Monday, May 23, 2016

A List of Unmentionable Nations

As a follow up to yesterday's post at Social Matter on unmentionable nations, what exactly would the 2016 list look like? We all know there are basketcase nations all over the globe. Many simply do not get the attention they deserve or the ink that American media should spill with regards to their importance to Americans. Steve Sailer is very fond of mocking the focus on Middle Eastern sand states versus anywhere else with the wink wink nudge nudge being the Israeli friendly donor class. Who would make the list?

Socialism Fails

1. Cuba - I recently saw an essay that described a port in Cuba as an environmental horror show, but the media skipped over how Castro's regime made it so. The recent trip Obama made to Cuba was met wit a lot of silence and glossing over communism's failures on that island.

2. Venezuela - As I wrote on Sunday, this is socialism/communism failing in real time. All the bills are coming due. This is also a nation that has seen its white population flee and hit a 40% line, so if you want a preview for the 2050s for America, here it is.

3. Brazil - Forever portrayed as sexy yet what else have they got? Always America's glorious beige future but goddamn, what a failure that has horrible educational attainment and rides the commodity booms and busts still. Brazil should avoid a hyperinflation but they have become so pozzed that a military coup and junta rule is now out of the question.

HBD Fails

1. Zimbabwe - Our sphere has covered the collapse from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe in one generation. Nice going progs. International community really murdered a nation there.

2. South Africa - Same as Zimbabwe but even worse because South Africa started from a higher level and has far greater natural resources. This is also an example of the Western world focusing all its hate in one direction and then walking away the moment mission accomplished was shown on the screen.

3. Haiti - You will only hear about Haiti after a natural disaster.
3a. The Dominican Republic - You will never hear about the Dominican Republic because it shares an island with Haiti and any news that is not voodoo child eating would make it look phenomenal versus Haiti, forcing some people to ask why.


1. Decolonization is covered pretty well by David Lamb in his book "The Africans". Read up on any of those nations for the horrors they inflicted on their fellow citizens once colonial rule ended. Even borderline success stories are awful. I recently shared a plane ride with a physician who spent 4 months in Kenya. He was retired and does the doctors without borders thing. His opinion of Kenya's government was "string them up and bring back colonial rule". Mild mannered midwestern doctor said that.

2. Democratic Republic of Congo - Radish has a spectacular long, sourced section on the Congo. They have had millions dead from their bizarre mining practices (for your Iphone materials) and civil war. I'd add in a rape rate that would trigger any woman, feminist or not. It was not always so, but alas, the International Community forced it.

Successful Nations

1. Switzerland - Just a nation of gun owners with a low crime rate. Nothing to see here.

2. Japan - Talk of low fertility makes it to American news broadcasts but never how they are dealing with a greying population (robots) or why there are no babies. Japan gets the "ha-ha" on their economy for the lost decades, but everyone I know who goes there comes back raving about the place. Maybe there is something to incredibly strict immigration laws.

3. Chile - Pinochet was bad. Pinochet may have killed 10,000. Pinochet was a fascist!!!! Pay not attention to Chile's growth and success compared to the rest of the continent since Pinochet took control in the '70s.

Incredibly Important Due To Immigration

1. Mexico - Is it a rising state? Is it a failed state? Should we worry that cartels control the nation? Should we worry about their habits and customs? This might be important because we already have 40 million of them living in America.

There are probably others Foreign nations can only be discussed when an event happens that can be used to the Left's advantage in America. This is amplified by the closing down of foreign offices. As the media has lost revenue, they have cut foreign offices. Where do we get our information on foreign countries from? Charlatans like Ben Rhodes.


If you know of any good examples of nations that will not be named, please put them in the comments.


Thorgeir Lawspeaker said...

Add Liberia to the list of HBD fails. Colonization from American-descended blacks in the 1840s through about 1980, country was run like a colony by the "talented tenth." There was a caste system that effectively limited the franchise to the Americo-Liberians and kept the indigenous savages down, until the mid-20th century, followed by decades of electoral corruption that still kept the Americo-Liberians on top. Economy was mostly agriculture plus extraction of resources (rubber, timber, iron), plus shipping registrations (put a Liberian flag on your ship, no actual Liberians needed). Despite lots of foreign aid and the occasional military intervention from the US and Britain, multiple currency collapses and national bankruptcies. Sounds bad? Sounds like a Third World banana republic? Kinda like Haiti?

Ah, but then came 1980 and Samuel K. Doe's coup d'etat. Doe was a tribal, not an Americo-Liberian, and he slaughtered the former Americo-Liberian government. He spent 5 years fending off multiple coup attempts and setting up one (heavily rigged) election, then the place degenerated into outright tribal / civil war, and basically stayed there until the Dubya administration, when the US Army and US Marines intervened (oh, and some African peacekeepers, too). Relative peace since about 2003, and the country is back to being run by a part-European black (arguably Americo-Liberian; her mother was raised in an Americo-Liberian family) who has a degree from the Kennedy School at Harvard, spent decades in the investment banking business (worked for Citibank and HSBC, as well as the World Bank), has put a Yale Law grad in as chief justice of the Liberian Supreme Court, is working on gay rights, etc.

Your choice today in Africa is tribal war, or prog colonialism. The superiority of prog colonialism over the authentic European variety could be a matter of legitimate debate. But it isn't.

R. Wilbur said...

United States / NATO installing a gangster regime in Kosovo and propping up a failed state in Bosnia (and allowing Wahabbi money in both). US has long favored Albanian Muslims over orthodox in the Balkans. Failed push for democratization and multiculturalism gets papered over. Both statelets are a complete disaster. Ripple effects felt on neighbors like Macedonia, where Muslim insurgency always threatens to pop back up after US-led talks & Ohrid Agreement.

Steve Johnson said...

John Oliver's show - the living embodiment of the prog hive mind mentioned Venezuela this week.

It collapsed because of oil prices. Oh, and possibly because the new leader is too much of a bro.

Yann said...

Chile has had always the highest growth in South-America, not only under Pinochet. Salvador Allende bankrupted it, but it wasa rich country before that. It has been traditionally called "the Schwitzerland of South America". You wont find many Chileans around the world since they barely migrate. Right now, they even have immigration coming from Europe (not kidding).

Chile is a particular case, though. While most of Latin America was colonized by people from the South of Spain (which is traditionally the poor part, so the part from where people migrate), Chile was colonized mostly by people from North of Spain, which is far more european-like. Chile had strong basque and some german immigration (it is said that the two best thing that basque country made were the Jesuit Order and Chile). As a curiosity, basque country now has Standard & Poors rate A, while the rest of Spain has BBB.

When you dig deep, culture always matters.

NOTE The website did something strange and right now I'm not sure the comment is waiting to be moderated or it was lost (sometimes happens). That is just a copy paste I send a second time just in case. To be deleted if the first one was correctly sent.

Portlander said...

I'd call Brazil a three-fer: HBD, Socialism, and by way of 2nd derivative immigration.

I'd put Singapore in the HBD-Success column. Not saying I'd want to live there, but if you are looking for examples of HBD on the upside -- not just failure, which are legion -- Singapore is a good example.

Bettega said...

The "Switzerland" of South America was traditionally considered to be Uruguay, not least because of it's lax banking system, nowadays the country is more known for the progressive politics of the ruling Marxist government (which was smart enough to appease the left by doing things like marijuana legalization and same-sex marriage, instead of ruining the economy like the Marxists in Brazil or Venezuela), people rarely mention it's demographics (it's 90% white).

But indeed, Chile has always been above average, but so was Venezuela until a decade ago.

Another Latin American country which is better than the average is Costa Rica, which was unique in Central America because it didn't have a big indigenous population prior to Spanish colonization, and afterwards it's mountain terrain didn't encourage the building of large farms, so there wasn't much slave trade either. As a result, it was largely colonized by Spanish settlers who built small farms in the mild climate of the hills.

Yann said...

Venezuela was famous because of the beauty of its women... and that's all. It's true it was rich a decade ago, but only because of oil extraction, the same way Saudi Arabia is rich. The country had in 2013 the biggest oil resources in the world (according to the CIA). Right now oil extraction should be enough at least to guarantee some minimum standard of living in the country. The problem is that they're so messed up that they're not even able to extract the oil the need to sell.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Switerzerland also stayed out of the anti-White EU, isolationism is a good thing for a country if is done like the Swiss do.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Bettega - I have written about Uruguay. I view it as a prime expat destination. My parents have friends who live there for Nov-March.

@Yann - Venezuela does have huge oil reserves but they are a mix of regular reserves and then stuff that is like the canadian oil sands. Chavez was an idiot and required a loyalty oath from oil workers and engineers. This caused them to lose thousands of workers. Then Chavez kicked out foreign corps from extraction. Look at their oil production charts. They started to drop off in 2002 or so. Then Chavez and company siphoned money away from investment. Commies gotta commie.

stengle said...


Once home of warriors, then product designers who boosted the economy, and able to cope with a cold climate, but now socialist-obsessed and adding millions of non-warriors from hot countries who won't bring anything to the economy.

What could go wrong?

Jeffrey S. said...


You say,

"Chile has had always the highest growth in South-America, not only under Pinochet."

Actually, while Chile is an excellent example of a well-run country (and it highlights the importance of HBD) and good contrast case is Argentina. Back during the turn of the 20th Century, Argentina was growing like gangbusters and was one of the richest countries in the WORLD:

"As the couriers carry their bundles around Buenos Aires, they pass grand buildings like the Teatro Colón, an opera house that opened in 1908, and the Retiro railway station, completed in 1915. These are emblems of Argentina’s Belle Époque, the period before the outbreak of the first world war when the country could claim to be the world’s true land of opportunity. In the 43 years leading up to 1914, GDP had grown at an annual rate of 6%, the fastest recorded in the world. The country was a magnet for European immigrants, who flocked to find work on the fertile pampas, where crops and cattle were propelling Argentina’s expansion. In 1914 half of Buenos Aires’s population was foreign-born.

The country ranked among the ten richest in the world, after the likes of Australia, Britain and the United States, but ahead of France, Germany and Italy. Its income per head was 92% of the average of 16 rich economies. From this vantage point, it looked down its nose at its neighbours: Brazil’s population was less than a quarter as well-off."

This article from The Economist summarizes the sad story:

Maybe add Australia to the list? The Derb just wrote a nice piece about how they throw all their boat people on Pacific Islands so as not to attract more of them! They seem to have their heads screwed on straight when it comes to immigration.

Glengarry said...

Australia is just one unfortunate election away from resuming their self-destructive immigration practices. I think we're seeing a pause rather than a fundamental change. Actually, strike that, I get the impression that many Asians are even now getting in even though the illegal boat people don't, so it's really not so much a pause as a somewhat reduced flow.