorkin said. "People don't like to say no." 
When the magazine failed three years later and Sorkin needed a summer job, he wrote Stuart Elliot, the advertising columnist for the Times -- persistently.
Elliot finally accepted him as an unpaid summer employee. "I was ecstatic," Sorkin said. "I was now going to The New York Times for five weeks to Xerox and staple. [Elliot] actually got me a business card that said 'Xerox and Staple Bitch.'" 
But not for long. After a chance encounter with an editor by the fax machine, Sorkin wrote an article for the paper that caught the attention of the editors in chief. Soon, he was promoted to "reporter" and has worked for the Times ever since. 
"If you actually have a passion about something, and you care about it, and you really want to do it, you can," Sorkin said to the students in the audience. "Send the e-mail. Make the phone call. People do not want to say no."
Wow. That is a really sweet story about how pluck and persistence can get you a job with the most powerful paper in the world >dismissive wanking<. Clark Kent has a better cover story for why he is always missing when Superman is around. Even the New York media spins the hustler story. They miss the elephant in the room.

How about this one? Sorkin was hired because of his dad. Not his dad making a phone call (which most likely happened), but his father existing as a partner at Cahill Gordon and Reindel LLP. Sorkin graduated from Cornell in '99 (working for the NY Times while in college), and became an M&A reporter in London, then "chief mergers and acquisitions reporter, based in New York". What does Andrew's dad do? Laurence Sorkin "advises in connection with all aspects of antitrust law such as mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, competitor collaborations, distribution and licensing practices, and price discrimination" (Cahill wiki entry). Cahill has an office in London, too. Laurence does the legal work. Andrew reports on potential M&As. How convenient! How does he gets those scoops and sources? Hypothetically, I think a dad would break attorney-client privilege for their son. At the least, he could nudge him in the right direction. I also think a dad would tell his son who to call for a source. It would be one hell of an 'in' to have him as your dad as you cultivate a source. After decades of M&A litigation and counsel, Papa Sorkin's digital black book must be valuable.

That is what the NY Times saw. They had am ambitious kid itching to write and make it as a journalist who just happened to have a connected dad. The Times brought in little Sorkin to get access to Papa Sorkin's network of information. He can spin a story of being someone's bitch for a summer, but that doesn't hide the fact that he was given a primo opportunity while still a teen for which millions of little Nancy Drew do-gooders would kill. M&A activity since the mid '90s has been absurd, so the Sorkin source was a valuable one. Andrew Ross Sorkin is now just another media tool of the banks and government. Naked Capitalism takes it to him often. Sheila Baer thought he was a twerp in her book. Sorkin also helped poison the well on PPIP, which is partly good had the program been allowed to be rigged (Barofsky wouldn't allow it) but the program could've been good if he hadn't turned congressmen against it with his articles. Instead of PPIP, the banks exchanged their garbage securities at higher values with the FED. Thanks Andrew. I tip my hat to the cathedral here, as they nabbed a good one while young. Sorkin is right. People do not want to say no. They just want to check out your parents first.

*Never knew him at Cornell.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cincinnati Police Tale

While away from the home base, I managed to have a nice talk with a Cincy cop. We joked about Detroit and Chicago making every other Midwest city look great. It was interesting to hear how the selection for new cops has been much more picky (1% recently), but as he put it, somehow a few dim sons/nephews of cops, women and blacks get in despite the need for a near 100% score on the entrance exam. He spoke of a white friend who scored in the 90s being rejected. The system rolls on. It was like talking to the Second City Cop but from Cincy. What freaked me out a bit was when he went on a long monologue about their murder count being higher than Indianapolis, and Indy having a better downtown. He explained murders were rock bottom when he started but rose sharply to its current rate and will never drop again because of the 2001 Cincinnati riots.

I'm paraphrasing but here's the recap:

"Before 2001, we'd patrol over the rhine and far worse hoods closely and harass corner boys. We'd work them a bit and get info on different groups to prevent shit from escalating. Guy starts getting hot, we arrest him for an outstanding warrant or a quick n dirty charge. Yank him off the streets for a while. No one dies. The mutherfuckers went apeshit in 2001 for a piece of shit with a sob story that got blown up by testimony of a crackhead. >LONG MONOLOGUE ON THE SHOOTING + RIOTS< We decided we'd stop the escalation prevention. No more grabbing thugs for small shit. Thugs started knocking each other off more often. Blacks cried + begged for us to return. Nope. They got all happy when they got a chief that was one of theirs, and we got extra f-ing procedures to protect and serve animals but it's stopping nothing but low level shit. They can kill each other all they want."

Afterwards, we had a fun race realism talk, and a polite friend seated next to me had an awkward look on his face most of the chat. I looked at Cincinnati's numbers on city-data. Everything is up, but murder is the real outlier for how high it jumped, especially in light of advances in medical treatment. It is fun to read in order: socialist pure propaganda crap about the Cincy cops, a sanitized 10 year riot look back USA Today cathedral article, and then something that sounds far closer to the truth about the riots as it is a playbook duplicated all over America whenever the black community gets angry. Note that the family of the victim got $7.5 mil from the city. If our current, awful system continues, it is easy to see Cincy becoming even worse as resources feel the budget pinch and officers get stretched thinner and become more PC bound. Cops are on the front lines for when the easy money dries up, and our tenuous hold on cities slackens.

There is an alternative, but does Cincinnati have the beautiful architecture to lure the SWPLs in? As of 2012, it sounds like it. Condos selling for over $300,000 marks an area that is SWPL and retired, white Boomer catnip. The NY Times census maps confirms that the area, using Liberty Street as a centerpoint, has seen an influx of whites since 2000. Cincinnati cops might have it easier in the future. I doubt it as the crime figures are the same between 2008-2012, but maybe that neighborhood is just better. Keep sandblasting those brick buildings and refurbishing the old single family homes! There is something weird that none of the modern articles mention. Where did the former residents go? Perhaps that will be in the follow up "Cincy's rebounding!" article, or maybe the police blotter will tell that tale.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sovereign Debt Irrational Exuberance

Let us all be glad and happy that the masters of the universe have the entire financial game figured out. Sure, they get to keep plenty of the revenue, but we do get cheap plastic toys, iPhones and plasma tvs. It's a fair trade. Maybe we should caution them though because some things are popping up that are weird. The FED keeps printing and sucking up US debt obligations, so where is the regular investment community going to put their cash, especially those funds that have fixed return targets? The latest and greatest market bound to blow up in the face of the investment community is frontier sovereign debt. Frontier market debt reaching generational if not lowest of all time yields is a sign of a hyper-blown up bubble in bonds.

Frontier market debt is debt from countries that are on the fringe of emerging markets. Bolivia, Paraguay, Honduras and even Rwanda have all performed recent auctions. This won't end badly. Paraguay auctioned off 10 year bonds at 4.625%, yielding less than General Electric's 10 year bonds. Who do you bet on paying you back? GE or Paraguay. One has a track record of paying back money and can help buy the US presidency. One is a developing nation with a presidential election ahead of it. To put this in perspective, US 10 year bonds had yields around 4.625% in 2007. Rwanda sold debt at 6.635%, which is interesting considering we westerners can still watch documentaries and dramatic films based on the recent genocide of millions and its aftermath. That's a great risk! Sign me up.

Particularly smart yet stupid at the same time is a set of quotes later in the article:

Jan Dehn, co-head of research at emerging market specialist firm Ashmore Investment Management, which owns $78 billion in emerging and frontier market assets, said: "There is a bubble in fixed income, but it is found in the heavily indebted developed countries, not the frontier markets." 
Dehn contends U.S. government bonds are riskier than frontier markets, saying a U.S. 10-year Treasury Note that yields around 1.65 percent provides inadequate compensation for inflationary risks he sees as likely to emerge.

Very good points. The developed countries are in a debt bubble. Inflation upticks of small amounts can wipe out the return of 10 years USTs. The entire sovereign debt market is in a bubble. These piss ant countries do not have their debt in their currency but in other currencies like the dollar or euro. They can't print out of their debts.

Anything part of the dollar bloc will suffer in a dollar crisis as well. I'd ask Mr. Dehn if the UST market at low rates is poor protection in a rising inflation/rate market, then how do bonds with a slim risk premium over the USTs protect one more in a rising risk environment? Getting 4.625% from Paraguay in a rising inflationary environment isn't going to cut it, and no, you will not reach the exit quicker than everyone else. A rising interest rate environment is painful for all risk assets, especially the wildest of frontier markets. While the US is the center for idiotic behavior, it is not the only stage.

Urgent Need for Legislation - Guns vs. Immigration

Roughly thirty kids were shot in Connecticut in December before Christmas. In the emotional time that is the holidays, there was a massive, nationwide call for gun control legislation by the left, the media and countless foot soldiers on social media websites. The bastards who organize the Super Bowl even carted the school's choir out to take part in the opening ceremonies. Demand a plan. Gun control now. The entire wing of the propaganda arm of the system was doing its best to generate a demand for gun control that appeared organic. Every headline could be summarized as fill in the blank slogan with urgent connotations. Our weakling president led the charge.

Since April, 3rd world immigrants have bombed the most prestigious marathon in America killing a few and injuring hundreds, 3rd world Muslim immigrants were convicted in a child prostitution, abuse and grooming ring, 3rd world immigrants have rioted for a week in Sweden, a 3rd world immigrant + a British born 1st generation immigrant beheaded a British soldier in broad daylight. The initial media reaction is that the West doesn't do enough to assimilate immigrants, with a couple others saying that questions about immigration must be asked. Where is the broad, media wide request to end all 3rd world immigration or, at the very least, curtail it to 10% of what it has been? No slogans? The president, senators, aspiring governors... wait, no prominent politicians are seizing on this.

Two dozen kids gunned down by psycho who should've been locked up in an asylum creates an urgent need to restrict the gun rights for 310,000,000 people. Organized violence and riots in the name of Islam against the West while enjoying the material comfort and much better living conditions compared to shithole home countries doesn't spark the same call to restrict immigration. Thank you weakling politicians for proving once again how useless you all are. Thank you media. I was nearly doubting where you stood on the enemies of the West list.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Immigrant Business Scam

"I love that Gyro place. What's it's name? Oh hell, it's changed its name 3 times in the last 6 years. Great late night food."

Every city has those quick, take out based restaurants that seem to rotate business owners every 2-3 years. These are usually of an ethnic nature. This specific scam is a good one for immigrants due to the adios factor, but this is for immigrants who will leave America. This involves multiple families, and kinship is a great strengthener for this scam. Having a crooked friendly loan officer at a bank helps as well. The scam:

Step 1- First family (or part of family) leaving America sets up an LLC for a merchandise retail firm. They have an "online business", so no need for setting up a brick and mortar spot for renting. Family #1 collects the different ethnic decorations that the crowd has and sets that up as their inventory.

Step 2 - Second family sets up LLC for the restaurant. Family #2 takes out business loan and signs rental agreement. Biz loans collateral is made up of the decorations, chairs, tables, and kitchen equipment. They use part of business loan to buy marked up decorations from Family #1. Family #1 takes off for home country. Family #2 starts up restaurant, using proceeds from decor sale for first few months of expenses. Family #2 operates restaurant with family as staff. First year is legit with recorded sales covering costs, the rest is 2nd booked tax free money. Second year: pays no taxes, stops paying loans, rent (depends on agreement's speed for non-payment actions), works it until creditors close in, convert majority of cash to jewelry, then vamoose back to crappy country with everyone holding slightly less cash than required amount to declare to customs (or more if you're not scared).

Step 3 - Third family approaches the bank, after the bank has collected back its collateral, and signs up new loan for the business with a lower amount of principal than Family #2. Family #3 also enters into rental agreement with a lower cost (usually) on the space than Family #2 due to the initial recovery of some funds for the original rental agreement. Repeat step #2 for operating the business with their family in place.

Step 4 - If a 4th family is involved, repeat Step 3.

Mortgage loans are not the only loans ripe for fraud and manipulation. These business loans are usually smaller in size and have collateral that can be resold as easy if not easier than a home. A new borrower stepping into the old loan helps the remediation numbers for a bank. The bigger the bank the better (hahaha BofA). There are other tricks to this as well for how to set it up (some business loans can roll rent into them, making non-payment quicker to start), but above is a pretty quick and simple way to put a daisy chain scam in place. Because of the time lag due to a new family taking over and restarting the process, the first family runs out the statue of limitations clock by the time the authorities would consider them a part of the scam if they connect the dots at all. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for authorities to hunt down missing taxes from one small firm, connecting the dots or going abroad to snatch anyone for thousands of dollars. A friendly loan officer who is paid on loan origination commissions and is open to receiving cash on the side to stay quiet can help. How much does it take to bribe a loan officer that makes on average 50K/year and is paid on commissions? Maybe 5-10K. A gyro place with Mediterranean or Levantine decorations but no country specific stuff is a tip off. Next time an ethnic take out place changes owners and you're waiting for food buzzed at 2am, check to see if the decorations changed.

Digital Self

Every website, blog, social media profile and commenter avatar or name is a little digital self we create. They are not set in stone. These personalities change over time, but we have ultimate control. Everything out there is created with a 'published' or 'enter' button. We can refine the message or the image however we want before revealing it. We can even wear different digital hats on different sites. It's a fun game if not taken seriously. I don't mind knowing someone is X commenter on one site but has a blog of their own that they write differently on. The frustrating part is knowing a person in real life while they have a digital self that is far different in appearance.

The digital fraud is the irritating persona. The happily married wife on Instagram who bitches to you non-stop about their spouse. The guy who doesn't really like having kids posting pics of his kids on Faceborg. The wider the gap between digital self and real self, the more annoying. To stop for a moment, the real self is also a version of the person they allow you to see. While true, this doesn't seem as annoying as digital self and real self. At the heart of it is fraud, and what exactly does someone gain by lying to you about something (sympathy, support, approval) versus lying online (same as before and cultivating a following or promoting an agenda).

I have an entire family that is full of self righteous, progressive online connections but in real life they are some of the most degenerate people you would meet. It is annoying. A newer addition to their tribe is the 20 year old who on Tumblr is a super social justice, lesbian just fighting the patriarchy and being an artist. The artist part is drawing comic book figures. She has health issues, and reveals that online as well. God knows why, but reviewing 'likes' it is for some sympathy and looking deeper, to cultivate her victim card claim. The frustrating side of checking in on her (she doesn't know I found her tumblr), is that she lives rent free (without a conscience) in a home she has no right to thanks to white, heternormative married Boomers, is a horrendous slob who adds to her health problems by being dirty, and lives off of the evil taxpayers because she gets government assistance (social security, medicare, tuition assistance). She lived with my grandmother for a couple of years and never once cleaned up. My grandmother lived immobile in filth while this cousin claimed to be 'watching her'. Others had to go in to clean the place up, while she did nothing all day. Online, she's an angel cursed with an illness. That's her existence though because she sits at home online for hours and hours.

This duality is present with every website proprietor. The hope is that the distance between real you and your online persona is minimal. My Faceborg posts are my family pics and comments you'd find on my twitter feed because I've gone scorched earth on my social circle of progs. I try to blog on things I talk about in real life or think to myself while sitting in my office being paid to do work that seldom engages me. If you see it on my Faceborg, it's all me. I hate phonies. It's my main motivation for mocking plastic surgery and disingenuous white liberals. Might be due to the fragment of SWPL in me, I crave authenticity, but not phony SWPL decreed authenticity (primitivism). This is a problem of the Internet, and I'm just bitching. The user control on the Internet sets up a situation ripe for fraud. The Internet is a bazaar of phonies. /end of rant

Friday, May 24, 2013

Global Warming Fits the Liberalism Death Cult

Global warming has taken a back seat for a few years as the sense of urgency is gone from the foot soldiers since their boy is in the oval office. It can sit on the back burner and be brought out only when a hot streak strikes a city or a hurricane hits. It's taken a few hits from reality messing up its precious models, but it lingers. It lingers not only from Wall Street knowing a new bubble and scam when they see it, but from its snug fit into the liberalism death cult. By laying blame for the wold's ills at the feet of an involuntary human action, global warming fits into the death cult that is modern liberalism.
Auster had an entry on liberalism destroying enough of value in society so that the only things left an individual could choose would be sex an death. Auster was constantly hitting at abortion as the sacrifice of children to liberalism. Global warming is a perfect fit for liberalism as it blames the entire structure of the economy (an enemy of the left), oil + coal (dirty white men jobs), and an odorless, colorless gas that humans involuntarily emit with every breath for environmental problems. Every human is spewing pollutants (a false twisting of the word). You can't control the damage and pain you inflict on the environment (in their eyes), therefore you must sacrifice yourself for the almighty Gaia. If you will not reduce, reuse and recycle, then you should not procreate. Sacrifice your descendants for the community. Why wait for future generations, when you, environmental criminal, can choose to not have a future yourself?
A quick Google search for sterilization and global warming will pull up articles. You might hear SWPLs say they won't have kids for the environment. It's another self annihilation move by the left. Like the progressive steamroller searching for a new, small minority to fight for now that gay marriage looks to be done, the left did this with the environment after the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts chased enough businesses away from America. Environmentalism was a bipartisan issue in its infancy, and after complete victory, they needed a new fuel for the machinery. Their victory was so complete that they grasped a flimsy scientific issue involving a natural compound. Global warming? Didn't we just escape a coming ice age? CO2 a pollutant? It is a gas that fuels plant growth. They have progressed to a scary apocalyptic future if we don't change our ways (is this the Book of Revelation?), but gosh, we all release CO2 when we breathe. Earth is dying, and it's all your fault for merely existing! Sacrifice to Gaia for the voluntary sins of the creators of industrial society in the past and for your sins as an involuntary participant. Sounds like white privilege and institutional racism in different packaging. Sacrifice!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

ZIRP in Action - Buy to Rent

The media message of housing being back, baby, is in full swing. Prices are rebounding. Sales are picking up. It's turning around, friend. The good Dr. Housing Bubble had a nice rundown of what is going on in the housing market if things are moving up as the media and some numbers show, but home ownership rates are still dropping and it still feels like a mess at the street level. His major point is that the housing market has seen a huge influx of the big boys gobbling up properties in huge chunks to turn into rentals. As a Mike Krieger article on Zero Hedge put it, this is idiotic and going to fail. It will likely fail if they keep buying more and more homes, but why are they buying the homes? The buy to rent madness is a preferred outcome and another product of the FED's zero interest rate policy (ZIRP).

The FED's entire playbook is designed to juice aggregate demand in their misguided mindset that not enough money was thrown at the deflation of the Great Depression. Pay no attention to the debt overhang cause of the Great Depression's length. The ZIRP functions to flush cash into the system, to give banks cheap money and to pull the yield of widely held assets so low that investors are tempted to chase anything for yield. While in a fearful period of panic, investors rush for security in US Treasuries. This has crashed the UST yields to record lows. Now risk premiums have brought all debt instruments down to generational lows with high yield bond indexes yielding what the US Treasuries were yielding roughly a decade ago. The next step in that hunt for yield would be in an alternative investment that generates a monthly return like rent. Why not use cash to gobble up distressed and foreclosed properties at depressed prices compared to several years ago and rent them out? Krieger points out how rents aren't rising, but these investment firms don't need rents to rise. They just need cash flow. If they get 15% cash flow right now, who cares about stagnant rents, they will get 15% on their investment and treat the place like a slumlord to keep their maintenance + upkeep expenses down. Future asset capital gains would be nice, but they are focused on the cash flow right now. Somewhere in all of this, the FED believes this will employ more people.

While Krieger and others have a point to say this is madness, they miss the cause and therefore the content behavior in the buy to rent equity fund madness. Bernanke's ZIRP makes for return free risk, but it reduces the opportunity cost of comparison to USTs insignificant. I love criticizing Wall St jerks, but think of their pitch to clients who want to see gains. Think sitting in 2% 10 year USTs will make investors content? No. The private equity buy to rent is the old MBS buying game, cutting out the middleman. The big boys are making 15% on their money, the leaked out housing pipeline finds a buyer at an elevated price than it truly is (helping banks + MBS holders), the municipalities see a stabilization and rise in property tax collections and the entire home owning crowd sees their biggest asset rise in value. To the Bernanke, this is a win-win-win-win. This is also short term thinking. The gains for everyone are fleeting just as the low interest rates set by Greenspan set up our last crisis. The clearing mechanism is prevented and reset of the system is delayed. No new jobs are generated by these actions so the recovery is unsustainable. Criticize this all you want, but this is by design and what the FED wants.

Update: The big boy investors are already packaging these up for REITs to sell to institutional and retail investors. They will take their cut and then sell an REIT at 6%. Bubble go pop.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

IRS Scandal Upside

The current IRS conservative group shakedown scandal is valuable. It is not valuable for the damage it can do to Obama or his wretched Attorney General Eric Holder. It is valuable in what it can expose about how our government operates. It is better for people to see that the civil service is a powerful monster, and I hope that this doesn't get linked back to President Obama. Not because I want him to be clean, but because I want normal people to start viewing the civil service as the beast that must be slayed. A newer bit of evidence is that the inspector general assigned to the IRS has only audited the IRS and its actions, not investigated them. This is important because it reveals how fraudulent the entire inspector general process is.
Inspector generals are appointed by presidents and confirmed by the senate to check up on our federal agencies. They are suppose to make sure that the agencies and departments of the federal government are complying with rules and doing a fair job not to break laws or waste money. This is a nice wink and a nod to those folks back home who might think monkey business is going on in Washington DC. Not on the IGs watch! It's a joke. The entire process is more government bureaucracy and red tape that gives work to government officials and has the appearance of control and watching over the federal government. The IRS IG admitting they only audited the IRS and did not investigate their actions speaks to this. An IG can investigate or audit. They can do either, but the unwritten rule is that they perform plenty of audits of the process, not investigations that criticize actions. IGs create audits because audits are a tangible process that has a start, finish and end result report that can be sent back to Congress in order to continue funding and get a pat on the head.
Don't blame them, blame the system of the IGs. Straight from an outsider turned into an inspector general, Neil Barofsky, here's some quotes from the page or two where he discusses how an IG's responsibilities were spun to him:
"...many of the IGs seemed disdainful of the investigation part of their jobs, emphasizing that their offices revolved around the other core function that Mike had originally described to me: audits.... The 'performance audits' I'd be conducting were supposed to evaluate the 'process' that the agencies used to execute their policy decisions. ... I was told repeatedly, however, that the policies themselves were outside my jurisdiction... Finally, I learned that one of the most important things for IGs was performance statistics, the metrics on which IGs were judged by Congress and the White House. Specifically, IGs were judged by how many audits completed, how many individuals arrested, and what percentage of recommendations was adopted by the agency they oversaw. The higher those numbers, the higher the agencies' funding would be, I was told, so it was important that I start churning out audits..."
Fascinating supervision and fake control.
We need visible problems like this to cast the skid marked boxer shots of government into the open. The common folk must see that not only does the government agencies have random employees who wield axes against ideological foes out of political opportunity, but that they are overwhelmingly progressive and there is no watchdog to investigate their actions. But but but we have IGs? This IG admission exposes what a joke they are. Audit all you want. A system rigged to avoid investigations into the actions of agencies and a system devoid of accountability through terminations and penalties is not a system anyone will want to keep but those with their hands on the levers. We need more scandals like this while distrust in the government is high. This will only fuel the desire to toss the system aside.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Delusions of American Women: Egg Freezing is Smart

"Wait, your fluff Glamour mentioned freezing eggs to its readers to have kids? I just read about that in the Wall Street Journal... >Google search< Oh we have a coordinated media propaganda message here, honey!"

It looks like the Spring thaw is generating a new message to the women of the West, especially in the USA and UK: freeze your eggs so you can have lots of fun and still have a healthy kid at 45! In a roughly sixty day period, Glamour, CNN, the WSJ, Slate, the Daily Mail, the WSJ again, NPR, ABC, Redbook, and the Daily Mail again all praised its virtues. Some articles are about the ethics, some are about why women should do it, and of course, some articles are testimonials of women who did it (haven't had a kid yet) and think you should do it, too! This is another propaganda message to soothe women's minds who have not had a kid at 30 and might start thinking of finding a man and having a family instead of working as a battery in the system.

Many of the articles above don't cite each other. They merely discuss the latest trend. It is a huge fad that "everybody" is doing (per Glamour). Everybody means that at one NY hospital a little over 1000 women have done it, which is microscopic in the grand scheme of NY's metro population. The media is pulling out all of the guns for this. They mention Sofia Vergara doing it (already has grown kid), they mention how it is expensive but you can borrow to pay for it, and they cite Kim Kardasian (already pregnant) at every turn as a celeb doing it. See even dumbo butt sluts like Kimmy K are doing it, so you should, too! In the articles, the writers mention how even young women should do it. It's never too early to screw looking for a husband and concentrating on family formation instead of your career. Focus girls.

Besides the iffy frozen egg to live baby odds, the economics of this are pretty bad. A woman pays roughly 10K and then $500 a year for storage. Round this to 15K for a 10 years period (on top of student loans). The average woman makes 37K a year. Focusing on her career might get her 5% raises instead of 2% raises, so she nets an extra 3% a year (1K). After taxes, that is under $700/year, so how is the egg freezing a winning choice instead of having the kid now or finding the husband now and having the kid sooner? Who the hell wants a 5 year old at 50? Who wants a teenager at 60 and college bills at 65? Hold on, doesn't breast cancer incidence skyrocket after 50 and 60? Does anyone think these things through in these articles?

No. It's all about work and play today. Kids can wait. This frozen little egg is like a dollar tucked away for retirement. It is a rainy day fund if 43 rolls around, and you're lonely. No worries sweetie. I hope no one googles articles from 2012 about freezing eggs. In ten years use in the United Kingdom, it has produced just 12 babies. There have been 1200 worldwide in the history of egg freezing. I smell a scam. These medical professionals must have paid good money to get so much press in such a short period of time. Keep working hard Millenial, that kid will be there for you at 45 so you won't be sad and lonely at 55 crying to an Apple made iHusband and iChild. Maybe it is mean to call this a delusion of American women. This feels more like a month long tsunami of progressive programming.

Unrequited Love: American Workers + Big Business

Government officials and the media love to trumpet small businesses. Big Biz is evil and corrupt. Small Biz is the engine of growth and local. Big Biz is ruled by management far away + seems to lay off more employees than they hires. They create 70% of all news jobs. They are the backbone of the economy. Maybe the next Apple is in your garage. Martin Wolk puts is wonderfully that "there is something magical, almost mythical, about small business in America". It is selling the dream to the masses as well as finding the contemporary version of the individual homesteader or pioneer. It's not as risky as being an Oklahoma Sooner but in our comfortable modern existence, we pretend it is. Americans are also completely aware of the dark side of Big Biz but love it. We want their products. We need their tax revenue. We desperately need to see them join in with hiring, but Big Biz gives us the stiff arm and says, "just keep buying".

It is the terrible that big business isn't hiring. Their benefits are better. They usually pay more. Medical insurance premiums are lower due to size, spreading the risk and fixed expenses over more employees than small firms. Their vacation and sick time allowances are usually codified and richer than smaller firms. Workers might whine about the drone effect in cubicle farms, but they love them. Outsiders want to work for them, and communities lure them to situs in their city because of the effects of having big employers present. Big Biz has a major advantage and different approach than small firms. A legacy to the union era in America, they invest more in machinery and capital since machines don't strike, get sick, slack and are far easier to rely on and plan for long term production. Global wage arbitrage is an additional horrible concept to screw over workers, and feels more like cheating than the progress of robotic development. Big Biz has to invest in research and spend money to replace humans with machines, but outsourcing is just moving the work to a lower cost, easier to pollute area. Big Biz can do both of these things far easier than smaller firms because they have entire R&D departments. They also can rent seek with the government with far greater success.

That is why the relationship is economic unrequited love. Americans love the products and really want to work for those big firms, but they aren't hiring. Americans may love Apple as a cool, visionary company, but Apple does not care about Americans beyond "keep buying our shit". Founded in 1964, NIKE made their shoes in the US with factories in multiple states, but within 25 years not a single shoe was made by the same people it would market the shoes to as cool. The cash hoards that large corporations amass stay parked in foreign locations or are reinvested into overseas operations. Sorry, Joe Sixpack we need to 'right size' the factory, but keep buying our shit. The switch from worker to consumer occurs, and the show goes on. The creep from effecting low skilled blue collar work to higher skilled blue collar work has continued despite overwhelming quality and supply chain data showing the problems with this method. Big Biz gotta hit EPS. Gotta please Wall St. This will not change as long as our system allows them to keep enough politicians in their pockets. Just keep buying.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Evil Police Idea

Are the police evil and bloodthirsty hounds? Not all, but damn if the Internet doesn't provide us with daily stories across the nation of cops who go overboard. I'm of the mindset that police thuggery and moronic behavior is positively correlated with the size of a municipality. Sure, the yokels in West Virginia might not be bright, but they have much smaller police force to hide idiots or psychopaths. Bigger munis offer hidey holes to slot dicey men. I love talking to cops as it's proof that civilization is an inch deep with a mile of savagery underneath. While naturally distrusting authority, it doesn't seem like widespread corruption is a problem; mostly an accountability problem followed by a pension/medical care problem. Maybe Americans have been lulled into a sense of security with the police. Sure there is the "Eff Da Police" mentality out there (as evident in the Dorner manhunt), but as soon as trouble comes their way, people scream for the cops. Could someone with some serious balls, long term thinking and power set something up like Magnum Force? Could that person use it for an interesting purpose? I just want to do a thought experiment.

If you're a governor or mayor in an area with steady crime, but not large gangs and maybe you have some political problems, it might not be far fetched to use the police for your goals. Kill two birds with one stone. This is not like the police captain in LA Confidential. This is not replacing a mobster by scaring off gangs and becoming the remaining kingpin. Instead, frame gangbangers for the deaths of officials, appointed, elected or standard government cronies you want gone. If only concerned with crime, you could use gangbangers to kill other rival gangbangers. Maybe your target is a judge that is light on crime, which would play towards a cop's feelings. Maybe it is a rising gang that is good at enforcing the no snitch code. An official would have to groom officers from the academy up. Might be good to take advantage of good scoring cadets and their attitudes towards, maybe I don't know, the greased track for affirmative action hires. Get a feel for them, stroke their egos, make them feel special, reward and track them. Mention special projects or an opportunity to clean out the small gang problem of your area before it gets big. If you have them on your side, then launch a nice little campaign. Make sure you have some cash though, it's important for step one.

  1. Set up a gun buy back program. These programs are great press for cleaning up the streets. These usually involve community outreach to pastors and other hustlers who represent 'da streetz'. It's interesting how many pastors can get gang members to come forward to turn in a gun or two for cash. This will give you the lowdown on gangs, loosely affiliated ne'er-do-wells, and clean people. The primary, public focus is on getting guns off the streets. This is where you'd have to have 'Magnum Force' involved with some intake. They would have to receive, track and pay with your non-program cash for some of the guns off gang members or the loosely affiliated grey folks. Guy brings in 3 guns, pay him for 3, but record only 2 and track what payments are from the city's funds vs. your funds. For less than a weekend in Vegas, this should get you multiple guns for your crimes, but also multiple patsies.
  2. You now have the guns of known gang members or loosely affiliated gangsters. Check their arrest records. You now know their history, who they are linked to, and even better, they might have turned in guns now, but they are always one foot on the other side of the line. You assign some of 'Magnum Force' guys to track some gang members. If solo, they are easy patsies. If they are together, even better, as their alibis would all be each other. The important part is, you, and your crew, know where they are at a set time.
  3. Using the bought back guns that you did not document and paid for with your money, assassinate other gang members. If truly targeting political figures, murder them and fake a robbery. With cops performing the murder, they will know how to stage a robbery having seen police files for robberies. "A robbery gone bad" is how the press would classify it. The issue would either be leaving behind evidence to lead you back to the patsy gangbangers or to plant the guns back at their place. Now just follow the evidence and tips from 'da streetz' back to the gangbangers who handed over their guns to you. Political enemy eliminated with a gangbanger in jail for murder. If choosing the anti-gang route, you kill opposing gang members with the turned in weapons.
  4. Feed media with message of underground gang war, if assassination route, the media will love to report on criminals caught killing the good members of our government.

It'd be interesting if this hasn't already been done. This combines the idea of Magnum Force with the conspiracy of the Pelican Brief (little of the Wire's final season, too). The crew from The Shield wasn't necessarily like this as they were more like the LA Confidential crew. Plenty of officials leave a documented trail of betrayals and horrible decisions, which could anger any politician on the opposing side or same side different donor source. Supreme Court Justice Breyer has been robbed multiple times; missed opportunity there for Dick Cheney. Back to this idea. Even stripped down, you could use a gun buy back program to crack down or shake up gangs that are growing into a problem. I'm not saying that this & this are related to this, but hey, anything is possible with Boston's politicians... and Boston CSIs talk a lot when drunk. If there was a gang that the police were having a hard time cracking, it might be smart to offer a gun buy back program for gangbangers who earn less than minimum wage but won't snitch. This is all just a thought experiment but not really an original idea, since Magnum Force was a movie made 40 years ago. I can't be the first to have thought of it.

Retirement Stupidity

The headline says "Many Americans Say They Can't Retire Until Their 70s or 80s". The blurb article then states the survey results show 4 in 10 Americans think they'll have to work into their 70s and 80s (only 1 in 10 says 80s) because they can't afford to retire. They did not link to the actual survey, so who knows how much the LA Times is twisting the facts. The study says the average age of those retired is 59. The media twists the survey to say many expect to work into their 70s/80s, when it is actually a minority of those surveyed. Many can mean anything, but in many people's minds many implies a majority. The real answer for those who said they would have to work after 75 should have been, "I won't retire". If you're lucky enough to be alive after 75, your ass won't be working. Working means being healthy and energetic enough to spend 25+ hours a week under someone else's watch and 10-12 extra hours a week getting ready and commuting to and from work. I see the rosters of hundreds of employers a month. The only folks working after 80 are owners of firms, the owners' moms that they keep on payroll for insurance, and random government employees in sinecures. This survey also reveals the stupidity of Americans of not planning for retirement, not setting up lower expenses in retirement and expecting to live in the same manner when retired as they do while employed.

The steady upbeat voice streaming from the television:

Keep buying Americans. Keep consuming. It will fill the void in your life. By golly, don't the Sanders down the street have a new SUV! Why yes they do, so you should get a boat. Who cares if you can only use it three months out of the year? Who cares about having anything to live on in your 70s? Buy it now! Feeling isolated and unloved in your 50s, buy this and suppress that discomfort, just don't think about the lonely days in the crowded raisin ranch in twenty years!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Koch Hit Piece in the NY Times

Just because the global warming hysteria scam is running into problems (like not happening as science forecasted) does not mean that the media will not use it to scare the common folk. After years of propaganda, the scare quotes and familiar lines will work on many people who do not read the articles showing global warming to be a scam (when they see daylight). The NY Times managed to publish a nice hit piece on the Koch brothers that knocks on multiple favorite targets of theirs. There is a mountain of waste rising over Detroit screams the headline. If one reads the article, one can see the stream of garbage that the article is.

This is wonderful propaganda work by the NY Times. The article's headline is scary enough to help make it the third most emailed article of the day, and the bits of information speak to those progressive readers who hate oil, the Koch brothers and lament the death of Detroit (without looking at the causes). The article discusses a city block sized, three story high pile of petroleum coke along the Detroit river. Why is this a story? Because this pile of oil refinery byproduct is the result of evil oilmen from the dirty tar sands of Canada, pulled closer to America like more Canadian oil will be if we get the Keystone pipeline built, destroying the once beautiful city of Detroit, and it is owned by those Koch brother bastards. That would give any progressive a hate boner. There are little quotes about Detroit state reps sadly considering Detroit a dumping ground, boohoo.

This doesn't need to be investigated as one Canadian MP wants. The EPA is making sure we can't burn that coke for energy because it releases carbon, but dirty countries like China, India and Mexico will use it. That is the rub though, this isn't waste. It is a byproduct from the refining process that the Koch brothers have found a buyer for, proving that the pile coke is temporarily there. It is just sitting, waiting to be transported for final use. Despite having a use, the NY Times brings in an expert to say it can't be sued for specific things, when Koch never has to care for what the byproduct is being used for, just that they have a buyer. That expert is used to paint the propaganda image that this mountain of waste has no use and is destroying the good people of Detroit.

In this article, we see all the horribleness that is progressivism on display. We have media propaganda, government regulatory strangleholds on using natural resources + byproducts, the need for scoring political points, lies about environmental problems and an exaggeration of a pile of dirt waiting for shipping. To create that pile, Koch Carbon already had to meet all current regulations. They had to comply with everything set up to operate. This is pure propaganda to get public opinion against even these legal operations because they do not comply with the desire for reducing carbon emissions. Canadian oil sands, Koch, carbon emissions, and corporations maliciously using Detroit. That is all the Times wanted to remind readers of with this. Facts don't matter, only the feeling.

Gold Market Shenanigans

Gold is hovering around $1400/oz right now. This is the 30th "end of the gold bull" in the last 5 years. The financial media does not get it because they are neck deep in the credibility trap between media, finance and the governments of the West. The rest of the world (especially Russia, India and China) is buying gold whenever and from wherever they can. The central banks are buying insurance against the dollar in gold and planning for a new monetary system, so us little guys might as well copy them. This current drop in the price and lull has some weird features to it that might signal the formation of a base for the next big leg up.

This week's commitment of traders report was marked with gold around $1400. Money managers have the lowest number of long positions since 2008, and they are significantly lower than just this past fall when gold was several hundred dollars higher. In a weird mirroring of the money managers, actual gold producers have dropped their hedging down to the lowest level in years with only 2.7 mil oz hedged compared to 20 mil oz hedged in the fall. The last time they were hedge this low was in 2008. The end of 2008 saw the start of a multiyear bull that ran for a gain of over 125%. Asian demand is not being satisfied as only a little over 1 ton has been delivered to the Shanghai Gold Exchange, and dealers are raising premiums on bars. These things are happening with South African gold miners rattling the sword for higher wages and threatening strikes. If the central banks and Wall St banksters are trying to pull off a delay in the walk up of the price of gold, they have to be cognizant of the actual world outside them.

There might be another linked reason why the gold producers are not hedging with the COMEX. They may have lost faith in how the COMEX is run. This is a darker sign as it means the loss of faith in institutions has crept up from the little guy to large companies. Gold producers might be going directly to big buyers, like reserve heavy central banks, and cutting out the COMEX. Besides Asian individual demand, the Asian central banks are still buying, literally, tons of gold. If premiums are being hiked on bars in Asia, then producers are be able to write delivery contracts for a nice premium with big Asian and developing world central bank buyers. This is another example of the crisis of credibility and confidence that economic actors are enduring in our current banker dominated political regime. These gold shenanigans are designed to benefit our banks, but they forget that this is a worldwide market now. Policy is not in a vacuum.

Comment on the video below: I'm not sure $7,000/oz is the future, and honestly, I hope it doesn't come to pass as it would mean our elite leadership class would go full retard. I do think $4,000 is on the horizon in a couple years.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Brit Suggests Lowering the Age of Consent

A blurb in a British magazine quotes a lawyer and floats the idea out there about lowering the age of consent laws to as low as 13. As odd as it sounds to us Westerners, the age of consent is 13-15 for a majority of the world's population (thanks to East Asia/South America). The weirdest reason, and the main reason, the concept is being reported is that there is a desire to spare old men the agony of persecution. I'll give the British media credit for reacting with disgust at the female lawyers stupidity in suggesting the way to deal with the problem is to just lower the age of consent. This smells of the media protecting one of their own as well as a bit of a sop to the gays out there.

This seems to be inspired by the Jimmy Saville case and a couple of others involving celebs. Quickly: Saville is accused of molesting and raping girls and boys for decades. Let's replace Saville with random Catholic priest or straight male figure in a non-media industry. How fast does the media dig up his body and set it on fire? This media outlet is protecting one of their own and trying to distract readers from the initial savage outrage. The laws are set to protect the young, who may be aware of the sexual desirability but absolutely out of touch with mental maturity or outright dumb, from the old who have a lifetime of practice in manipulation. This is a sop to gays as it is amazing how gay men only make up 4-5% of all men yet make up a much larger percent of total child molesters. In their defense, many of their cases do track along the ephebophilia road. That is of course called disgusting for hetero men to feel (recall the straight guys like shaved porn stars because they are really pedos media argument) but swept under the rug for the gays.
In the defense of this lawyer, what if they do have a point but unintentionally? This lawyer and these advocates are viewing this from the idea of "just" a little petting or a kiss not destroying an adult. They are avoiding the hypersexualization of children, especially girls today. While I mention gays, straight men dwarf gays by millions and there are millions of straight girls. These girls are bombarded with sexual imagery, talk, school instruction, internet information and messaging in their music. Lawyers must realize that a 15 year old today is far different from a 15 year old 60 years ago. Rather than go back on the liberal 'progress' the west has made hypersexualizing its daughters, they would just change the laws to give men (and gay women) a pass when dealing with them. God forbid the west preach modesty and enforce some standard of behavior to create an environment that minimizes such contact.

That might be overthinking this. This feels more like a friendly media cover job to soften the blow that an entertainment media figure was molesting and raping hundreds of teens (including 8 year olds). I won't hold my breath waiting for the media to excuse away the priests who had sex with 16 year old boys like they are with this article. Since its publication, other news outlets have done the "this is a bad idea" but they have discussed the lawyer's idea. It puts the idea in play and makes it part of the public discussion. By every newspaper in England covering the smaller publication's article, it gives a voice to the rather loony idea instead of letting it die out of the spotlight. It seems even dumber in light of the Muslim grooming gang rape cases in England. Lefties never think their policy tweaks through. Look around at a mall in the west these days and tell me if you can differentiate a 15 year old and a 22 year old? This article talks about protecting old men. Is it really protecting their reputations or is it protecting them from the immature, sex crazed teens we have everywhere? While this is just a suggestion from an idiot lefty lawyer, as the West continues to import people from countries with low consent ages, this might become a more mainstream topic.

Friday, May 17, 2013

An Athlete Caste

As sports have become more about bigger, stronger, faster, there is a higher premium on the genetic component of athletes. You can't teach height. You can't teach speed. Those are refrains for scouts and coaches across America. It is also at the center of all of those scouts who speak of upside, potential, burst, and other intangible qualities that still reflect on the physical gifts of an athlete (unlike leadership). The job openings in professional athletics are incredibly small, so you need a combination of hitting the genetic lottery for physical gifts as well as coordination gifts as well as dedicated training. Does this open sports up to a potential dynasty or caste like future? If the Golden State Warriors backcourt is any indication, then yes, this will be seen more and more in the future of professional sports.

The NBA playoffs showcased for America a back court duo that is a prime example of genetic elitism. Stephen Curry + Klay Thompson* make up the dynamic duo for the Warriors. Both have former NBA player fathers and Division One volleyball playing mothers. They also have siblings who are or will be in the NBA, and Curry has a sister who will be playing volleyball in college. While their parents didn't act as Marinovich like as Shabazz Muhammad's dad, there is the genetic background plus the knowledge of what it takes as well as networking to get their sons in front of scouts. Stephen Curry's NCAA performance was enough for his brother to get bumped from Liberty to Duke, so visibility does matter. There will also be a draw to these guys as the credible dad can work in their favor, borrowing from Duke's recruiting strategy. Kid with athletic gifts from a stable home and a dad who has been there? Great, let's recruit him, and suddenly he is sucked into the sports pipeline system.

There is another reason to predict that this will rise, and that is money. Maybe in past decades, the money might not have been an edge over the grind and future health concerns, but when millions in endorsements alone are possible, why not push your kid? The money is so good that players will realize the power of guiding their kid towards sports. The NBA has roughly 360 jobs. Muhammad's family is full of elite athletes. Kobe Bryant, the Currys, the Thompsons, Austin Rivers, Mike Dunleavy all have NBA dads, and Grant Hill's father was an NFL running back. Clay Matthews Jr. + his brother are 3rd generation NFL players, and baseball has many players who had family in the show. This trend will grow, and if I had to pinpoint where, I'd say in descending order the NBA, then NFL, then MLB.

An athlete caste makes sense as more reliable figures to use for selling products and messages gives the technocrat class another tool. Since 75% of NBA players and 67% of NFL players go broke within 5 years of retirement, that elite class is really just using them as a conduit for their money to go out and return through   luxury product purchases, FIRE services and agent/legal fees. The downside is the uptick in rapes on college campuses as the athlete caste filtration process lets in some wild ones. If leagues ever do the smart thing and contract, it will be even more noticeable with fewer player slots. The greatest lesson it could teach is the folly of the behavior of hyperaggressive parents who think their 10 year old is going to play for the Yankees.

*Modern absurdity: Klay Thompson not being called white. The guy has a mixed dad and white mom, yet we can't call him white because the sports world obsession of one drop always going black. This is almost as bad as Blake Griffin not being considered white when the guy is paler than me, was raised by his white mom and has red hair. America 2013.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Progressive Undermining of the 1st Amendment

The federal government is pushing rules and regulations to restrict speech on college campuses across America. Outrage! The first amendment goddammit! Stop even thinking a lefty is going to support you. They will mention harmful, hurtful speech or cite hate speech and other PC bullcrap. This is why I believe the anti-bullying campaign is really just groundwork to prepare that generation to welcome anti-free speech laws as adults. If you show stiff resistance or if you are dealing with an especially educated progressive, they will say, "the first amendment reads: Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech. Congress. This is not Congress. These are merely rules and regulations by the department of justice and education. Why are you so angry little commoner?" Humpty Dumpty strikes again! I do not see that standing in court, but when progressives are on the court, legal realism and the hunger for the win takes over. Progressives become strict constructionists when it suits them, and destroying freedom of speech, therefore thought, is near the top of their to do list.
This is just another example of who really runs the show. Thomas James Ball, the self immolator from New Hampshire, was so right when he referred to the 'two books' where the tools of the government operate one way per their books while we all believe they are suppose to operate per the constitution and laws passed in the legislature, the true books. You can replace the entire Congress and the executive in charge, and the chuckleheads that staff that regulatory and bureaucratic leviathan based in DC will bend public life to their whims. It is the unspoken, invisible tyranny as Congressman Utt said in 1960. Tar and feathers is too good for them, so let's regulate thick enough rope (civil service ees are fatties). Hopefully, a legal challenge will be made of these rules and some on the left will join forces with protestors of this to wreck it. I don't expect them to. They only care about the win.

Defense Contractor Small Business Phoniness

A stock analyst once said America could elect Gandhi and still increase its military budget. As long as the US is going to spend so much on defense, it might as well reach out to more of America than just giant defense contractors like Booz Allen. "Where is the money for the little guy? Small businesses are the backbone of America". It looks like the bastards in Congress and our president signed into law new rules forcing the department of defense to hit their small business contracting target, which they have missed for six years straight. New rules and regulations with big fines, so it will help the little guy. Wrong. This new rule is not going to change anything and in reality shift more of the pie to individuals of the contractor management-skilled expert structure instead of the big contractors themselves.

A very thorough rundown of the changes and potential effects is here with some nice criticism of the changes. As the article explains big contractors can still have ownership stakes and still do up to 40% or 60% of the work awarded to the small business. What is the point of this? It is a Potemkin small business hand out. Even if giant contractors like Booz do not go through the trouble of creating small business proxies to suck up contracts and then subcontract the work right back to themselves, the work will still get done by the big contractors. With the sophisticated tech and amount of classified knowledge and experience required, what small business can compete with the resources of big contractors? The fines for not following rules rose, so someone needs to know the ins and outs of contracting to avoid penalties, which may scare off some small businesses and cause current small contractors to leave. This is a fake fix for helping small business, but reading the above, there is an unspoken set up that could excel in this framework.

Take a few big contractor workers (Booz Allen ees) and let them for a small limited liability corporation with another, external partner called Fat Patriot Consulting (FPC LLC). FPC LLC will bid on the contracts that are up, and in these arrangements (maybe make one of the partners a vet or disabled vet), they get awarded the contract. In a small 3-5 man operation, how will they actually complete the complex work? The small firm will not. The FPC LLC will subcontract the work back to Booz to be done by the contractor workers of Booz. Specific technical work comes with the contract and is done by the Booz guys, but the administrative, final presentation, 'management' and procurement work is done by the outside partner. This lines the pockets of the Booz workers and kicks nice dough to the non-Booz partner of FPC LLC. Why would Booz love this? First, they are getting the contract anyway. All this set up does is pretend to help small businesses and make one guy or two richer off the government teat. Second, Booz (and other contractors) expect project managers and principals to bring in business if they want to be promoted. This FPC LLC will automatically give Booz business but it comes in through the expert technical guys hoping to move up.

The rise of large corporations was going to need a centralized state to enforce laws across states as well as internationally. Aligning the interests of corporate management teams with the government is not a problem when their livelihood and longevity depend on it. By forming these type of small businesses, the large defense contractor firms retain business while their employees boost their economic security and get a slice money that was formerly for corporate retained earnings. When Eisenhower warned of a military industrial complex controlling the foreign policy and direction of the nation, I do not think he envisioned large corporations recruiting random Americans to cover for their increase of government expenditures. After the development of nuclear weapons, I don't think Eisenhower envisioned an American public so indifferent to constant warfare. Small business outreach expands the circle of those dependent on the war machine. Even when it appears that our government is helping the little guy, all it is doing is shoveling more money to the big boys but expanding the circle of who gets a cut.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Adult Mean Girls, Thin Ballerinas

The West continues to get fatter, but there is one holdout. Ballet dancers keep sticking to the stick thin look. One artistic director wants to change that in England. The article itself has a lying headline saying that audiences have complained about the thin dancers, but nowhere in the article does it cite audiences actually doing that. It is this director. Ballerinas were not always sticks, but it started decades ago and has held firm. This article has some gems in it, but doesn't dig into the source of the problem: gay choreographers + directors and the female dancers themselves.

There is mention of the fashion world affecting the ballet world, and the exact quote lays some blame on gay men:

‘It is the dance industry itself which wants what I call ‘ripped’ bodies - a look which is very thin but with visibly defined muscles.’ Brown added that ‘it is often gay choreographers who like this very thin and androgynous look’.

Now what is going on there for gay men to be taking the idea of the ballerina, the graceful beautiful representation of the eternally young female, and seeking to transform it into an androgynous sprite all bones with some muscle, lacking feminine touches? Similar to the fashion industry, might it be gay men who want to envision young teenage boys performing as the center of attention with a masculine dance partner spinning them around and throwing them in the air? The article drops that line of thought, but it is critical as choreographers and directors make decisions on who is chorus vs. leads. If their view of attractive, desirable nymph is different, it is not surprising that the physical end result will look boyish.

The other details reveal women who drink shampoo to make themselves sick. An unwritten code on not discussing it, and a study saying 83% of dancers had an eating disorder. Even I know the official bunhead diet is coffee and cigarettes. This is an art, but this is also a competition. This is a competition between women who have dedicated their lives and sacrificed friends and eating like a regular person to make it for a limited window. A ballerina is like a pro athlete. Professional athletes use PEDs. Ballerinas are going to as well. Professional athletes can shame teammates into complying with written and unwritten rules. Ballet dancers are going to do the same. The competition and the female frenemy issue is not going to let the eating issue change. In their mind there is always someone thinner to take their place.

This is a classic example of our modern media mentioning an issue but because of the PC ideology not going into depth into what makes it work. So many liberals believe in nurture and environments shaping behaviors yet here is an example of a culture being shaped that is not genetic and has outside influences that can be changed easily. The media doesn't want to fault gay men who select boyish looking ballerinas, therefore driving all ballerinas to look thinner and less feminine. The media doesn't want to admit that while these evil male directors foster it, the women are keeping the unwritten rules and codes in place. If they all agreed to change, it would change and directors wouldn't be able to stop them. They don't. There are only so many spots. There is only so many years. There is only so much applause.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

US Elite Arrogance: Policy is Not in a Vacuum

The average American donates to charities with a global impact and is aware of the world around them. They may not know much about other countries or a foreign language, but they are not total idiots. The elites accuse them of being jingo patriots when really they are just America First volk. We also have our swill that has no clue about the rest of the world except for Mexico. Our elites claim to be international men and women of mystery, yet they act and behave as if the US is it. They have swallowed the US is the hyperpower forever syrup. Other powers are waiting like tigers or jackals in the grass for us to tire out from our head-butting of trees. Because of our elites' awful globalization and financialization rackets our economic policy is not in a vacuum, and we're approaching the moment when we hit the wall.

A band of rising foreign powers came together for a G20 meeting. They named the meeting "Reinventing Bretton Woods". The Russians took the lead and openly talked about not just wanting to change the dollar as the world reserve currency system but even the how it could happen. This is pretty huge as it is a second bloc of power openly criticizing the dollar system and discussing how to replace it. China, of course, being the first and foremost open upstart. The major focus is removing the dollar from its central role. This is the problem of running huge trade deficits in a switch from a manufacturing based economy with tangible exports to a financial economy with debt as an export, and then buying elected officials to enhance your share of the national income. Because our elites are making moves to protect the status quo but trillions in wealth has been shipped overseas, our policy moves which protect a financial oligarch class put us at the mercy of foreigners. The non-dollar dependent economic zone can carve us out or minimize our impact on them to the point where they reprice everything and then bid us out on raw materials. America would have to stop the collective dancing in the mirror and get back to work.

This is also why I do not expect Brahmin trends to go forever. Eventually, their self destructive policies will weaken the US enough that the Chinese will simply push us over. I expect China and Russia to have an interest in breaking us up. China, Russia and the other BRICs are rising powers elites created through their globalization greed. A non-dollar monetary system may simply be a gold or gold and silver backed system. Knowing the centuries of silver traditions in China, a bimetallic system may get backing from them. Gold still looks to be the winner, plus no country may want to incur the wrath of being the reserve currency and no one may trust the other from expanding their influence by even sharing the lead of a top three or five currencies. The US-EU-UK banking system, which is so interconnected that it is all one as the FED did bail out Europe in '08, will fight this, but by delaying the inevitable, it actually strengthens China's hand. They want to bleed us out slowly to use their dollar hoard while it has value. A sudden shift or come to Jesus moment would throw off their plans. This is why for all their cosmopolitan, multinational flair in conversations and on business cards, the American elite still thinks that the American empire is here to stay.

Monday, May 13, 2013

My Frosh Year Roommate + Obama

It seems a freshman year roommate is either a great friend or a total fuck up. I like to think of mine as the most fucked up of the fuck ups. My college roommate was born in the south, but lived the last few years in the north. Actually, he lived in Boston during school breaks with his Harvard administrator mom, and spent the school year first at Exeter and later at a second private boarding academy after he and his brother were accused of a violent crime involving a foreign pre-frosh visiting Harvard, but money can buy people off. He just had to serve house arrest and not return to Exeter. He was bipolar and a basket case, and he was also triracial. I know he was definitely a sliver native American, or, more likely, descended from a slave of the Cherokee who escaped to live in Alabama who married black folks, but somehow a white guy got into the mix. It was all very confusing. I met a lot of characters at Cornell, but he was the strangest fucker I met.

"Stop walking around the room naked after you shower if I am in the room... yes, even when I am sleeping." - Me, fall semester

His actions didn't help. He lied about everything. All of his high school friends that visited would destroy the lies he had crafted to invent his new self for us freshmen (whom he was 2 year older than at 20). He did copious amounts of drugs and drank nonstop since he was wealthy and had no friends. We were worried he was suicidal so we wrote him letters about the great life he had there. He'd debate you on Jimmy Buffet, fire being alive, and the Beat generation. He'd stare into mirrors for minutes. Flick a lighter 100 times in a row. He had 30 body lotions and skin creams but still stunk up the floor. He had no pillow or sheets; he just slept in a sleeping bag. He did laundry once a month. He said he was 6 ft tall, yet 3 inches shorter than me, and I was 6 ft tall. He'd talk about leaving school to be a fisherman, but couldn't even swim. He'd say he was a computer science major, yet didn't own a computer and hadn't signed up for any comsci classes. He was the guy girls were creeped out by in our dorm, not modern creepy, but traditional, jar of ether to rape girls creepy. He had no friends but a frat extended a bid so he could be their one minority member for the next four years. He didn't know any Marvin Gaye songs. It was not his worst feature, but close.

"If he kills himself, I'll get straight As, right? He wouldn't kill me first then off himself, he's self destructive, not psychotic." - Me, spring semester

His worst bit was his identity. Being triracial, or biracial, or whatever, he'd pick an ethnicity and identify with it 100% for maybe 3 weeks. He rotated all 3 and never felt comfortable with any. My black acquaintance hated my roommate. As he said, "He pretends to be whatever to whomever for a pat on the head". Other black students I met felt the same about my roommate. Phony. No sense of himself. In one walk across campus, I could witness the following: he'd black up for black girls, but then downshift into Barry Manilow listening (really) cosmopolitan mixed kid for white girls scared of blacks, then change into black bro for the frat guys, then Indian poet mystic with a spirit animal for hippies. The thing is, it didn't work beyond your first meeting with him. How can you trust someone who isn't himself? What else is he lying about? Add in his bipolar behavior, and man how fucked up is that guy? Who he was constantly changed. It made the lying, the pipe dreams, the druggie escapism, and the rest of his tangible issues all fit. There was no core to him.

That is who I see when I see Obama. An insecure man wearing a mask, but the mask is always changing.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ode to the Ladies of Mad Men

Oh the ladies of Mad Men, for years it has been a treat.
Teasing viewers like me of a time when offices had eye candy.
Hotels had discrete tramps, airlines slim stewardesses, + sexy schoolteachers were randy.
Even if wives suspected, for us boys, the divorce laws were handy.
Watching you all in mid-20th century wardrobes has been sweet.
My mind wanders and I figure out how it'd go if we would meet.

January Jones, features so striking even in Betty's constant pout.
Don's work wife, the chick who plays Peggy, I'll mention you for a placeholder.
Playing the good girl on a show full of hot chicks, at least they're mostly older?
I'd set you up with my engineering and actuarial friends, after 3 drinks they're bolder.
January reminds me of club skanks I'd bang and yell, "Get the fuck out".
You'd crawl back but without telling your friends because that's what we'd be about.

Jessica Pare with slender bod, alluring eyes and French skills was a wonderful addition.
Alison Brie so slim, so stacked, you remind me of the JAPs I hooked up with from Alpha Phi.
It'd be love, and you'd have been obsessed with me, dreaming names for our first baby.
Until you remembered my last name, realized I was a Gentile + dumped me.
My worldview is so shallow I'd slide over to Jess. I can look beyond her dental condition.
Your not as hot as Alison, so I'd pray you'd be good in the kitchen.

Bimbo 1, bimbo 2, bimbo 3and bimbo 4,
Names? You're a whirlwind of legs, butts and tits.
For moi, the end result of drinking + bong hits.
Like in real life a faceless blur to tell my kids.
One more season to go, so yes, there will be more.
You'd be naked if this were on HBO, of that I'm sure.

Big Red and the Redettes, how we all have been blessed.
I'd mack your friend the whole night but stay sober + switch to you.
Set up a night for martinis at Stella's for two.
Working your walk and strutting my apartment with anything dangling on your chest.
No matter 180 pounds, Double Es, 46 inch hips, I would love you the best.

So sweet ladies of Mad Men...

If I were to die and be put to rest,
Just make sure my face lays on sweet Christina's left breast.