Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Duplicate The Police for Music Success

I know SWPL musicians. Generally going nowhere. As they age, the day job becomes a focus and the playing becomes the hobby. Many bands sound good but their original songs suck. Just be derivative! Just steal like Led Zeppelin did! Here is a band to copy for success because many hits were about eternal issues of masculine exploration in the relationship world: the Police.

They have some iconic songs that you can still hear on the radio due to the themes of post-sexual revolution dating and mating.

Roxanne - Young man develops an affection for a hooker. (set it around the backpages phenomenon)

Every Little Thing She Does - The joy of young love. (frame it around Tinder)

Don't Stand So Close To Me - Young male teacher has odd sexual tension with female student. (reverse genders, frame it with female teacher)

Wrapped Around Your Finger - Young guy fresh out of college who did not have much sex in college has an affair with a married woman. He learns, grows and eventually figures out that because she is married and he is free, she has more to lose, giving him power. (frame it as the bull/interloper that can expose a cheater)

Every Breath You Take - Guy is upset over a break up, and becomes a bit of a stalker. (social media stalker)

There is a bit of chronological development to match the aging and maturing of a performer and audience. "Somebody that I Used To Know" is a simple break up song, and did incredibly well. That was their one hit. Timeless subject: break ups. It was whining and pleading, which is not too far off of the lyrical approach in "Every Breath You Take", but EBYT was a darker song. There is a current of strength in it mixed with the wish for a reconciliation. That might be the problem with the new bands. The wimpy SWPL mentality reigns.

It is a pretty simple collection of songs. The Police have many more hits that are still on the radio today. They were a great band. Due to their exact moment in pop culture, you not only see a progression from a punkish-new wave sound to a perfect '80s pop rock sound but you see cheap "$5,000 budget, 1 camera, 1 day of filming" music videos to higher budget, interesting concept videos. The power of using a video for promoting a song or band developed just in that short span.

The power of video is gone, but the simple themes and subjects remain. Take these five subjects, slap them into songs and you could make a career. I am completely disregarding the other hits they had, but in this day and age, 2 hits would be a career. Have you seen how every single musician in the history of pop music alive is touring? If you are three guys with some talent, just copy the Police. Of course, you need great melodies, catchy as fuck choruses, great instrumentation.... and having a talented bassist might help, too.

That's the hard part.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


The eyeliner is always the toughest part for Mike. His large hands hold the stick a bit awkwardly as it is made for a smaller woman's grip. He needs to do it just right to have the right look. Mike's 6'2" athletic build is undergoing a transformation. No Mike is not a drag queen or the newest Jenner inspired member of the trans* community. Tonight Mike is transforming into Captain Jack Sparrow for his wife. They are part of the newest frontier in our sexual marketplace, Coskink.

Coskink is a sexual movement born in the anything goes era of progressive America. The Internet, growth of cosplay conventions, boom in superhero movies and '80s nostalgia all create the perfect storm for this emerging sexual market. At the heart of many of the coskink fetish participants is love. The coskink movement has moved out of fetish parties at night clubs and select after parties at giant conventions like GenCon or ComicCon and into the bedrooms of established couples. Mike "Captain Jack Sparrow" Cludgens and his wife, Jessica, are but two of those I spoke to about the phenomenon.

"It really all started one night too drunk after going to a convention in Boston. Jessica always loved my Jack Sparrow costume from a Halloween party when we first met," Mike explained with a sly grin, "Jess couldn't resist me after watching other cosplayers paw at me all night. She loves the pretty, fey pirate searching for evening companionship."

"That is not entirely true. His Bond outfit is far superior, if only because he also does a killer Sean Connery impersonation," Jessica, far more assertive and comfortable with their kink, chimed in, "When he lights a cigarette, slaps me a few times and purrs in that young Connery voice, 'Pusshhy Galore, I musht be dreaming', I melt." This couple is one of many that is taking their love of cosplay and their love of one another to a new frontier in America's sexual playground. Boundaries are being broken down as couples explore not just their fantasy but the dynamics within their relationships.

Nostalgia is an element at play, as some coskink enthusiasts seem to be re-enacting innocent childhood pairings they may have created with their toys in the '80s. This could be due to the cosplay demographic that has the money to pay for elaborate costumes being in that 25-45 age range where '80s cartoons are imprinted in the social and sexual mind. One couple I spoke to had a rather interesting dynamic where they would both be dressed in their respective favorite cosplay outfits but also in other outfits to reflect their partners' desires.

"I noticed Ryan had nudged me along with my selection of convention outfits and assisted me with perfecting my Jem costume [of Jem and the Holograms]," Jennifer Reid shyly revealed, "I loved Jem, but once I had the perfect pink wig, Ryan's sex drive exhibited a noticeable jump. It is not just for him, but it allows me the opportunity to become an 'other' and express my sexuality through music, cosplay, and the '80s."

"My wife is a beautiful woman. Even after the kids, she had Jem's legs. The pink "Lita-Ford-1980s" shaped wig was the final touch. Before she bought it, she looked like the sexy lead singer of Missing Persons," Ryan said with a penetrating stare, "What she fails to mention is that while I did not need to dress as He-Man to provide heroic efforts, she preferred my Skeletor outfit. Skeletor ravishes Jem a bit more than He-Man who takes a noble, neo-pagan route to celebrating her beauty."

Ryan's comments touch on the vibrant diversity within the crowd's sexual tastes. The latex fetish crowd is a fierce force within coskink as cosplayers craft a look, and once aware of their sexual power make new costumes that are latex versions of their former uniform. It is not uncommon to see a latex Sue Storm of the Fantastic Four walk a convention floor, and who knows when and where else she is living as Mrs. Fantastic. One gentleman I bumped into discussed the zoophilia subtext to the lure of his satyr costume.

"One convention... think it was Orlando... I had my full centaur outfit and I was too intoxicated and lustful to remove my leggings. My partner said to leave them on," Hank Durand revealed, "Despite my discrete manner, the Tumblr commuity does talk, and not just about costumes. I have adapted my centaur outfit to become a satyr, and occasionally a woman will be forward enough to say she wants to 'ride the pony'." Hank's cosplay inspired sex allows for self-acceptance and resolution of the inner zoophilia that resides in some women. It is a physical manifestation of the underground bestsellers that Amazon yanked off the shelves.

Diverse tastes, fetish and literature coalesce in other costumes and pairs. Leather fetishists and the S&M crowd are well represented in many regards with a focus on the trust and intimacy required to play out these fantasies. Multiple versions of Catwoman are brought to life whether the classic, campy leather Julie Newmar, strong, independent black women rocking the Eartha Kitt look or the newer, more dangerous vinyl looking 1990s Michelle Pfeiffer. One couple I discovered, who had met through shared interest in dirty talk and cosplay, had incorporated not just the coskink latex fetish into their sexual play but the wife's growth into BDSM after she read the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy.

"I had noticed Nick loved my switch to horn rimmed glasses years ago, often asking me to leave them on during sex," Sara LaRoche said between bites of a panini, "It took several attempts to find a perfect cosplay outfit for the public, but the Baroness from G.I. Joe changed our sex life forever. Nick not only enjoyed me as the Baroness but we discovered a whole new avenue to combine our love of cosplay with BDSM. It is empowering to be dominant and dressed as a powerful woman. He loves when I turn into the Baroness for an hour or two no matter what abuse I hurl at him. It is liberating and exhilarating to be lost in another identity of my choosing with my lover."

"Sara forgets that the true holder of power within any BDSM roleplay is the sub, as the sub is the one who says the safe word and sets the pace. It's about consent," Nick corrected his partner, "The Baroness excited me as a child in her tight leather outfits, shooting guns and saying witty quips. I did not know why until I grew up. To have the Baroness boss me around and insult me is thrilling and only fuels me for when we do finally consummate the moment. I support gun control, but when she takes charge on top with her long, dark hair flowing, holding plastic toy uzis in both hands, I lose it."

They are not alone as others at GenCon in Indianapolis commented on finding a way to incorporate cosplay into their already established kinks. One African-American woman described her journey to full liberation within her fetish was when she combined her inner black girl nerd identity with her kink for "violet wand" play. During the day, she processes forms as a public sector employee. If she finds a new partner through online forums or personals, at night she becomes Storm of the X-Men. For "Storm", electrical stimulation was originally a strike against the white patriarchy as fedora-wearing white nerds loved being shocked by her and then ravishing her. As she has synthesized her kink with her "Storm" persona, it has become a celebration of her triumph as a strong, independent woman, destroying the slurs other blacks hurl at her as a "white man's bitch".

Some may say that this is a juvenile fetish of infantilized adults, but that could not be further from the truth. Some of these coskink participants are married couples, parents, PTA members, white collar management types and taxpayers. They are America. Our open society must keep in mind all boundaries as the sexual politics of America progress and look for new limits to push. The gay community has long had an element to dress up reflected decades ago with the campy stereotypes exhibited by the Village People. Role play is a common practice in many bedrooms whether explicit or implicit.

We must not look down on this community simply because dressing as Wonder Woman or Thor for a night of sex is out of the ordinary. The creative spirit in the sexual realm is always present in humanity and always seeking new endeavors. Coskink takes this to a new yet familiar zone that all Americans should accept and celebrate. Those adults with bags of purchases at the Halloween store out of season may be playing dress up at night even in spring. Next time your Facebook or Instagram feed shows a friend wearing her Rainbow Brite costume for the latest convention, it might not be a once a year cosplay uniform but a costume for her weekly coskink.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Tales From Weimerica: Pedophiles And The Kid Dildo

The hits keep coming in Weimerica. The new push is in the form, of course, of the first person, confesssional with "I'm a pedophile, not a monster". This is not new, as I noted last year the NY Times was trying to normalize it and excuse it away. I'm not going to devote time or mindspace to this as, no, you are a monster, and no we will not give into the false choice of "Act on it is bad vs. lust after but don't touch is good". That is the choice the media is trying to set up. It will be okay to be an open pedo just as long as you don't act on it. No. You deserve the tar pits.

There is one interesting thing to this specific article. No, it is not the National Review taking a nuanced approach to pedophilia. No, it is not that this is literally just months after gay marriage became a Supreme Court decree. It is that the first person confessional was written not by some poor soul who just likes kiddies and tries hard to be normal but by a weirdo. Let us Google Todd Nickerson. He does exist, unlike the NY Mag cuckold writer.

There is his Encyclopedia Dramatica entry. This tracks his history as a pedophile in spirit who also found a way to work in a school. Here are choice quotes.

Scrounging around the Net I did find a small version of the image. I won't post it as it is still legally contentious, but the girls are obviously very young--clearly under age 10. But I might add that it isn't entirely unprecedented for gay men to be aesthetically interested in nude/semi-nude or provocative images of children, even of the opposite sex. There is Robert Mapplethorpe's controversial image "Rosie" depicting a 3-year-old girl sitting on a bench with one leg raised, and she clearly isn't wearing any undies. He also took a photo of fully nude little boy, "Jessie McBride." Mapplethorpe had a show in Ohio shut down (temporarily) because of these two images primarily. He eventually won his case, and the images are legally protected art. Both children--now grown--are on record as supporting Mapplethorpe's images of them and as stating that they were not traumatized by the images. 
When young girls go naked, I am liable to drool. :) 
Believe whatever you like. I have three little girl friends in my life right now that I see semi-regularly. That's plenty for me. I wish I got to see them more often, but such is life. In addition, I get to see the smiling, happy faces of little girls at work almost every day. Most days that's all I need to feel happy. 
I am out of the toybox, as I'm sure you're aware, and I look at little girls all the time--every day I say a little cutie or five at work, except today for some reason :-( , but that's okay. Most of my community knows about me, certainly everyone at work, and yet they don't seem to mind too much. I have yet to be attacked or even insulted, and most people seem to like me pretty well. 
...Without me, a 1st grade class would not have had an art teacher one year. It was cut from the budget and the teacher, whom I knew, asked me to volunteer, which I did. What an amazing experience. And, of course, dozens of children would not have had me in their lives to squeeze them and kiss them and love them unconditionally. They would've lacked my help with homework and learning to read and kissing their owies when they got hurt. They would've lacked a great friend and playmate.
I wish I were joking about this guy. I wish these were made up, but they are the truth. Breitbart was onto this guy's game as not the virtuous figure he portrayed himself in the essay. Other sites track this pedo's advocacy. This was the best they could come up with for a "virtuous" pedo. It is like the incest examples and the spotlighted bestiality guy. The best they can use for confessional, "I'm normal too" message vessels are broken, dysfunctional people.

If they do not let the pedophiles sexually interact with your kids, they will find other means to sexualize them. Have you seen the posts on dildos for 4 year olds? Of course, the creator is a shim freak. This shim has created a dildo so that trans kids can feel okay or something. This is ridiculous. This is supposedly to help 4 years olds who feel the wrong gender to be okay with it. I know 4 year olds who say they are a robot, a horse or Iron Man. These kids can barely make it click that the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park are not real. No one takes their odd statements and runs with them in a life altering manner. That is not quite right. On the margins, some do. The urge of the parent to be holy and a good prog will force a 4 year old down a weird path. It is child abuse, and these freaks making the kiddie dildo are there to enable the holier than thou prog parents towards the dysfunctional Weimerican destination.

This does not qualify as one of the progressive's "angels with dirty faces" problem where everyone they turn into a martyr or saint is really a scumbag. This is a scumbag representing a scumbag group in a scumbag manner. The trans-thing making a kid dildo is a monster pushing their perversion out into the open and on the young. This does reveal part of the problem with pushing ever creepier kinks. You may clean up a queer and give him a handsome beau to adopt the cute Chinese baby, you may find the MTV lesbian who is Just Like Us!, but eventually you end up with the carnival acts like Bruce Jenner in a dress and pedophiles who want to fuck kids being your new cause du jour.

Only in Weimerica!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Social Matter - Tales From Weimerica: Have Sex With Who We Tell You To

This week's installment is one of my "Tales From Weimerica". This one is about the academic fueled and media pushed problem of people not having sex with the right groups of people.

Weimerica never relaxes. That is part of the circus atmosphere. The anxiety adds to the ‘what’s next’ hopes and fears. When mixed with sexual politics, it is toxic. America has always been in a hurry to get somewhere, so it is natural to see it reflected in the cultural realm. The progressive steamroller needs new targets. It can always use the old tools. The driver of the steamroller is just anxious of what may happen if it stops moving. We’ll probably shoot him. They are aiming the steamroller at your sex life. Not accept and celebrating the freaks, but they are aiming at yours.

Go read the rest there! I promise I cover gays, porn, interracial marriage and just how the media really really does not like the results of the multicultural society they push revealing hard truths.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Last Week's SM, Previewing This Week's 15

 How much fun is Trump? Not him as much as what he causes others to do and say. This week's blow up was not from the Left's base, who calls him a hater despite not saying anything of hate, but from the professional right. Rich Lowry made a quivering comment that Carly Fiorina had cut his balls off. This was the coordinated meme on the right. Trump is emasculated. I guess they wanted to make him like the rest of the eunuchs they are running. Sad really. The upside is that it made Lowry, a man pushing fifty, act like a man for the first time in his life.

This week I tackle the latest media scolding of normies with a new Tales From Weimerica. It's not the pedo thing that was written this week; it's a tapestry of items written that tells you, the uneducated, unenlightened audience, are not having sex with the right people.

Last week, I wrote on AIPAC and the recycled plan that will be pushed by the West on Syria. Russia does throw a wrench into things, but it might just be support to bolster Assad's standing going into negotiations. If ISIS and other jihadis are wrecked by bombings (not phony US bombings) and Assad more secure, he can dictate terms. We will see. 


Syrian and non-Syrians posing as Syrians flood into Europe. The pictures of the refugees and migrants show many young men fleeing for their lives. In fact, 75% of the migrants are men. These are hundreds of thousands of Syrian men who fear for their lives and safety, yet leave their women behind, and cannot face the 20,000 or so men of ISIS. Assad could use these men to fight ISIS if ISIS were the ony problem, but there are many different pieces to the anti-government forces. It is not hyperbole to call Syria a mess in need of a plan. Syria does lie in pieces like a destroyed Lego playset, but the four year olds in charge of US foreign policy unable to figure out how to put it back together.

Forget putting Syria back together. They have a better, older plan.

Michael O'Hanlon of the Brookings Institute has a plan to chop up Syria into little statelets. O'Hanlon pushes it further in this WaPo Oped. Same thing in DefenseNews. Why bother retaining Syria when we can carve out rump states and create security and sovereignty for these small micronations? It would be a patchwork of sorts, but one that has ISIS organizing and ruling over people. That would include a small barbarian state that the USG would just have to learn to deal with to get its way. These city-states or micronations would allow for peace within the borders. It would allow a sorting. No mention if the new states would allow for the refugees and migrants to return home.

This all sounds familiar. I wrote on this concept in a remaking the Middle East by breaking up Syria post two years ago. It is far older and reveals the fact that American foreign policy is guided not by its domestic interests but the interests of its wealthy clients who know how to grease the wheels in Washington. AIPAC is one such interest group that the media is discussing more than normal with the Iran deal fight. AIPAC is amazingly clever at hiding its influence, power and effect on American foreign policy. The best summation of their methods is early in the article.
From the way it supports candidates for public office to its advocacy on Capitol Hill to its ongoing ad campaign attacking the Iran nuclear deal, AIPAC scrupulously abides by federal disclosure laws while managing to leave as few fingerprints as possible. It’s the transparency equivalent of the billionaire who breaks no laws but uses quirks and loopholes in the tax code to ensure he doesn’t pay Uncle Sam a penny.
This is one of the top lobbying firms in the beltway for geopolitical issues. The most favorable description of them is a billionaire who plays by rules yet uses every available legal option to hide its moves. The rest of the article describes the other odd ways they have avoided the rules that many other foreign policy advocacy groups or simple political action commitees follow. They often have volunteers instead of paid lobbyists to get around lobbyist rules and labels who are all US citizens that love Israel and are Jewish. Forget dual loyalty accusations; this is probably behind the push for open borders in America. They can get what they want and because of how they are hard to define as a PAC or foreign advocacy firm, they can keep it a secret.

It is a good secret because the Syrian break up plan that is being pushed by O'Hanlon resembles Oded Yinon's plan for the Middle East from the 1980s. The money quote that echoes on down to today is:
The plan operates on two essential premises. To survive, Israel must 1) become an imperial regional power, and 2) must effect the division of the whole area into small states by the dissolution of all existing Arab states. Small here will depend on the ethnic or sectarian composition of each state. Consequently, the Zionist hope is that sectarian-based states become Israel’s satellites and, ironically, its source of moral legitimation.
Small states by dissolving the current states sounds like the O'Hanlon plan for resolving the ongoing traedy in Syria. Does ISIS's control of territory get formalized and recognized? ISIS is a manifestation of Sunni Iraqi Arabs desiring safety, security and sovereignty. Does a legitimized ISIS then return focus on Iraq? Iraq is far more suited for partition, and top political figures have stated the possibility of a three state solution (Kurd/Sunni/Shia).

The questions mount in this Yinon '80s concept channeled through O'Hanlon's fresh idea. Will Syria's Christians have a tiny ethno-religious state like Israel? Is this a positive that could become a land of refuge for the Christians of the Middle East? Slim chance, but it can become a strong one as long as it reinforces the right to Israel's existence. Why does ISIS never say anything about Israel? Shaking up the Middle East does help America by removing antagonist states and also breaking up larger states that are centralized and can switch from patronage, wrecking the USG empire.

Ever wondered why the mightiest air force in the world cannot bomb ISIS to death? This is a group in the open desert with 20,000 and maybe 50,000 troops. ISIS serves this plan. The Russians are accusing the US of knowing ISIS locations but not bombing ISIS. 

America needs ISIS to weaken Assad enough to depose him and create this quilt of micro-states. This is why the US war against ISIS goes nowhere. The moral posturing of American leaders disgusted by Assad is thrown in the trash the moment it leaks that America holds back against ISIS because they want Assad gone. They do not want that message out there, which is why O'Hanlon has to sell you on this patchwork of little safe spaces for Syrians.

O'Hanlon's plan is being ripped by others. This is the disgusting residue of the War Party's desire to break and fund jihadis. The ideological drive is too strong to admit the mistake and change our support from jihadis and freedom fighters to Assad. O'Hanlon is a mouthpiece for the War Party. His career is full of cheerleading on the war machine no matter where it wants to go or who it wants to bomb. O'Hanlon is just the messenger for our War Party and its geopolitical strategy. The desired objective flows from interest groups to policy think tanks to the media to you to support to pretend you have a say in policy.

It is not just Israel pulling our foreign policy in one direction. The Qataris and Saudis wanted a pipeline through Syria, and Assad said no. With the implementation of a generation old political goal of Israel's and an economic goal of oil clients who recycle oil earnings into US dollar assets possible, this is a geopolitical move with too many dollars and too much pressure behind it. Assad just stood in the way and forgot that he was not a true sovereign in this system. Refugees and migrants may destroy Europe. Syria's micro-nations may end the war but leave ISIS and other jihadi elements in charge of them to implement the Caliphate. Hundreds of thousands dead and millions displaced, but at least Israel gets legitimacy, the Gulf kingdoms get their pipeline and the American military complex gets contracts.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

WW1: The Ridiculous Uniforms

Interesting German poster of all of the different uniforms worn by enemy combatants. Besides the physical awareness that this was truly a world war with fighters from all reaches of the empires, the ridiculous pants and light colors show how WW1 was that line between old and new. The red pants of France are from Napoleon's day. These were quickly abandoned in WW1 as the French saw the very helpful camouflaging effect of the German grey uniforms. Those red pants were a last sign of the old pageantry associated with fighting that died in the mud of the mechanized Western Front.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

They Could Gentrify Cuba

It is hard out there for international finance to find new suckers to rip off. Africa receives investment funds from China. Asia has caught onto the New York game. Other developing nations and third world countries have begun pushing back on vulture funds and learned to be wary of the dollars Yankee banks can throw their way. Does anyone like the IMF or World Bank? It is as if the American financier class did not learn the phrase "you can shear a sheep many times but skin him only once". They will have a new target soon: Cuba.

Cuba is going to make for a juicy target for investment. Havana specifically. This will start small, but once it has begun, all investment options will be open. The tourism sector is ripe for development. The average wage in Cuba is $20 a month. Bankers have a hard on just reading that. Cheap sells, but if you win a customer on price, you can lose them on price. One needs an edge to remain viable. Havana has something that will really appeal to developers: nostalgia. Havana avoided the brutalist architecture that other communist nations built and still retains the old hotels or yesteryear. These hotels are in poor condition, but that just means cheap to buy, fix up and market as vintage.

Yes, Havana will be marketed as a cool vintage, retro destination for American tourists. The entire marketing can be "A sexy trip back in time". Everyone loves the sunshine, and we are still in a nostalgia culture. Due to the length of time of the embargo, many Americans are curious about Cuba, and there is an old reputation that Havana was a sexy, fun spot pre-Castro (it was). Fix up some of the hotels and casinos, take a liberal view of prostitution, stack the casinos with Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr., some smooth black R&B performers and Latin stars and watch the SWPLs and other whites with cash vacation there. Staff the hotels with attractive people, including plenty of hookers, and they will print money. Forget hotels, even fixing up old property to turn into apartments, condos and whatnot for sale will make Havana a juicy gentrification target. Cheaper than Miami but the same fun and sun!

SWPLs and other travel types always talk of "authenticity". They do not say that word, but they use coded language. 
"Oh go to Belize! Belize is like what Mexico was 40 years ago. Oh I climbed Machu Pichu but the best part was this little town where I drank fresh coffee mixed with chocolate + goat's milk. Still wasn't as authentic as when I spent a week on a beach in Thailand where locals told me no white person had been for a year". 
This is the segment of tourists that want to feel they are seeing the "real" Cuba. Appealing to them would be scarfing up hotels and spots in rundown beach towns, cleaning them up, providing great security to keep the locals number low and then quietly placing tons of wifi and amenities so Americans really stay in the 21st century. On-site hookers would not be a featured amenity here as these visitors are not looking for fun but are looking for authenticity to then lord over their friends for status points at "Wine and Cards Against Humanity Nights". Somehow this authentic trip that costs thousands of dollars will not make them privileged or maybe a day giving poor kids vaccinations will make up for it, I'm unsure.

Cuba for the Caribbean has a relatively low population density. This is key from another perspective. Developers can build a resort area out of scratch. Think Playa del Carmen in Mexico but without the fear that a cartel might be near. I joke, but my honeymoon was in Playa del Carmen. Those places are built to be all inclusive and offer you a private beach destination for lots of sex and relaxation in the sun. Any coastal spot with decent beaches within an hour of Havana's airport is a candidate for a new Playa del Carmen type destination... and can be marketed as safer than Mexico. I would also stack these places with on-site hookers (I did read Platform).

Cuba is also an incredibly close destination. This makes it a prime expat destination. Forget their health care, another key factor giving Cuba an edge over other Caribbean islands: the white population. Expats can retire and with the much lower cost of living, make their meager Boomer retirement savings (jet-skis and $200 total for many) last longer. The major benefit for Cuba being an expat destination is its proximity to the US. Grandma and Grandpa being expats in the Czech republic, Chile or Honduras conjures images of incredible distance. Cuba is just next door.

One could build retirement communities in Cuba for peanuts and still profit handsomely. If the Cuban government partnered with developers and then proactively created a retiree visa program like some other South American nations have, they could pull in thousands of expats immediately. Developers love knowing they have guaranteed demand. Hookers might help here as Boomer men will still be popping their blue pills and trying to feel horny like teenagers even as they hit 75.

If handled correctly, developers could offer multiple price points, still make a bundle and chew up another third world nation for their gain. This is a desperate, corrupt government of the third world that has had limited investment for decades. It is going to be easy buying them off. Cuba might have to whore out their whole island but other nations have done worse. Isn't our finance centric economy grand?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Trump Poll Revelation

Vox had a blurb on the post-debate poll that should scare the GOP elite about Trump's support. Vox makes some good points. The poll was followed by more polls that showed the same post-debate shakeout. Trump stayed steady or rose, Fiorina rose but she ate Carson's support, and the Establishment's chosen figures languish in single digits. There is one piece missed, and this also proves the inept analysis of the GOP's pundit class. This Trump phenomenon was being waved off because the GOP pundit class assumed he was a manifestation of the 2012 confused rebel voter bloc. He is not.

If you read the GOP pundits, the Trump phenomenon was framed as this year's Herman Cain. "He'll fade." Back in 2012, establishment anointed Mitt Romney was stuck around 20-25%. He always had a challenger or trailed an oddball with equivalent numbers. The rotating, lead alt-candidate was a weird switch that involved Perry, Cain, Gingrich and Santorum. All of those men enjoyed the hard to quantify but conservative voter bloc support. Some would call it the lower info voter bloc that latches onto a new thing. For all his gaffes, Gov. Perry was the only candidate besides Ron Paul to attack the FED. The GOP punditry thought this was Trump's role. They thought he was securing the oddball, loosely defined vote. This has been proven incorrect.

The guffaws and expectations of his demise would be proven if only the right debate attack was taken. The GOP candidates focused on slamming Trump to dent his support, but it did not happen. Vox is right to point out how 50% of the voters support non-politicians (unconventional politicians seems better), which should be echoing in the Establishment's ears non-stop. The bloc of voters that rotated through men in 2012 seems to be the bloc that pushed Carson and is now split between Carson and Fiorina."But but but she was suppose to eat Trump's poll numbers?!?!?!"

No one wanted to admit immigration is that important. The GOP elite did not want to admit openly that they wanted to sell out their base for open borders, and that Trump knew what a big slice of the base wanted. They cannot call him the crank, loose voter bloc since that bloc seems to be elsewhere. He also has given those voters as us vs. the world feeling, which is a sticky glue for a group. This could be the Grand American Party strategy recommended by others or just an echo of the Perot revolt of 1992. Something feels different about this with open socialist Senator Bernie Sanders beating up on Clinton at the moment.

Trump will most likely fail, but he is not a Cain-like phenomenon. For the GOP race, he sits in the kingmaker seat to either win the nomination or play kingmaker. The GOP's job is to lose closely so nominee Jeb at a brokered convention is a possibility. Even if elected, nothing will change because how is he going to get around the civil service. Maybe he could re-engineer the Obama youth corps and the FEMA camps already built to create a different authority outside of the current civil service for the express purpose of "physically removing" illegals, but I doubt it. It still leaves the press and academia untouched. As we have seen with this current third world invasion of Europe, the press will twist everything to fit their needs.

There is one possible positive outcome. Fragmentation is everywhere. There must be one savvy state official or little congressman with his eyes on a governorship of a red state in flyover land taking notes. Listen to Trump's message: DC is the problem, the system is corrupt, hedge funds rip you off, politicians are all bought, no nation without borders or law enforcement is a nation. Now let's rework it and set it elsewhere and in another time...

Oklahoma, January 2023

"I was sworn in as governor for a second term for the great people of Oklahoma. Some have asked if I was contemplating a run for the presidency. No. No I will not run for president. I refuse to dance at the end of strings for a corrupt system that does not care for my people. As governor I have witnessed the detrimental effect that no borders and no law enforcement has had on my state. I have fought it where I could. At every turn, I was fought by the elite in DC and New York. Those same powers that disregard the effect of illegal immigration and the plight of the little people have been lightning fast to push any deviancy they can dream up on the God fearing Christians of this land. These same powers have hamstrung any entrepreneurial spirit in this nation that did not toe their line and are at fault for the recent reports that Social Security is set for automatic reductions in just 2 years. This is a betrayal of the very contract it made with the people. They betrayed our parents who paid into the system to bail out their big banking friends in New York. This system cannot be removed because of the government dependents those fat cats have as a willing voting bloc. I will not run for president, not just because the system is corrupt and phony. I will not run because this is no longer a nation. As America is no longer a country but an idea, a proposition if you will, we will no longer be a part of such a corrupt, degraded system."
Vox missed one other scary figure beyond the Trump number. The scariest part to the Trump poll numbers should be that the percentage of Republicans who support Trump matches the percentage of all Americans under 30 that support secession.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Fall Soros Watch

Bond villain. Tentacles all over the globe. Riches to spare on sumptuous accommodations. A hand in the biggest geopolitical events around the globe. Always trying to cause a crisis that he can benefit from immediately. The villain has a tie to a horrible past deed or historical event, like collaborating with Nazis. That is the method and those are the traits of every villain in every Bond film. It also describes George Soros.

It's Soros Watch!

In July, Soros prepared the ground by writing in the Financial Times that Europe had to do more to help the migrant crisis. If you wonder what he wants from the migrant crisis that is now on everyone's radar here it is...
As it pursues one integrated migration and asylum policy, the EU should eliminate the waste and redundancy of 28 parallel systems. There should be a single European asylum and migration agency, for example, that processes asylum applications for the entire union. Eventually, a joint border guard should be established, too.
One system to rule them all, and of course what system will be used? It will not be a stringent system. It will not be a harsh standard for refugee. It will be the softest and easiest measure of what counts as a refugee or asylum seeker. Now who is providing these migrants with brochures on how to get around Europe and find the sweetest welfare deals and friendliest NGOs for help? W2EU. This is an open borders group that has taglines like freedom of movement is a human right or borders do not last forever. The acronym stands for welcome to the EU. Good move Mister Soros, good move. Hey, anyone have stats on how many Ukrainians Germany took in? Shucks these Ukrainians face possible expulsion from Germany.
It's Soros Watch!

Soros also has his hands stirring the #BlackLivesMatter scheme. Supposedly, he has given $33 million towards the movement. That's just conspiracy and right wing talk. The mainstream media protects Soros. The media is definitely defending him and deflecting this criticism. See, the money does not go directly to the groups, grants get made and hey, they cannot tell you exactly where the money goes. I mean, the "movement" was started by three of his US sitused NGO employees, and magically, many of the pre-made printed signs are paid for by these organizations, but it would be unfair to say Soros funds them. See, kids, nothing to worry about. This is a nebulous movement with no set hierarchy and leadership that somehow gets funding from Soros that no one can quite put a finger on. Sounds like a Mafia organization. It is one.

George is an old man. His time will come to an end. There is one problem. He has sons. They are apples to his tree. This is old George's strength compared to a Bond villain. He has heirs to carry on the globe spanning meddling. James Bond, or whoever answers the call, will have to infiltrate and disrupt the organization, not just kill the old man. It will be a tough task. The Soros Mafia has cloaked itself in the finest words of the age, "open", "human rights", "no borders", and who can leave out "social justice". It will take more than your Walther PPK, Mister Bond.

*If I ever had a far right Daily Show gig, I would have a segment called "Soros Watch" and use the South Park Britney Wowch intro.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Recycled Plan For Syria

This week's Social Matter essay is on the recycled plan that the West is trying to force on Syria. It's not just that of course.

Syrians and non-Syrians posing as Syrians flood into Europe. The pictures of the refugees and migrants show many young men fleeing for their lives. In fact, 75% of the migrants are men. These are hundreds of thousands of Syrian men who fear for their lives and safety, yet leave their women behind, and cannot face the 20,000 or so men of ISIS. Assad could use these men to fight ISIS if ISIS were the only problem, but there are many different pieces to the anti-government forces. 
It is not hyperbole to call Syria a mess in need of a plan. Syria does lie in pieces like a destroyed Lego playset, but the four-year-olds in charge of U.S. foreign policy are unable to figure out how to put it back together. 
Forget putting Syria back together. They have a better, older plan.
The plan is decades old, and you've already been living through it. Daily, accusations online are thrown around about who our Middle East wars have been for, and some have merit. Sometimes as patron, Uncle Sam has to deliver for his clients. We can discuss the mechanisms for foreign meddling in our foreign policy.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Last Social Matter, Preview Next 14

Ann Coulter got the Twitter storm for daring to ask why GOP candidates mention Israel in every debate answer. This was considered anti-semitic. Like racism, sexism, industrial smokestack emissions and homophobia, anti-semitism now means expressing exasperation over GOP candidates mentioning Israel when it doesn't make sense. It's not like she is pointing to a shadowy cabal of donors angry at the Trump. Luke Ford, Jewish convert, definitely reads our stuff and nails the Jewish anxiety. Forget random comments, it could be the start of a change.

Maybe it is the reality forced on the political world by the Iran Deal happening, but starting with Chuck Hagel's appointment as Secretary of Defense, what if the period of asskissing Israel is closing. Ann might be onto something by openly defying the Israel devotion. The devotion to Israel is the biggest cuck of them all. Yes, immigration and social welfare gimmedats represent the cuck phenomenon, but no cuck is bigger than the American obsession with Israel and the praise lavished on Israel. A recent survey revealed Republicans siding with Israel even when it diverges from American interests. That is mentally deranged. That needs to stop. Ann Coulter's comments are not a #Coultercaust but a recognition that we need to focus on American interests and problems, reducing the love affair with Israel. That is the final boss cuck. It's like the last step in the 12 step political de-cucking programming.

Last week I discussed where #BlackLivesMatter could go. Right into our jury boxes. Pandemonium would ensue. This week I will discuss the latest idea to deal with Syria but how that idea oddly is an echo of an old Israeli idea from the 1980s. Yes, recycled ideas are what we peddle now.


"In the matter of People v. Demarryous Johnson on the charges of murder, the jury could not reach a verdict. I declare a mistrial."

>Prosecutor squints but knows another trial will loom<
>Victim's family is in tears, "But they had video showing him shooting my brother!"<
>Outside courtroom #BlackLivesMatter protestors cheer and hug just one black juror<
>Media, and nation, goes nuts<

How long is it until #BlackLivesMatter finds its way into jury boxes? This is not a question of if, but of when. It is all nostalgia fun and games for Boomer whites, progressives and politically oriented secualr Jews to look at #BlackLivesMatter and think of MLK, the Civil Rights crusade, Freedom Riders and Selma. This is why the chants for dead cops, chants for dead non-blacks, and explicitly anti-white imagery and statements are glossed over by progressive whites. Do not show the monster Soros and social justice academics created. It will all end okay.

Take #BlackLivesMatter (BLM) to its logical conclusion. They do not want police in their neighborhoods. The supposed system oppresses blacks, not the actual, progressively controlled system that needs blacks for justification of their rule and therefore gives them benefits and perks in the legal code. These invisible grievances from a long gone system build up, forcing blacks to commit crime. Why oh why should the system's justice send more black men (and women) to jail for killing due to evil, white thoughts and microaggressions? It might not be outright nullifications, which would mean acquittals, but it may mean more hung juries. With municipal budgets tight, this might mean more deals between prosecutors and criminals. "Take the 25, you'll be out in 18, it won't be a life sentence."

This would be a travesty and another mile marker on America's path to dissolution. Will these instances be reported? If the media can suppress crime patterns now, a few of these stories would be easy. The fear is a higher profile case, not Zimmerman-Martin level, but at least high enough profile that a metro paper would cover it, and it could blow up. Another problem is as the media dies out and alternative media rises, keeping a lid on this will not be possible. George Zimmerman is probably murdered in his jail cell if not for the alternative media from outlets like PJMedia and Takis to bodybuilding forums.

The real problem is political. The Left has no figure to stop this madness. Presidential candidates are apologizing for saying "White lives matter" and even "All lives matter". Senator Bernie Sanders cowers and shrinks from BLM protestors at his own presidential campaign stops, and he was an old Civil Rights veteran. Any type of leadership on the Left could snuff this out, and stop the lunacy while still keeping blacks engaged at the ballot box for the Left's benefit. The problem is the broad Left is like the blob in that is has no shape and head with no directive except to consume and spread for more control. Stopping BLM would also crimp the social justice warrior racket that is a decent export not just in actual warriors but of fellow travelers that want to signal they are hip. The Left would then reveal the hollowness of people power, as the Left does not want pure people power no matter how much they say they do as that is mob rule.

If it does not stop and jury oddities start and cannot be avoided, then what comes next? A proper discussion would simply call for an end to the BLM movement and call for the rule of law. That would destroy the Left's grievance industry and the ever increasing offenses that justify retribution and social justice. It will not happen unless the dead bodies are well to do white leftists, but even then, we can not be sure. Physically removing populations and creating segregated autonomous political districts are nonstarters but a fix.

The false choice will be an option of the Russian roulette of keeping trial by jury, which will only become more of a farce as other ethnicities catch on to the BLM nullification game, or ending trial by jury. Ending trial by jury will be palatable because it would then be a judge or series of judges reviewing cases. They can invoke the traditions of the West while saying they will weigh social justice concerns. This fits the progressive preference for credentialed, politically indoctinated experts who will be unaccountable determining important matters. These judges will all go through our legal education system, which the the progressives control. If immigrants can get away with slaps on the wrist in Europe from judges for rape, robbery and assault, imagine the oddities a judge could dole out with the social justice stamp of approval.

Then the media will spotlight horror stories of juries gone wild. It will also have many more years in the rearview mirror of pushing the microaggression and group grievance tricks on ever more diverse Americans. America must progress! Institutions as historic in the Anglo-Saxon mold as the trial by jury that lasted for centureies and before that were celebrated in Greek plays like The Eumenides will be scrapped all for the goal of forcing universal beliefs, equality and social justice on a multicultural, polyglot society. Long gone will be a jury of your peers.

In their place will be the commissars, whom the media will say are experts and can be trusted. They will be trained in the finest law schools, all controlled by the Left. Trust them but beware. They might just sentence a criminal to time served and probation for killing your mom because she was a huge fan of Seinfeld... after he was deemed "problematic".

Thursday, September 17, 2015

WW1: The Cost of Victory

Austro-Hungarian Soldiers

While my last two posts on the fall of 1915 focused on the Russian Great Retreat and the rolling victories of Von Mackensen, the Central Powers still bore huge costs. The Austro-Hungarian troops above were but a few of the over one million the empire lost in the Great War. These victories along the Eastern Front would still sow seeds of the AH empire's downfall as it strained the multiethnic empire and forced the different nationalities to commit to fighting for an imperial seat unlike them, far away and out of touch.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

28Sherman at Radix

Richard Spencer reached out to the guys in charge of Social Matter. He was kind enough to run my Orban piece in Radix today.

Spencer understands the dire situation Europe is in and how something special and important is happening in Hungary. Other nations are moving as Orban is moving, and you hear other leaders in Eastern and Central Europe speaking as he does. This is the importance of defying the globalists and progressives. This is literally a fight. The migrants and refugees are attacking people they want to live with and even in Germany, those who will willingly take them in. These are not teary eyed refugees as cited in the articles full of Holocaust mentions. This is 4th generation warfare so the media matters, and we know which side they are on.

Mike Cernovich went to Budapest for the real story, not the BBC story. It's going to take defending your territory. It's also going to take writing down the names of the people and institutions involved with the outright lies and deception in trying to destroy the West. Their day will come. Maybe you've been reading posts at the "Gates of Vienna" for years. Well, the overt prog stuffing of the West has forced a Gates of Vienna moment upon us. Orban... Putin... these men are not perfect, but you need someone to stand up and say, "No".

If you read here, you have read the Orban piece already. Still, if you want to go and interact with the commenters there and reach out to a new online community, do so.

Haiti vs. Dominican Republic... Is it Just White Dads?

The Dominican Republic has been in the news recently as it chooses to deport Haitians. The Smart Set or right thinking crowd does not approve of this move. Black Americans, who question whether Dominican Zoe Saldana counts as black (many say no), suddenly wonder why the Dominicans are deporting their blacks since "all of DR be black". It is like blacks who say all of Brazil is black online, and then get shot down by Brazilians (trust me, if you ever see this online, watch it, it is a beauty to behold). Lost in all of this is that the island of Hispaniola offers the greatest refutation of environment pushers in the nature vs. nurture argument.

Jared Diamond even commented on this in one of his SWPL books, but while the Dominican Republic is a poor nation, it is not the basketcase and perpetual hell-hole that Haiti is. Same island. Two completely different outcomes. What is different? The people. There is more variety on the DR side, and a different hue to the folks, but check deeper. Looking at the DNA, does it come down to one slight difference?

From the Wikipedia page on the population genetics of the Dominican Republic.

According a 2015 genealogical DNA testing, the average Dominican is estimated to be 52.15% European, 39.57% Sub-Saharan African and 8.28% Native American overall.[116]Genetic studies of Mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA), which assesses the DNA inherited by female line, found in a 21st-century study that the Dominican Republic’s population racial admixture is primarily European and African, but there is also a noticeable Taíno element in the population.[42] Based on MtDNA tests, approximately 15% of Dominicans are descended in strict female line to Taíno women. Another 15% have European-MENA mtDNA haplogroups, whereas most of the Dominican population, 70%, have MtDNA Maternal side of African origin, meaning that the majority of the Dominican population is descended from unions of European men with African women

Does the entire difference come down to white dads? Y-chromosome work has not been done, but considering the 52% total mix number and the 70% sub-Saharan matrilineal descent, it makes sense. The European DNA had to get there somehow, and this is an average Dominican and not the very euro appearing Dominicans like Oscar de la Renta. The population genetics for Haiti are not as European in mixture. Haiti did not enjoy the white dad effect. Haiti did a pretty good job of killing all of the white dads.

Jared Diamond has some points on the Dominicans' more favorable view of foreigners versus the kill all others immediately view in Haiti. It is a social construct, but is it really? That is a cultural viewpoint that expressed itself through government policies that invited foreigners and foreign investment. Genes and culture perform a dance, so how much of the bedrock of the policies is based on the most likely semi-mythical origin of the island's people of the dual outsider union with foreign men leading the families and island.

Same island. Two outcomes. Culture and genes constantly work together to form a society. I often laugh at what Tumblr feminists think solutions to problems would be. Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley are feeling the weird heat of what their party has become. #WhiteLivesMatter is now a bad thing to say by leftist politicans in any context. #KillAllWhiteMen is a hashtag on twitter that feminists of color like to push. Be careful what you wish for. Neither the DR or Haiti are paradises, but no one has ever told me about the charming time they had when their cruise ship docked in Haiti.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Brown Scare Comes To The WWE

>Hears Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries<

"Good God!" - Jim Ross, WWE announcer
"WHAT!?!?" - Jerry "The King" Lawler
 "That's... that's the Brown Scare's music!" - Jim Ross

No, there is not a new wrestler in the WWE called the Brown Scare. For a female wrestling figure, there was a little hiccup on the way towards the spotlight the WWE provides. Unfortunately, Zahra Schreiber had an instagram account with a long history of photos. Many were fine. While in the past she had caused a little wrestling scandal with naked pictures leaked (cute woman despite the tattoos), a specific picture was discussed with the worst word possible "problematic". Zahra Schreiber was fired by the WWE because one photo from years ago showed a wall decoration that had a swastika on it.

This was spun by the media as posting offensive pictures of Nazi imagery. If you look at the picture posted on Instagram, it reveals that she was not posting pictures of it deliberately or in any way to incite feelings. In comparison to punk rockers of a generation ago who wore swastikas or toyed with Nazi aesthetics, her little Instagram pic was insignificant. It is a picture of her room's wall that has a decoration that is visible in one corner of the picture. Schreiber was confronted by "fans" and responded better than mopes who just apologize and beg for forgiveness. Sadly, that was not enough. Schreiber would have to be dealt with.

Of course we know if this were Che, Mao, Stalin, Soviet or Khmer Rogue imagery, it would be okay. Commies rule, the rest of us suffer. Instead of noting the stupidity of this from a sports entertainment firm that has waded in the grossest stereotypes of all ethnicities, races, nationalities, regions, religions or genders, why not ask one question? What is an acceptable swastika appearance? Is it okay if it is on a book binding in your bookshelf? Is it okay on WW2 memorabilia? Is it only okay on memorabilia or books if the books are anti-Nazi or well respected historical reviews?

Memorabilia is tricky. I ask as many Americans have ancestors (my grandfathers and their brothers all did) that served in WW2, fought and killed Nazis. These men brought back items with Nazi insignia, things of the Italian Fascist government and even Vichy France markings. Can't you just imagine the SJWs treating Vichy France items like they are the worst thing in the world. "Oh no, you collected Vichy France memorabilia? Wow just wow, that's like collaborating with collaborators!" Are modern Americans allowed to have them, display them, and have them show up in random photos on social media?

Of course they can be okay in the right context. They are acceptable on one condition. One must clearly state how evil and horrible the Nazis were for killing millions of people in the worst genocide in the history of the world. Actually there are two conditions. The second is never ever state how the communists killed far more than the Nazis ever did and how the USG, academia and the media were complicit in enabling those governments and covering up their crimes.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Angry Black Women: Jem Edition

The Gamergate thing really blew the lid off the SJW invasion of media, but the silly PC bunkum and Leftist messaging has been around for eons. The SJWs have just taken things to a new level and video games were a new venue. How many black hackers has Hollywood thrown at us for years? The SJW outrage for video games and the realm of culture in general is a sick manfiestation of the politicalization of every facet of life. Liberals lament this in the most sickening manner since they are the ones who push it and control the process. One recent example of this entertained me.

The casting for the movie adaptation of the terrible '80s entertainment property Jem and the Holograms* was announced a while back. It caused some anger and lots of stress for black women. Unfortunately for the sistahs, a small supporting character in Jem was black in the original cartoon. They cast an "awfully light" (their words) actress to play a black girl. Oh damn, the sisters are angry. The extra kicker is that Aurora is half black, so we once again see a mixed race black taking a spot that would be set for a black, but goddamn, these mixed kids keep stealing their spots. She is the daughter of the actor who played incredibly annoying "Michael" from LOST and his white wife.

The irony of this small bit of casting is that these sisters do not see the flip side of this. If any white were to be angry over a black actress taking a role that had been set up as white decades or iterations ago, they would be laughed at by the media and smeared as racist or unhip. Do these black ladies not remember the following?


Denzel in Pelican Brief

Idris Elba as Norse God Thor

Sam Jackson as Nick Fury

Wesley Snipes in Rising Sun

Jaden Smith as the Karate Kid

I could go on and on. Honestly, these insertions are worse because the context and the incredibly small slice of America that is black America. The Annie reboot had a black girl getting adopted by a rich black guy. That set up alone clued me in on it being fiction. Denzel played Gary Grantham, a reporter who busts wide open an environmental case involving dead Supreme Court Justices. The black guy in Thor was playing a comic book version of a Norse god. Nick Fury was white since the dawn of his time in Marvel. Rising Sun's lead was a cop named Peter Smith who was attempting to learn Japanese during the book. Snipes got cast. Jaden Smith as the Karate Kid, c'mon man.

These are leads in most cases and reboots of well known properties. Black women sad over some not super black actress being cast as the third level side kick in a terrible '80s cartoon adaptation is hysterical. It is a crappy movie. Apply your Af-Am studies degree language elsewhere. Clean up your community. Are there bigger concerns for blacks right now? Are there no socioeconomic issues to address that your wisdom could help? Is there a jump in murders in your matrilineal and matrilocal communities? Leadership means leading, not just the leadership level paycheck.

This casting is nepotism, ladies. It also is a product of that black status thing. Maybe if Harold Perrineau had married a black woman instead of needing his "Mom, look! I made it!" white wife, little Auroroa would look dark enough for all y'all. If Brazilification continues sisters, this is going to be more and more the norm. Just be thankful they did not make your precious sidekick Hispanic and substitute in a white little Latina.

That's next.

*Jem was terrible but my sister was a fan so I knew of it. Jem's storyline was ripped off for the Hannah Montana live action show. The only thing good about Jem was the theme song, which is weirdly sung in a sexy, sultry manner.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Social Matter - Where Does #BlackLivesMatter go?

At Social Matter, where does #BlackLivesMatter go from here? Not politically directly, but where does it pop up through messaging infections? Go read it there.

“In the matter of People v. Demarryous Johnson on the charges of murder, the jury could not reach a verdict. I declare a mistrial.”
>Prosecutor squints but knows another trial will loom<
>Victim’s family is in tears, “But they had video showing him shooting my brother!”<
>Outside courtroom #BlackLivesMatter protesters cheer and hug just one black juror<
>Media, and nation, goes nuts<
How long is it until #BlackLivesMatter finds its way into jury boxes?

Friday, September 11, 2015

Last Week's Social Matter + Preview for This Week's 13

I noticed Mangan's blog went private. This is another reminder that people come and go in our sphere, and one never knows how long you will enjoy their writing. I'm reminded of good Twitter people who come and go. Sad to see some disappear. I feel the same way about Moldbug and the Last Psychiatrist. The Last Psych would make you think and keep you entertained. Hard to describe it, but our little corner of the Internet would buzz when TLP would put out a new essay.

I think of TLP because the Haidt's essay on microaggressions and relying on third parties for complaints is an echo of this TLP essay. People have abdicated problem solving and conflict resolution for a variety of reasons. This has infected our lives from the political all the way down to the personal. This probably has something to do with the state usurping roles that were formerly held by private institutions. Wherever TLP is, there's a crew of readers just wondering when the hell that book of his is going to drop.

Last week I wrote on Viktor Orban and how he changed the game in Hungary to restore sovereignty. It is also what allows him to act and speak on immigration as he does. This week, I will talk about a possible next step for #BlackLivesMatter. If you think about BLM, where does the logic and tactics carry them next?


"Our answer is clear: we would like Europe to remain the continent of Europeans. [. . .] We can say we want it, because it depends only on us: we want to preserve Hungary as a Hungarian country." - Viktor Orban

If one has noticed the migrant crisis or third world invasion 2015 of Europe, Budapest is a flashpoint for the problem. Hungary has implemented what Western media calls emergency anti-immigration laws, but the Hungarian leader would call protective measures. The man in charge of Hungary, criticized for a hard stance versus "migrants", is the man quoted above: Viktor Orban. He has many more quotes on the crisis of Europe, which is not just of immigration but of multiculturalism, history, existence and will (Orban's full speech is wonderfully recapped and discussed here). Orban is the only immigration hardliner in charge of an EU nation, and he is feeling the heat for not complying with the elite's agenda. Orban is a rebel in more ways than just immigration, and it is best to look at what he has done in Hungary to explain why he can speak publicly as he does on the invasion.

Viktor Orban was your standard politician. As a young man, he received a scholarship from the Soros Foundation, studied at Oxford, and founded a political party like a good, little post-communist reform minded young man. Orban worked in his career towards centralization, and shook hands with the proper US/EU leaders. Something changed dramatically though after the 2010 elections. This is where we can say that democracy and elections are bad, and the GOP is a flase opposition, but not all right wing parties are the same. Orban's Fidesz party decided to make sweeping changes to Hungarian politics.

Fidesz took control of parliament with a supemajority, and with that supermajority decided to rewrite the constitution. Seats in parliament were reduced, taxes and pensions were altered a bit, with an important change being super majorities to make future changes where they were formerly strictly done by the current government getting a majority. Bigger changes were elsewhere. The retirement age was lowered for judges and prosecutors, pushing out hundreds. Judcial review was scaled back on certain matters. It was an attack on a power node that Fidesz did not control, freeing Orban and company up to shape the ruling apparatus to their needs. They did not stop there.

Orban and Fidesz passed laws with regards to the media that caused Western media to shriek. It was not just what the media could do, but who could watch the media. They could not reform the institution, so they created a separate institution with power over it as well as replaced individuals. One can feel the anguish of the Western writer in these words,
Soon after Orban's Fidesz party came to power in 2010, the Fidesz-dominated parliament adopted new media legislation. Changes included a requirement that all media register with the state and that their output should be "balanced", of "relevance to the citizens of Hungary" and "respect human dignity". It also weakened protection of journalists' sources. Penalties for breaking the rules included fines, suspension, or being shut down.
Enforcing these new rules was a new watchdog, the Media Council. Its composition is decided by parliament. Because Orban's Fidesz party has a two-thirds majority in parliament, the council is made up exclusively of Fidesz appointees.

In another change, all state media and news production was bundled together in one organization - MTVA - whose leader is the leader of the Media Council. According to critics of the legislation, including the European Parliament and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the cumulative effect of these changes was to jeopardize media freedom.

No one ever asks if media "freedom" is a good thing? Declared good thing: freedom of soft censorship of what news is reported and bias of how it is reported. Media freedom in America allows for local crime stories like the Martin-Zimmerman altercation to be twisted beyond belief and become national conversations and foment wider problems. Imagine Martin-Zimmerman portrayed in a balanced manner. Does it even make trial?

Orban and his lieutenants did not stop there. Reform is impossible, so create systems and replace. While they could watch and control the message, there is always the problem of not having your guys deliver the message.
As Hungary's media laws changed after Orban became prime minister in 2010, there was also a clear-out of staff in state media. Many senior executives and hundreds of staffers were removed, union representatives said.
This is framed as unfair firing for political reasons. As an observer of Western media and academic practices, this is hypocritical to bemoan. This is supposedly unfair, but how many lecturers, tenure candidates and other academics, even at the foundational, "prospective protege to groom" level, have been filtered out by the Left for political reasons? It is fair when the Left does it, but not when it is done to the Left. The Left hates this, and can fake impartiality and defending freedom to attack anyone doing to them what they did first. Controlling chokepoints allows for filtering and changing the flow. As one reporter put it, "One party controls the system now", and this is not a pro-globalization, USG puppet party.

While Orban's old moves in his early days were about centralization, now Orban's government moves towards seeking and restoring sovereignty. Orban has also taken aim at foreign NGOs and paid off the IMF loan early that Hungary accepted prior to his recent premiership. Expelling NGOs is a new approach Russia started and that others like Hungary and India are following. Orban's government is aware of the undermining influence that NGOs supply a host nation.

The new approach to debt is not just about the IMF loan, which was an easy money supplement to aid them in the economic crunch of the post-2008 crisis. Hungary has actually reduced their debt to GDP levels since Orban's ascension. We live in an interconnected world, but removing NGOs and eliminating the IMF loan and controlling debt destroy avenues for foreign infiltration. Governments around the globe are re-learning lessons prior generations (Argentina being one) learned that debt becomes a tool for foreign influence and then a means to extract wealth from an impoverished nation.

Back to Orban's quote at the top of the essay, it is as if Orban is trying to make the government and nation represent the Hungarian people. Orban's government did not stop with hard mechanisms of government but attacked softer issues. Hungary supposedly curbed women's rights (life starts at conception + requiring precriptions for emergency contraception), restricted the vote from those "mentally limited" and HORROR said marriage is between a man and woman... while allowing gay couples to register unions. Western press is pushing it as attacking democracy and flirting with human rights violations, but it can also be framed as asserting sovereignty and aligning modern government functions with traditional values. A government aligned to its people. How refreshing to hear! How horrible for globalists!

This is where we find Orban as a key figure in the current migrant crisis. Orban is saying no. He is enacting policies, building walls and speaking out against the West's self destructive elite that is welcoming migrants by the thousands. Eyes are on him as Western media outlets lash out as his immigration stance as if he is a horrid man. Like all Western propaganda, they use a Hungarian writer so you think it reflects that nation's sentiment and is not a Western attack. Unfortunately, looking at these authors like Peter Kreko, we can see he is a Western friendly prog with connections to George Soros and the USG cathedral. These outlets are pure cathedral organs that seem to have an unusual focus on Orban's changes.

Orban is also giving the people something beyond bread and circus. Pointing out the problem as externally driven from below (migrant waves) and above (Western elite), Orban gives Hungarians bad guys to channel negative energy towards. In the preamble to the new constitution, there are dramatic changes that would sound alien to Western, secular ears.
The new constitution's preamble is laden with references to God, Christianity, the fatherland, the "Holy Crown of Hungary," and traditional family values...
Fidesz is trying to publicly affirm old beliefs. Similar to Putin's attempts to re-invigorate the Russian people with historical references, Orthodox imagery and natalist policies, Orban is connecting this regime and the country it represents to a deep past that current Hungarians should identify with and remember. The new constitution even mentioned the old Crown of St. Stephen. It is a cultural rallying cry reinforced in the very constitution with Orban placed at the front in a defender role. Saying no to waves of illegal immigrants reinforces that image and plays into the "Hungary for Hungarians" nation-state molding Orban is attempting. It is a role defending on different fronts, preventing framing that is merely us vs a specific them.

While originally a product of it, Orban now stands as a rejection of the globalist mission. Speaking out publicly against this wretched policy and weakness of Western elites is important not just in fact but in symbolism and source. The defiance comes not from a fringe party labeled a quasi-hate group officially but evil, racist xenophobes unofficially like Marine LePen's National Front or Nigel Farage and the UKIP. This is a head of state pointing out the bankruptcy of the West. Hajnal line history may come into play as Orban echoes similar sentiments as spoken by Vladimir Putin in recent years. Hungary, like Russia, is new to Western democracy with less than a century under its belt with an interruption due to communism. Orban and Putin both know the core fact that no Western leaders voice. The West is committing national suicide, but it does not have to be this way. It is not inevitable. There is a choice. What is required is will.

Orban, and Putin before him, can make these bold statements that so many in the West would love to hear their leaders speak, look at their control of their national systems. Western "leaders" have no such control, nor could assume such control. American readers can hear the hypothetical cries that would come from all of the media, "How could we have a watchdog?!? Our nation was founded on a free press!" Free to be bought. Free to be corrupted by any conspiracy of zealots. Look at the steps Orban and Putin have taken to completely change the framework of how their nation operates.

This frees Orban to speak as he does. Greece could hold the line and use their naval resources to deal with migrants on boats, considering their special position on the continent and Mediterranean, but they traded national sovereignty for bailouts. Not all is perfect, Orban has his faults and populist democracy is still subject to the threats of democracy. Orban and his party is still subject to the people, which is a danger, but they have taken steps to control how the people see them and what the people hear. This is why Orban can position himself against the immigration invasion fostered by the West.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

WW1: August Von Mackensen

World War One is that final gasp of the old world. You can see it even in the men leading the armies. They had a bit of flair. Proof of that lost flair might be the last American general with that color Douglas MacArthur who made an appearance late in WW1 with his riding crop saying "Old soldiers never die they just fade away". A man from the days of cavalry is pictured above with his totenkopf (death's head) sporting Hussar hat. One of those men with a bit of flair and firmly planted in the old world was August Von Mackensen.

I looked for a picture of Von Mackensen not looking like he walked off a movie set for tough, old German, but alas, it was impossible. His wikipedia page does not go into the detail of how successful his work was on the Eastern front in the Great War. Early in the war, the Germans did well while the Austro-Hungarians gave up territory to Russia. After leading well at Tannenberg, he was put at the head of an army in Poland. In 1915, he took hundreds of thousands of prisoners and pushed the Russians along the Great Retreat and disabled them as a fighting force. After securing Poland, he was sent to command in Romania. There he cleaned house and finished the war as a consul or territorial governor. Never making it to the Western front, he could claim to never have been beaten on the field of war at its end.

Weird thing was he was not a graduate of the war college. This caused some other officers to wonder if he was a holdover court general who received his command due to his personal relationship with the kaiser. He was a committed monarchist to his dying day, but his exploits on the field showed that he was no appointed lightweight. He was also a leader who respected his foes. After fighting the Serbians in as tough a battle as his men would face in WW1, he erected a small monument to the Serbians fighters, not just the Germans, who fought in Belgrade.

It might sound silly or superficial to bring up the idea of generals having a bit of personality and flair. In comparison to today's leaders, our military is run by company men. As much as we hate our current elite, a nation's elite reflects its society. Same goes for our military. It is the managerial revolution and bureacratic state swallowing the realm of the armed forces. This started long ago, and has been so thorough that our top brass has internalized the inclusive lingo of the Left. We would not see a Von Mackensen like that because no officer would even attempt to be the slightest bit eccentric.