Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Weimerica Weekly - SWPL Family Formation

New Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. This one discusses the odd forms of family that our SWPL urbanite friends create in the Clinton Archipelago. They deny wanting family yet try to create it in odd ways.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Pardoning Manning

President Obama commuted the sentence of Bradley/Chelsea Manning. Manning will be released in spring of 2017 to go on television and write a book. He will make coin off of his betrayal of America. Like many other pardons and Guantanamo Bay releases during the Obama administration, this is a slap in the face to the armed services and the American people. Manning committed a crime. Manning was sentenced to jail for decades instead of facing the death sentence. He was already spared. Manning should rot in jail for what he did.

What did he do? Manning leaked national secrets, military secrets and State department secrets to Wikileaks. This is different than Wikileaks 2016 leaks as those were just DNC emails; not national security secrets. Manning broke the basic rules of military opsec. Manning released these diplomatic cables that exposed not just what went on behind the scenes but even how we felt about our allies an clients. It damaged our relationships. It damaged how we manage the network we maintain around the globe. This was a treasure trove of information to rivals as they could see how America managed conflicts.

This was also an anti-war statement. Oh the armed forces get support from the Left in the form of lip service that they support the troops, but they get stabbed in the back by the Left. This is why the Left wept for Manning in '10 and cursed Wikileaks in '16. Who-whom even applied to national secrets. Manning should stay in jail just as others have done so for sharing our secrets. He betrayed the oaths he took. He betrayed his country.

There was one other thing. This even applies to the state of mind he was in when he did this leak. manning is trans. If one reads the section of Wikipedia on his transition and gender crisis is happens exactly as he decides to engage with Wikileaks and steal secrets. He was going through a moment of crisis, and Wikileaks carefully manipulated him to make a huge statement. Smart move on their part. It shows just how insane that gender fluid crowd is and how unstable they are.

This was the last bit to the Left falling all over itself for Manning. Manning became a celebrity LGBT figure for whistleblower/gay. Was he really blowing a whistle though or just, in his words, showing the costs of war? This is a leftist fantasy that war can be fought cleanly. He catered to the false righteousness that they engage in that truly puts our armed forces in a bind. Manning's LGBT status made it a crusade for the Left. Free this tortured soul who blew the whistles on the big bad military.

This is just another example of the Left's fight against historical America. They will celebrate the criminals, the rebels and the wreckers of what actually built America because they hate all that it stood for. Manning is just a symbol for them. A member of their team, fighting their good fight. Obama had to reward him. He was their good soldier.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Social Matter - Here's How Trump SHould Tax The Rich

New essay is up at Social Matter. I try to look at different things like 2020, if the Left takes a populist track, potential deficit problems, and the current Left's high-low alliance, and then pull it together for a policy approach that only Trump could do to pull a win out of it all. Only Nixon could go to China and only Trump can tax the billionaires.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Wesearchr + SM Review-Preview 75

Wesearchr had their Twitter account suspended. What for? Merely existing. The supposed rationale was the bounty on the antifa that struck Richard Spencer. Now assisting law enforcement is against twitter rules. This does make sense since twitter has acted as a weapon and accessory to criminal activities since inception: looting, flash mob robberies, fights, insurrections and government overthrows. It is who-whom. it is unfair. it is the nature of the current prog dominated public discourse game.

Twitter is pretty pozzed out. They have incompetent employees. They are so dumb that they do not have ads before any video is played. They did not even sell adspace for their 'warning sensitive image' placeholder. That could be brought to you by any company and with how often it would be employed, it would be worthwhile for an image + text ad. A problem is Twitter most likely has a lock on the "Internet CB Radio". With its losses and near public utility status, nationalizing it does make sense as Lawrence Murray suggests.

Wesearchr is showing its strength and potential development for the future. It is an Uber for journalism. It will not always be that. Nydwracu on Twitter noted how Amazon first was building a competitor to Walmart and now it competes with UPS as its drone fleet and time for delivery is now becoming same day of order. If Wesearchr can provide a marketplace for long form journalism or stories the newspapers do not want, what other information will it be able to provide in the future.

A marketplace for information. Research and journalism is not just for politics and social issues. How many firms might want research? Would Theranos have come crashing down sooner with Wesearchr? What other ossified, manned by prog blinded humans intelligence entity might be a competitor?

Wesearchr should have a great future.


Last week at Social Matter I wrote on elite cues about how they handle different protest and plebian movements. This will be an indicator of what they will try for the Trump term. Weimerica Weekly was an overview of the Obama Era. The man does not define the era as much as acts as a reflection of it. This is due to his passive nature.

This week I will write on a way for Trump to attack the high-low coalition on the Left while blunting a potential Left hijacking of populism later in his term like how Clinton blocked the GOP in 1996 with smart moves. Many in the middle still see the Left as the party of the little guy and not the big 'fat cats', but reality is different. Weimerica Weekly will discuss the urban family dynamic for middle and upper middle class residents. A couple odd stories have hit the mainstream that deserve some discussion for the symptom that they are of our unhealthy city life.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

28Sherman on Rebel Yell Podcast

The men of Rebel Yell invited me on for a chat. This talk was a bit more free flowing, and we ended up discussing the dating scene and problem of finding a 'good girl' for form a family with. I also felt a million years old as I discovered I am not that much younger than Ryan McMahon's parents. McMahon also gives a good ground level description of what California is like right now and how whites feel.

WW1 Anti-tank Cupola

This was an anti-tank cupola that the Germans installed in their lines in 1917. The tanks were meant to overcome the trenches and of course, inspired a response. This one took our 7 tanks prior to capture.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New Site Recommendation: Thermidor

On my twitter feed, I noticed a few links with interesting topics. The authors were familiar to me, and if you read in our sphere, they will be familiar to you. They seem to be churning out essays and even a podcast. I recommend it. It is named Thermidor.

I shot one of the writers there a note because he has written for Social Matter. P.T. Carlo and I exchanged some messages about what they are trying to do. The site is firmly in the anti-globalist camp, and oddly enough, started out at Carlo wanted to write some movie reviews in the greater context of our era and saw that there was space for this in our sphere.

They have a wider focus on the world of the arts, and this is something we definitely need for pushback. In his words, he wanted
to write content that was a bit more "weaponized". I feel as though there is a bit of an openly in the Samizdat scene for a publication which is a little more, shall we say "Dionysiusian" as opposed to "Apollonian" I would classify Social Matter (which I still plan on writing for btw) as being inherently "Apollonian".
You might recognize his name from writing at Social Matter or even katehon.org, which is the Duginist think tank. You may also recognize Mark Citadel.

This essay is as fantastic a piece as you will find about the inverted idea of freedom in the 21st century. This is the type of content creation that not only makes one think but is highly accessible to a broader crowd. It plays with the weird twin features of supposed liberation and degeneration. That essay can be passed along to people outside of our sphere. Those people are thirsty for content, for truth and for new takes on the world.

It is not just different subject matter as a bit of a stylistic difference. There should be a looser side for our crowd as well, and they seem intent on providing that. As Carlo put it,
The vision is a publication which is much more "bohemian" vibe and is a bit more aggressive and experimental than Social Matter or the like. So it's very different (at least I envision it as being different) I see it as being complementary to a site like Social Matter (which is a primarily a serious and analytic enterprise imo).

We were using Social Matter as a reference point since we have both contributed there.

The newest essay they published centered on the idea of art, the state of art and its potential. Art is an expression of the human condition. Art is the reflection of culture that produces it. We do have degenerate art to match our degenerate artists and depraved elite. Can we form a new art? Is it possible to create new art in such a shallow culture? It is a good read.

The podcast debuts with a discussion of 2016. I enjoyed the section on women in politics, including discussion of the difference in female participation between nations. Soviet feminism differed from Western feminism, not just in career styles but basic feminine presentation. This goes back to Stalin deciding the social innovation was poisonous. They discuss the tough but super cute prosecutor in the Crimea, Natalia Poklonskaya, with an interesting anecdote of why she became a prosecutor. One competent woman that the Russians have in power is their current central bank governor, Elvira Nabiullina. She effectively handled the ruble crisis that the US used to try to destabilize Russia. Lot more Brexit rough draft of history than I expected.

Build, create, expand. it is not just going to happen by itself, so get out there. I wish Thermidor the best of luck. Check it out.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Social Matter - Wemerica Weekly - The Obama Era

New Weimerica Weekly is up at Social matter. It is a recap of the Obama era. I discuss the man, the years, the events and the culture. He is not a demon, not an angel, he is just a man. One of the best things about the Obama era was how his failures and his inaction made the media discuss the real powers in DC in an effort to provide cover for their chosen one.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Dissident Decentralization

New sites are popping up, and old ones are navigating challenges. The great thing is that there are new spots in the dissident network. The strength of the dissident right is the lock on truth. If the media-academic memeplex is pushing lies and an illusion divorced from reality, simply revealing reality gives the dissident right a monopoly that will separate it from everyone else. THAT is the moat, the product differentiator, and the key to success. The media-academic complex sets narratives to their ideology, therefore they will not reveal truth since their ideology is a house of cards built on lies. This is the strength to build upon for the future.

Features that make it effective are decentralization, speed, swarming, and the ability to create and destroy teams at will for any given moment or task. It is the "Army of Davids" that Instapundit wrote about years ago applied to the social and political world. We can use different people, groups, memes at any moment. We're cruel to one another because we're always trying to one up each other, but it is like men ribbing their friends. You are tough on your bros but you fight with them and take punches for them.

Those two bits are why the memes are so strong and so successful. The dissident right has moved the needle in 18 months more than the GOP in a generation. You all are giving normies ammunition to pushback on degeneracy, immigration and the never-ending race horseshit. Roughly 25 years ago, a few blacks took a brick to Reginald Denny's head on national TV and cops had to fall back as they were outgunned. The horror was that the perps basically walked off free and THERE WAS NO PUSHBACK OR OUTRAGE. If that happened today, those perps would have been in jail for a long time. Compare that to the Chicago Torture a few weeks ago. I saw this on Faceborg with whites pissed off. The old rules don't apply. George Zimmerman is a free man because of the counter-narrative you all can push and create. It's a narrative that relies on truth.

AnomalyUK and I pinged each other on the effectiveness of the dissident right in the election, and I pointed to an important fact. The cuck meme and masculinity push, bandwagonning on Trump's machismo did affect the election. Think of the stereotypical image of the GOP as doughy, fat evangelicals waving an American flag and crying over Israel. Consider how the Left is framing the GOP now.

Amazing the change in one election. Add in the rise of feminine TrumpBabes vs. blue hair left-wing womyn on social media, and the morphing of the right was complete. The media is also incredibly out of touch with America, and the Left has no contact with normal gender roles. That negative cartoon is the dad who can beat up other dads, can help you with your car or fixing your damaged roof and probably works a blue collar job.

This is thanks to the anti-cuck stuff of 2015 and then 2016. The importance of this and its effect on the election, is it rebranded GOP enough for the Midwest Big 10 states to flip hard for Trump. Whereas past elections, the Big10 areas might be turned off by the W era GOP pitch, suddenly, putting the evangelical themes to the backburner brought out these old Reagan Democrats. Evangelicals were going to come out anyway. Maybe some voted Johnson but they did so in deep red states to signal to the giant mass of red voters there that they did not approve of Trump.

Can we all also admit that what is going on in the American elite is not just nationalism vs globalism but an intra-elite fight? Interesting possibilities open up. That is way above our paygrade, but we can signal our openness to ideas outside the overton window for different solutions. Do that. Let elites know they have support if they dip a toe in a different pond. Even they want to be liked, and know that others with sober, interesting takes support their risk taking.

The Left controls the media, academia and bureaucracy. You fighting that leviathan? You must come up with interesting ways to fight it. What dissidents have now is truth and the ability to spawn, die and re-spawn when needed. People asking if TRS will die or the AltRight will die or the dissident wave is breaking are not looking at where things are going right, and where this is all headed. The fight has just begun. The Left had no clue there was a real opposition with talented people that would challenge them simply using facts and avoiding their frame. I am a results and goals oriented individual. Let's win for our crowd because it leads to high civilization, a secure future for our progeny and keeps the horrors of Mogadishu at bay.

I hope TRS keeps churning out content as they did great work in 2015/2016. A twitter follower stated how a couple years ago, there were no dissident right podcasts and now, thanks to TRS, there are multiple. I feel bad for the guys doxed. I have privately extended support and a few words of advice to them. What happens is in their hands. No one knows where they are going except them, just like no one knew Spencer's strategy after NPI except him. Spencer has done pretty well since, too.

Forget focusing on one node of the dissident constellation because every node is a weapon against the Left. Cuckservative was coined by 'eloh' at MPC, so who knows where the next brilliant meme or idea will come from the smack the Left and fake Right with daily. Keep attacking the Left. Keep thinking up creative ways to disrupt them. Network, build, and start nudging normies. They have no agency, but you know the time tested truths. Share them and inspire others. Keep lifting, Keep posting.

Men come & go, the memes remain.


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Social Matter - Can The Left Keep It Together

New essay up at Social Matter. The Left has not put the brakes on any of the racial animosity out there. They did once put the brakes on Occupy Wall Street. Will they be able to carefully craft a movement to create a unified populist coalition? The next four years will be interesting.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration + SM Review-Preview 74

Did you think it would happen? Trump won in November, but the Left and entire media complex made you doubt it would happen. We now know that Clinton's team was covertly working with the efforts to turn electors. The Jill Stein recounts had odd support from Soros and other pro-Clinton teams. They wanted to work their magic to flip a blue state here or there from the Midwest to then make the elector flip much more close. We laughed at the delusions of the Left foot soldiers. The slow walk to the inauguration would not be stopped.

But deep down, you didn't count them out. The Left stops at nothing. It is simply a gang to collect and maintain power. They have no scruples and will bend and break every single rule. The electors thing was disgusting as it has no history in recent elections and not in decades if not over a century. This would have been the ultimate "legal but unethical" thing for the Left. It is a dangerous thing that it even happened with a few stray electors on both sides. CIA (and sympathetic deep state elements) is openly involved in delegitimizing a president. it is openly doing what it covertly did to Nixon in the '70s.

This Resistance crap also should be a warning to people that think a restoration or whatnot would not have thousands if not millions of liberals drooling at the chance to play rebels. You will have to deal with them. Isolate, exile or maybe in drastic moments, to the helicopters. They will not go quietly. Things are going to get messy. There are the high-middle-low that we know, but with the elites fighting as well, there may be an opportunity for a new high-middle-low. As Peter Turchin has written, we have an overproduction of elites. That means conflict. How much of the English War of the Roses was due to too many elites and a sudden loss of wealth (losing French possessions).

This day is still about Trump. He placed it all on the line. He assumed the mantle of anger. He took the abuse. Daily, he took the abuse. His campaign was written off many times, maybe over a hundred times. His family took abuse. His family is going to take abuse. Is he the old Boomer figure to guide America through the 4th turning's crisis period? Is he the scapegoat, sacrificial figure that Peter Thiel cites in interviews? No one knows.

Today, though, you know something weird happened to get to this point. Trump's inauguration solidifies the change. Even had he lost, something had changed. Not just between groups but within the right and left. The lines are drawn. It has become too obvious to ignore, and no amount of TV dramas are going to smooth over divisions. Enjoy Trump's big day. The future is wide open, and I doubt anyone can predict what the next four years will reveal.


Last week I wrote about how Trump can end sanctuary cities. It is possible. It does not even have to be done through the courts. Weimerica Weekly was an interview with a Democrat that has both DC experience and small town experience. Things are broken and the small towns have no clue how to handle the problems of SCALE.

This week I write about elite leftist cues. They have unleashed racial strife with no pulling back. This does not always happen with their foot soldiers' antics. They have crushed their foot soldiers before. We need to look out for this considering what they already are discussing for the Trump era. Weimerica Weekly will be an hour long monologue on the Obama Era. He is not the demon or angel that the two sides make him out to be. He's just a man.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

WW1 - Soldier And Death

"Soldat Und Tod" by Hans Larwin in 1917. I won't ruin this with any commentary but that I waited until 2017 to share this one. The centennial of Verdun and Somme are over and done with, and the ruin that those battles created are still with us.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Trump Offers Free Mega-Viral Marketing

The market is a battlefield. Advertising, product development and sales are all the business equivalent of military units. Winning a market and dominating is like winning a battle and taking territory. Companies spend time and resources on R&D or product development to get there. They also think up advertising campaigns or pay for ad agencies to work up pitches. Right now, there is a free means for meg-marketing in a viral manner than still passes through traditional mediums: Trump.

Because the media has ginned up the political environment to paint support or resistance to Trump as so emotional and so much part of one's identity, it opens a door for companies. One executive, a founder, an owner a board member, it does not matter who, but one can show up on CNBC, a larger newspaper, etc. and simply voice goodwill, well wishes, or even support for Donald Trump and immediately capture a huge slice of American consumer attention. The Trump marketing troll bump.

Trump is the president but the Left and media are trying to do everything possible to make it bad for higher status whites to like Trump or his policies. Recall he won 1% less of whites than Romney but picked up huge chunks in areas the GOP formerly lost. His support slipped in college educated whites by a handful of percentage points. If Trump were to pick up them, it's over for the Democrats for a while not just with Trump but his successor as well. The Left wants to name and shame any supporters.

This means that any high status white that mouths support will garner attention and be vilified by the press. They want to pressure them to recant or back off. An executive voicing support will immediately get airtime and press coverage because the press cannot help themselves. It is all they know how to do. This guarantees press coverage for the company worth millions in free advertising. The latest to go through this is L.L. Bean. We have seen this before, and seen consequences.

Of course you remember when the Left attacked Chik-Fil-A. They received huge attention for one executive not liking gay marriage and donating to a traditional marriage advocacy firm. Boycotts of sorts were tried, but more importantly Chik-Fil-A received massive media exposure just as it was expanding outside of the southeast. I is privately held, but the sales numbers have risen so much Wall Street drools hoping it has an IPO. The boycott fails because the Left has no willpower to sustain anything. A buy-cott or sales boost comes because suddenly the other side (right wingers), now see buying some of that product as a little help to a friend. I call it "Hate Chicken" and treat myself to it occasionally.

Do you remember the Beach Bod ad controversy? This advertisement simply used a hot chick with a rocking body like countless companies have before, but now with the radical SJW left, it triggered a response. Eurocentric beauty standards, heteronormative, fat-shaming, body-shaming, OMG WOW JUST Wowing all were spouted by the SJW left. How any people knew of that firm before the media created controversy? They garnered millions in attention they could not afford to pay for as well as set themselves as the true victims of an oversensitive SJW left. Trigger marketing worked there.

Back to L.L. Bean, which is the current company going through it. How many people knew of L.L. Bean? How many considered it an outdoorsman store? How many saw it as too pricey? Did you know about their money back guarantee? The coverage probably encouraged people to look at them who would not have considered buying from them, picked up new consumers, and played on that identity as a Trump supporter to support the businesses that support Trump.

This is not for all firms. The firms to play on this are firms with middle class to upper-middle class customer demographics or the aspirational brands that are heavy White and Asian. Play to Trump's Middle consumers because they are the last with disposable income that can make discretionary purchases or pay a little bit more between parity product firms. Spend a little more on an L.L. Bean sweater than any of the GAP family brands (GAP, Banana Republic, Old Navy) because now there is a political and social connection.

Is there a downside? Sure if the Left boycotts it. Did not slow Chik-fil-a down. The secret is in the Left's coalition. They are not going to boycott. They barely notice how and what they buy. Look how impulsive and ADD they are. High end whites have no willpower to stick to anything and are frauds. They will still buy from an L.L. Bean, but then voice some disapproval of that one executive. They are phonies. The Left's main voting muscle is their low, and their low has no money to even play in the sphere of L.L. Bean products. Plus, for a firm like Chik-Fil_a, do you really see Blacks, Hispanics and Gays passing up on their tasty chicken sandwiches for a political point. Maybe lesbians, and that is all. The Left voting for them is for gibsmedats and hating whitey, not abstract points.

If I were a mid-sized or large company in a market looking for some odd edge at the moment, and even one that just started a new product roll-out or new market to penetrate, I would consider this move. An even better way to play it out would be to use an executive that is near retirement or already has retirement planned. The firm can explicitly state it is apolitical and even committed to diversity and LGBT, but allows freedom of thought for employees.

Just as Trump used the media against itself, corporations will be smart to use the media's obsession with Trump to their advantage. One interview can become a 24 hour media blast with subsequent follow up on social media as every little leftist foot soldier signals "I HATE THEM NOW!" and never follows through. Silently or maybe not so silently now, moderates and those who lean right will click the most important button online, "complete purchase".

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly - Blue Town Blues

Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. I chat with a disillusioned Democrat that does consulting work for small towns who has experience in DC. It is roughly 50 minutes of discussing small towns, how they handle problems, DC and the current state of the Left.

Monday, January 16, 2017

MLK Day Mythology

It is MLK Day. The myth is strong. The myth has to be strong to cover for the reality. The myth of gentle, good MLK is so strong that today on facebook you will find blacks saying they liked Malcolm X better because he was harsher and mo' realer 'n' shit. They even question what MLK did to get anything done and argue Malcolm X got mo' done. (I'm quoting my black Facebook friends.) "By any means necessary" they cheer right now forgetting they are 13% of the population and in such disarray that their members all leave the community the moment they get any money. MLK did work for the high that used him.

The MLK myth is not for them but for whites. Whites have to see MLK as a saint. If they saw reality, well, what would become of the saint? King was a plagiarist, even academia and Wiki-liberals agree on that. MLK was a cheater that smacked hookers. Jackie Kennedy was on the record as saying she was disgusted by the sex parties King and his circle would have, and saw them beneath the elite. The FBI letters or calls to MLK to say "kill yourself" was because they knew he was a cheating hypocrite.

This cannot be in films like "Selma". It would ruin the myth. People forget the man was in his 30s when the elite were using him. He was not even 40 when he died. That also feeds into the myth. He was a tool of the elite with direct access to multiple presidents. LBJ was asking him for something to help pass the Civil Rights Act. He needed help, and the media elite gladly helped. He was no underdog, simply the low that the high used to break the middle.

Where did all of the money come from? King was good friends with Stanley Levison, communist and of course, Jew. Levison helped King in organization, speechwriting and other great things that made his cause progress. Now, who could get King all that money? Who could be the friendly go-between for the New York donors. This has to be downplayed because the myth requires organic, grassroots activism. The underdog has to triumph, not the useful pawn. The myth must be maintained.

I will quote from myself on the MLK statue fundraising problem. The black museum and MLK memorial was almost not approved due to fundraising shortfalls.
The myth is strong enough for the statue in D.C. The sad part about the statue is that the memorial had a $120 million fundraising target yet needed $10 mil from the US government and $25 million from the Chinese government to meet the fundraising goals. The Chinese completed the statue as it was designed by a Chinese designer. The memorial had large donations from major corporations, foundations and private names. Some big names like car manufacturers, the Gates Foundation and even Tommy Hilfiger and George Lucas dot the major donor list. 
Despite this, the MLK memorial nearly missed fundraising (and having their permit revoked) despite a multi-year campaign and $35 million from the US and Chinese government. The fundraising foundation could not accrue roughly $85 mil (a ceiling due to corp + foundation donations) from the American and especially the black community. It is not poverty but priorities that created the fundraising problem. Blacks spend between $7-9 billion per year on hair care products. Do the math. If those hair care companies had devoted 1% of sales to the MLK memorial in support for their customers, they would have met the fundraising goal in a little over one year. MLK's legacy is a monument designed and assembled by Chinese that some blacks grumble about but did not prevent because they needed Chinese money. The dream is in stone, even if someone else built and bought it.

Maybe they should have picked Malcolm X and picked up donations from regular black Americans? I doubt even that would have worked.

This gets us to our modern times where your kids do little write ups on MLK in school. The four or five sentence blurbs in grade school or four or five page papers in junior high never mention this. Education is our indoctrination centers. They are the Sunday Schools and seminaries. Forget reality, preach the good word. Reality complicates that, so forget reality.... but kids, don't you know Thomas Jefferson was evil because he owned slaves?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Social Matter - How Trump Can End Sanctuary Cities

New essay up at Social Matter. Trump promised to do something to end sanctuary cities. Here is how he can do it without a legal fight. He can also use this as a means to toss a grenade in the middle of the wildly different and conflicting wings of the Left. Blow up the Clinton Archipelago and pit the Left factions against one another.

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Hyperemotional Left + SM Review-Preview 73

This week's insanity was provided to America, and the globe, by Buzzfeed running a fake news story about Trump, Russia and bizarre sexual acts. The Russians denied having any type of file on Trump or Clinton. The details of this fake dossier were straight out of Weimerica and straight from /pol comedy. Breitbart does not miss the perfect chance to use "Yellow Journalism" to describe it. I'll comment on the amazing troll job performed later. This all plays into a bigger item: the Left has become hyperemotional.

Nick Land noted months ago that the Left's desire for safe spaces, becoming catatonic at any different suggestion or feeling wounded by mere words or microagressions was creating an enemy that would fold up or crack up easily. The safe space, crying and shut it down crowd is one element of this agitated state but so is the enemies hysteria. The "treason" hyperventilating that started with reporters like Jeff Goldberg with a throwaway Trump conference line have elevated to many progs throwing treason and traitor around with no evidence. This is all rich coming from people who side with any person that washes onshore to fight against their fellow countrymen.

Buzzfeed's crew was agitated. The inauguration is little more than a week away. The bizarre smear is a desperate attempt to validate their claims of treason while pointing and laughing at the other. If the /pol crew truly did set this up by feeding it to Rick Wilson, who then passed it along to others and trolled CIA, DNI, etc. into considering it real and even embellishing it with a Russian angle, then we are not dealing with rational people but with overemotional lunatics. America has the greatest collection of intelligence tech known to man. Still it all relies on the human that uses it. Our human hierarchy is staffed with progs that so desperately want their narrative to be true and defy reality.

Reality should have stopped a variety of people. Immediately, there was pushback as one of the claims (Trump's lawyer Cohen going to Prague) was denied and debunked with simple fact checking. The rest, well the rest read like the greatest troll job in the history of trolling. Trump supposedly stayed in Moscow and in the room the Obamas stayed in. He had Russian hookers pee on the bed. This is genius trolling by the boys at /pol or some merry prankster. I hope that this becomes a public way for Trump to dismantle CIA because of just how easy it is to get them to sign off on evil enemies if the intel lines up with their desires. This make the Iraq War run up nonsense more believable as Chalabi fed them what they wanted to hear, and he was not an anonymous troll.

The Left is hyperemotional. This is to be expected from people who have turned politics into religion. Religious devotees do things like sob at farewell speeches of elite puppets and jump on any lurid tale devoid of evidence as long as it smears the other.


Last week I wrote about the potential for a white baby boom with the Trump presidency. There is an echo of Weimar turning over to Nazi rule that may be seen again. We will see. Weimerica Weekly was about the need to take the next step and build public spaces for people to push on the Overton Window as well as feel safe to pushback on progs.

This week I will write about a possible way for the Trump administration to split the Left via money and immigration. Weimerica Weekly will be a talk on the Obama presidency. The eight years are over, so what exactly did we see?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

WW1 Mechanics In Need

The changing nature of warfare made for new recruits. Skilled mechanics were needed for the industrialized method of warfare of WW1.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Weimerica Weekly - Create and Build Public Space

Weimerica Weekly has actually moved to Tuesday. It is up at Social Matter. We are moving it to Tuesday to make room for more content at Social Matter. I posted this today just in case people are normal Wednesday status checkers.

This week I push the idea that we need to build public space to nudge people along and create an environment where people feel safe to oppose the regime. This does not have to be complicated, just simply standing your ground in a public setting. If the word racist, sexist or homophobe mean nothing anymore, act like it in your friendly discussions of politics, society and culture.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Diversity + Proximity = War, One Exception

"Diversity + Proximity = War" is the great Heartiste 21st century slogan that encapsulates tribal warfare. One out though, which the American 20th century experiment proved was, it is possible to build a pan euro society. You know who ruined this with Marxist education, media and immigration, but an American identity was built across very different groups from inside and outside the hajnal line. The secret: are the men but especially are the women of comparable beauty.

Diversity will create winners and losers per the strengths and weaknesses of the disparate groups. Skills, abilities, physical traits are distributed differently among groups. Research shows even blind men prefer women with a lower waist to hip ratio. Nature is hardwired, and even the greatest propaganda machine in the history of the world has a hard time getting people to change their preferences (in action, not how they answer an opinion survey). Losers, and being part of the group that is disadvantaged, will create resentment, envy and anger.

There is no greater anger than being rejected sexually and for marriage. Cruise the internet, and you will find bitter men and women of different groups that lose out in the mating market. I chuckle considering how my wife saw Eliot Rodger's picture and thought he was a cute guy, but when she found out his height, knew why he was rejected by women. Living in a nation where the average height was well above his, Rodger was a mating market loser. He also went on an incel rage killing spree. Go even deeper and check out Tumblr for the odd stirrings of segregated dating. Black women are constantly advocating this, but even holy progressive whites are considering interracial dating as a kind of theft from groups (yes, it is comical). Side note: black women are so angry that white women are proud to have booties that they are saying white women are evolving as black women set the standard. Some white women always did, but they never knew it was okay to be proud of it until the media pushed J.Lo.

One must look beyond the Tumblrite talking points about beauty. The collage above is a fun collection of the composite faces from each nation per Facebook pictures. This is not simply skin tone. The disproportionate mating success issue is not skin tone but body shape and the facial bone structure. When non-white crybabies whine about white ideals of beauty, they are trying to make it about color and not about the underlying bone structure, hair and body shape.

Do we need to even discuss average BMIs, the waist to hip ratios of groups, hair? Look at the skulls below. The true trick to European facial beauty is the inverted pyramid of the nasal bridge and jaw. The soft jawline is the key to the feminine look, but the inverted pyramid gives the face a three dimensional look that the human eye finds desirable. No amount of Halle Berrys and Toni Braxtons, who still had facial plastic surgery, paraded on television is going to change the street level daily interactions of millions of people.

Peace also took decades for all, more than a century with the Irish, by breaking the mannerbunds of different American ethnic enclaves. There had to be crack downs on mafias, organized crime, etc. in combination with the spotlighting of the good of the Anglo system of law and order. It took decades to convince other groups to buy into it, but there had to be a carrot and stick approach. A carrot was that the economic system allowed for those not as cognitively blessed to prosper via manual labor or simply homesteading. One of America's greatest secret spices for success was always having new area to explore, fill and claim.

The carrot and stick also had help in that Anglos, Germans, Italians, Irish, Scandis and other Euro descended populations could feel that the mating market had parity. The American mutt could come into being because the overlap between groups was so great. Even media use of Madonna was a way of approving and saying "yes ethnic whites are just as good as the Anglo-Nordic ideal of beauty". If the women of each group in the melting pot has some comparable level of beauty and has strengths another group doesn't have and likewise the men of each group finds them all desirable, you can have peace.

Diversity + Proximity = War but not in all cases.

Monday, January 09, 2017

The Apolitical FED

The Federal Reserve is an independent body. It is apolitical. The FED does not consider political issues with regards to their management of the economy. Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are also real, too. The Federal Reserve is as unbiased and apolitical as our media.

The Federal Reserve is a political animal and piece of the system that works for its benefit just as any other piece is suppose to work for the continuation of it. The FED revealed it's firm place in Moldbug's Cathedral or Polygon with some incredibly quick turnaround actions after the election. Just in October, the FED was maintaining the cautious, "let's see" approach that has allowed them to keep rates at 0% for almost a decade (one small hike).

Binyamin Appelbaum is one of those financial order takers that sell you on what elites want to do financially. He was one of the writers that talked up Larry Summers as a potential replacement for Bernanke a few years ago. He sells you on their thinking. He has an interesting passage right at the top of the article.
In a wide-ranging speech, Ms. Yellen said the Fed was struggling to understand the behavior of the labor market and the weakness of inflation. It is reconsidering how changes in monetary policy ripple through the economy, and the impact of international events. In short, as often happens after a crisis, the Fed is sorting through some existential issues.

This is hogwash. To still be sorting through the issues from the last crisis is a lie. A massive FED enabled bubble in all realms popped. FED watchers expected the FED to raise rates four times in 2016, because they did not think the FED was political. This is a delaying, excuse making passage for what the FED really has been doing: reflating the bubble. We still live in a FIRE economy, therefore the FED funds rate matters supreme due to the never-ending need for new marginal borrowers. The moment they raise rates, the bubbles get deflated and economy contracts.

The Obama admin did not reorient the entire American economy because Wall Street owned him. We now know Citigroup practically picked his cabinet, and Citigroup was the sickest of the too big to fail banks that received three bailouts. The Obama stimulus was loaded with loans and spending on education and health care because that is the Left's economic coalition. There was no infrastructure boom because it would help 'the other side'. Look at where money has gone and the same bubbles have inflated: education, housing, financial, etc.

The FED maintained zero interest rates so that the free money would keep flowing and government debt would be bought. Keeping the FED funds rate at 0% dragged down every debt instrument's interest rate. As the bond bubble grew, every single debt instrument came down as its spread between its risk and the 10 year Treasury fund was maintained no matter how much true risk it carried. Portuguese long term bonds at 4%? C'mon, this is all artificial.

The election passes and suddenly rate hikes are okay. In fact, there will be more in 2017. The economy is clearly strengthening. Strengthening enough to justify a hike. This is nonsense. If anything, there are signs it's rolling over. How can one measure the true nature of the economy anyway? Family formation is down, births are down, and there are many social factors that point to the FED just pushing on a string right now as no one feels secure.

The FED is a political animal. President Nixon knew this and appointed a yes man for the FED chair. The FED raising rates now is meant to throw sand in the financial gears for Trump's presidency. "No, no, no, no Donald, this punch bowl is only for our pets." They held off raising rates so not to disturb markets for Clinton's campaign. They want every single debt instrument to rise in rates to cause problems for Trump and state governments. The FED is part of the cathedral and will do what it takes to continue its existence. How Trump handles this rise in rates is key because there is a political opportunity for him to fracture the Left. There is one thing in 2017 that he can do come the fall.

President Donald Trump can replace Janet Yellen.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Social Matter - A Trump Baby Boom?

New essay is up at Social Matter. I dig into the Weimar era again to point to something that some random commenters on the Internet have hinted at (Matt Forney in particular): a potential Trump Baby Boom. There was a '30s German example, and one before the government policies could even go into full effect. It's not about money.

Friday, January 06, 2017

Life In The Clinton Archipelago + SM Review-Preview 72

The Chiraq kidnapping, torturing and then sharing on Facebook of a white man with special needs by four blacks is pretty horrific. Is it kidnap, gang rape, imprison, kill and then fed to alligators horrific? Was it murdered and set on fire horrific? These crimes, horrible crimes, happen every single day. We tolerate them. We shouldn't.

Americans are reminded of the evils of lynching in the past, which of course always involved sweet innocent black victims. No, no they did not. Just look at the news records of two I wrote about here and posted the newspaper account. Many were of men guilty of crimes. Those were not for fun.

Now look at the Chiraq 4 and what they did. Detained a special needs white guy for being white, tortured, beat and mocked him. This is like a lynching. All of those "geez, wrong place wrong time" murders that people shake their heads at are modern day lynchings. Media would never call them that but what is it when someone simply takes a wrong turn and they get robbed, raped and murdered for being in the wrong neighborhood? Hollywood will have a white guy say, "Don't come 'round here boy" to some black teen in a spiffy outfit. Blacks will flip out when a white even puts the term 'boy' in a tweet in any way related to a black, yet this attack is not racial. Would Hollywood ever recreate the Knoxville horror? Of course not.

Are these attacks because of some crime these whites who wander into the wrong neighborhood done for retribution? No. They are for fun. If you are skeptical, look at the most horrific part of this. These fucking demons aired it on their Facebook Live. Like Jerry Sandusky raping boys in the Penn State showers, these four criminals did not fear sharing it with their social circle. They did not fear sharing it on Facebook. Sandusky didn't think anyone at PSU would fuss if they caught him. It's the same here. They did not fear any consequences to people they knew seeing it. They know the authorities will cover for them. That is true horror.

That is life in the Clinton Archipelago. That is the glamour of the cities the progs rule from which they are attempting to control the globe. Four crooks just looking for a weak loner to torture. This is why there will be blood in the 2020s. A lot of young men have nothing to lose. A lot of Americans still believe in civilization for the civilized. A lot of Americans believe the best days for America are behind it. A lot of Americans want to know why their country has changed and who has been hiding it.


Last week I wrote on the curious case of Somalis in America. America backed another loser in an international war we had no reason to even sniff at. There was no Weimerica weekly because we're doing a shuffling of what goes where. By the time we settled on a new day for Weimerica Weekly, it was beyond Wednesday. Social Matter has MORE CONTENT coming your way.

This week I write on the odd theory that there will be a Trump Baby Boom. It isn't so crazy to consider. I use an historical example that the media is constantly screaming about but never exploring for facts and data. Forget policy, it will be emotional. After all, euro and Japanese policies have not turned their plummeting TFRs around. Weimerica Weekly will be about how we will need to build going forward.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

WW1 Admiral Tirpitz Resigned

In 1916, Admiral Tirpitz resigned. Not forced. He resigned over the ever increasing restrictions on Uboats. The Kaiser and a wing of the German command did not want to bring America into the fight. That was why the Uboats were given limited engagement orders.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Rogue One: The Ritual Continues

"This isn't a Star Wars movie," - my 5 year old son one hour into Rogue One.

I finally got around to watching Rogue One. Plenty of ink wasted on this film. MPC has ripped it to shreds via various posters reviews. It's a script that would have been better as simply a 'terrorism' or modern warfare film, not Star Wars. A military heist film is always fun. Strip the film of the goofy sci-fi stuff, and this would be a nice film about using a third party or mercenary group to pull off something that ol' Uncle Sam doesn't want his fingerprints on for blame. Here are ten observations:

1. Hard to like any of the protagonists. Ip Man (Donnie Yen) is pretty interesting as the blind kung fu guy, but there is no one to really root for in the film. Hollywood should greenlight an "American cop goes to Shanghai and is a fish out of water" film with Donne Yen as his Chinese police liaison. With all the Chinese kleptocrat immigrants coming to America, this would be an easy script to write and have the CCP approve production of "Shanghai Surprise". 
2. The girl power action lead casting has to stop. I know this is a directive from up on high to destroy toxic masculinity and empower women, but it is laughable. Akinokure has a point on the trans nature of it all, but all this does is force young boys to search for a different favorite character to identify with, and as they diversity cast the protagonists, white kids will seek the bad guys. At least this female in Rogue One was cute and less androgynous than "Rey, the boy with tits" in Force Awakens but at the average female height, the idea of her being an action tough guy is already weak. It crumbles in the shot where she wears the Imperial pilot gear and is standing next to the muddled accent Spanishy guy and robot, and you see that she is a head shorter than the guy. She looks like a kid yet we had an older character commend her how as a teen she was already a great warrior. She is a wee woman. Stop this insanity. 
3. There are CGI versions of Peter Cushing and Carrie Fisher. They also spliced in video of original A New Hope rebel pilots. They look good enough that one could see how they reboot things in the future. Why use actors anyway? Could they remake the originals of films but with prog approved changes? Sure. Can 'live' events be faked? Sure. I found this more frightening than cool.
4. Forest Whitaker plays some too rough for the Rebels type of rebel leader. It's cartoonish. His voice throws it over the top though as it sounds like he is the bad guy (Baron Silas Greenback) from "Danger Mouse". I had to suppress laughter when he was onscreen. Fortunately, that is not for long.
5. Here's the genius to going after State Farm interracial pedo ads, attacking academics that wish for White Genocide and going after Star Wars diversity casting or all white bad guys framing: it forces the issue in the open. Had the Star Wars writer NEVER said that he had made the film to be a strong woman leading a diverse group over evil white males, a lot of normies would have just taken the imagery in and had their minds massaged to equate white as bad and diverse as good. The Disney employee idiotically mentioned it. He should have stayed silent. Trump's win triggered these fools that hard. By the AltRight reacting to it, it made people see the unspoken message. it couldn't be covert or subconscious anymore. By pointing it out too, just like the State Farm ad, it makes the people aware but unsure of things suddenly realize that many others see it and dislike it. This now means normies will see the same "diversity vs white group" set up and know the messaging, not just suspect that it is on purpose. Isn't the easier political analogy due to desert setting, jihad rebellion and fascism Israel vs Palestinians?
6. There is a comical bit to all of these Star Wars films where we have to pretend that the magical energy or power weapons of the prequel trilogy somehow do not exist in these newer movies. If they have access to exotic aliens, why didn't they call up some aliens to design interesting weapons for them. They still have to transfer data plans on a floppy disk? Come on Disney, they can transmit plans through space from giant towers but need a goddamn floppy disk, and the plans can fit on a disk?
7. The gritty imagery combined with illogical plot and story bits means we have a movie designed for adults that don't want any consistency or thinking... a film for liberal adults. Star Wars isn't a kiddie or teen escape anymore; it's gritty, man, like real, man. This also makes the completely cliché "rebellions are built on hope" garbage seem so forced. To match the gritty take, an angry, vengeful rebel would have pitched the 'steal the plans' mission far differently.
8. The Rebellion isn't pitched as the idealistic good guys fighting the evil Empire anymore. Nope, the ol' Buck Rogers stark contrast stuff is gone. This is the age of the anti-hero after all, and the age of authenticity. There outfits are all dingy and dirty. The original films portrayed a "used universe" not a 3rd world humans walking around in shitty clothes in a used universe. They can fly through space, I'm sure they can have clean clothes and faces. This is about us. Even our fictional galactic space wars need to be grey (again, this would be a great modern warfare flick). How am I going to like a protagonist when he shoots his informant/spy dead in the first 3 minutes like the guy was meaningless? Notice that the gritty and grey Rebel thing would NOT be the old, black edgy rebel turning on the female lead like some false opposition figures do. Think back to Total Recall; they had Bennie the black mutant turn on Arnold at the end. Would never happen today unless Bennie was white.
9. Star Wars and Star Trek have been put into the hands of directors who can't build simple life or death tension so they have characters dangle from ledges often. It's like having Helen Hunt run in the rain to have a wet t-shirt when talking to Jack Nicholson in "As Good As It Gets" because she couldn't generate any sexual tension normally. You know what would have been a tense scene without the need for dangling over bottomless chasms? Have Vader be 1-on-1 searching for the female lead through a space station, ship or building. A rip off of sorts of the Terminator or Jurassic Park "hunt scenes", but imagine it with a Vader taunting her like a perverse, winner take all hide 'n' seek. 
10. Darth Vader shows up, and since they did reshoot over a third of the film after test audiences panned it, I wonder if his scenes were added in. Vader's dark hallway killing spree was pretty intense. It conveys the horror of his power and capabilities. There was no stopping him. If Disney wanted to make a billion profit, not box office, pure profit, it would make a "Vader Kills Everything" movie. Set up: Vader and the Empire goons go to a planet to investigate some lost squad. Their planetary guide betrays them, and Vader couldn't Force-feel it since it was a droid guide. The squad is killed and Vader is basically left alone on the planet to fight his way off. It'd be like the old Conan stories where Conan would have his back to the wall and would have to kill 200 men. Just have Vader kill beasts, aliens, men, droids, ships, etc. as he made his way off the planet. I'd pay $10 to see it.

My son did not care for it. These are not even kids' movies anymore. I was a bit bored with it as well. Star Wars movies have made the same transition that comic books did. They are no longer for kids but for the guys who never grew up. Disney gotta print them dollars though!.... Hey look a trailer for the new fast + Furious film where the diverse group is betrayed by Vin Diesel because the evil, white, blonde haired and blue eyed Charlize Theron seduced him!!!!

Monday, January 02, 2017


This Guardian confessional essay turned out to be the work of the legendary troll Godfrey Elfwick. Poe's Law has arrived for the Left. The Left's elite and donors have let the far left foot soldiers, repeating the same old communist shibboleths and some new ones, run too wild and too long without any pushback or even just slowing down. This is what makes trolling effective. It also opens doors for wider troll jobs.

Creating an astroturf black separatist political party is a troll. Jill Stein is right now scamming naïve lefties out of millions for her never going to happen recount. She has raised over $6 million, which is more than her entire campaign raised! There are tons of Music Man style, legal but unethical scams one could run on progs to milk them like cows. There are smaller investment troll jobs out there, and one ripe for the picking area is the world of documentaries. Documentaries are incredibly easy to produce with limited equipment and funding. One can boost funding by the proper marketing to leftist donors and foot soldiers.

Imagine marketing on GoFundMe or kickstarter a documentary on any progressive pet subject. Marketing could be simply "examining the causes of the achievement gap" with standard issue SWPL progressive video pitch for cash. One would have to create an online persona with a progressive trail. This would not be hard to pitch to the funders of all of those documentaries on Netflix with standard issue prog messaging. People fund what they want to see.

Now take the money, create a documentary, but not the prog documentary. Lampoon the Left's extreme wing now for excuses and causes for things as cover. Fill it with redpill facts non-stop. It would be easy to make sunshine, cheery graphics and animations of dissident points, graphs, charts, etc. If the delivery was straight faced, progressive lunacy, how could someone deny releasing it, watching it or commenting on it. Imagine someone simply reading the statistics off of blackboysreport.org to a camera in a tearful manner.

Ali G on steroids. Make trollumentaries on several specific issues before everyone wises up to the game... but if one were so good at mimicking the Left's loons, then they may never wise up.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Social Matter - Somalis In Snow

New essay at Social Matter. With the recent sleeper cell activated Somalian in Ohio, why exactly are Somalians of all nationalities in America? Of course, it has to do with America picking a side in an itnernational conflict it had no need of getting into a generation ago. As usual, America supported the losing side.