Friday, March 24, 2017

Destroying the Southwest + SM Review

After almost a week bouncing around Arizona, I leave with the desire to physically remove every immigrant. Go home. Stop it. Just leave. It's squatting. It's adding bugs to the bugman city life. This is all so the current elite will not be challenged by any potential rising new elite. it is also so their unambitious progeny can be artists and ski bums but still have health care. It's disgusting.

Using pictures of beautiful prairie vistas, coastlines, mountains or rolling fields does not mean anything to the Left. They do not consider those areas the areas of fun and excitement, nor the end dump off spot for the imported ringers. They view everything through the prism of the city. They just keep pouring immigrants into the cities and stuff humans into every single spot they can. Just load the cities.

This destroys the Southwest. Water management was always going to be an issue but explosive population growth strains it even further. If California does enter that 500 year drought pattern, then the underclass pouring out from the West to the rest of America will be like pus from a boil. I won't even touch the housing problem as yes the sand states were affected, but not just in a boom'n'bust building cycle but overloading areas that wrecked construction. Walls needed to be added to middle income neighborhoods. High rise business parks that were constructed in the '80s are already in shady areas because of the flood of 3rd world bodies.

I already see the business red flags of Mexicanification in Arizona too. Not the workers. I'll get to that. I went to a Pepsi distribution center. "Hmmm fences with razor wire, don't see that in the Midwest," was my first thought. By the fifth manufacturing or tech wholesaler with razor wire along the fence, I got the point. This is standard practice in Mexico. These corporate fuckers rationalize it too, "Just a cost of doing business, buddy, we just set up the fence and it helps control leakage". They enjoy the lower labor costs, but I'll get to that too.

I actually spent time with a poster child for any pro-immigration narrative. The media would be smart to use her. First gen born here. Padre was an '86 amnesty visa guy. Mama was Mexican. Uhhh, she got here, they married and raised kids. One kid is a doctor, two others employed and this one is the All-American girl. Ehhhh not quite. She seems it, except when she is bitching that she doesn't get time off for Easter, "It's sad we don't get Wednesday through Monday off like in Mexico." Goooooooooo back. You'll get that week off. Go the hell back.

Speaking with white Arizonans, the strain of the immigration issue is present in many conversations. I waited for the signals from some and gave encouraging signs to start the honest talk so we could get to, "Wall, deport them all". I'd be interested to hear from anyone local in law enforcement, but the locals commented how homeless folks are taking some blame for crimes that are committed by what they think are gangs or cartel members.

The cuck corporate crowd and the elite think they can prevent a rising elite from challenging them. There is one problem. This ultimately is the problem with any cuck arrangement. These cucks will let the young others do the hard work as long as they can keep their status, wealth and toys. It might take a generation or two but eventually that cuck elite will be walled up in high rises like in Brazil living in gilded cages. That is the positive path because the other option is similar to the man you let fuck your wife as you enjoy the nice home and care suddenly saying "I want the house and car too". These underclass pets will eventually want the cash, too.

In the process, these cucks and traitors will destroy the Southwest ecologically and culturally.


Last week I wrote at Social Matter on the different challenge that Islamic immigration poses compared to other groups. Not all barbarians are equal. Weimerica Weekly was a discussion with a Millenial about the dating wasteland.

I am taking this week off as I had a busy and long business trip to the Southwest.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Interesting. Did you check out Scottsdale? Lots of residents from the Scottsdale area move to OC, and vice versa. Similar climate and lifestyle. And people.

We spent a week in Sedona last year. Interesting place. I've been a few times. Beautiful scenery, but the people can be really odd. I had a few run-ins and caused a few 'scenes' with the locals, who were distinctly rude, difficult, and weird. Fuckers. When we went out we could definitely feel the hostility from scruffy locals, who, I think, assumed we were outsiders looking to buy vacation property or something. Strange vibe.

Driving back to CA we passed through Prescott, which I understand has seen some growth in recent years from people getting out of Phoenix.

The last time I was in Phoenix I was struck by the number of Africans all over the place. I remember thinking, WTF?!

William Middleton said...

What are your thoughts on the current healthcare crisis? What is your ideal system? At this point, I'm skeptical of any single payer system due to the huge debt burdens that America and other nations have taken on.

Rob Dawg said...

It would be interesting to examine the costs of "razor wire" for businesses across the nation compared to "the Wall." And by "razor wire" I of course refer to the total costs of enhanced criminal prevention.

Anonymous said...

In a similar vein, identify the manufacturer of razor wire. What's their stock price done over the past decade.