Friday, April 07, 2017

BLM Muslim admission + SM review-preview 84

There was a news report about a college admission. Tis the season where hopefuls wait for the thick packets from their dream schools, so a human interests story would get clicks. Unfortunately, the story used spotlighted the insufferable progressives and their idiotic, clownish worldview. Ziad Ahmed gained entrance to Stanford. He is a well to do teen from Princeton, NJ who wrote for his essay simply "Black Lives Matter" 100 times. Of course he was going to get into an elite school.

Let us count the ways this kid was a shoe-in. First, he was from a wealthy family. The private high school he attended cost #33,000 a year. Princeton, NJ itself is a very nice city. Little Ahmed is a social activist, and wouldn't you know it, he even had a 'paper trail' at HuffPo that went back to last fall. There is a picture you may enjoy.

Looky loo! That is the little manlet and the Slay Queen herself. Seriously, how tiny is this little Muslim? Of course he was going to get into Stanford, but why write BLM 100 times on the entrance essay? It is a beautiful declaration of one's devotion to the progressive religion.

Here is his essay. His one time to express himself as an individual to separate his application as a rich bright kid from all the rest. What does he do? He turns it into a progressive prayer. He does not even make the essay about himself, his tribe and their current oppression in the lands of white Christians. He spotlights the victimhood of the most ridiculous movement of the recent prog history: black crooks should be allowed to rob and commit crime without police harassing them.

This is what the elite schools want. As if they would reject a kid who has pictures with Madam President. As if they are not salivating over having an activist with this kind of publicity at their school. As if professors are not already strategizing how to mold Ahmed and push him down one path or the other. What is one spot at Stanford?

Think about the white kid from a suburb or a rural area with great SATs, GPA and all around skills that got rejected thinking it was a fair playing field. Find that kid in your town. Talk to him about us. Let him know that we need him.


Last week I wrote on how the Pentagon has expanded in size and scope so much that it threatens to replace CIA/State, which is why they are freaking out so much. Weimerica Weekly was on the dysfunctional state of healthcare in America.

This week I will write on how we cannot bring a patriarchy back without patriarchs. Weimerica Weekly might have to be about the amazing Pepsi ad that seems to have sparked a fire in both the right and left.


Sid said...

The boy is a fraud, probably well educated in the art of Taqiyya by his parents, who I am sure are doing well. A lie is that jihadis come from poor backgrounds.

Portlander said...

Everyone is making a big deal over this kid's essay, but the criticisms I've seen are missing the larger points.

The biggest is that the essay means far less to admissions than is roundly believed. On the bubble, sure, a compelling essay, especially one the makes them laugh, will trump a dear-god-not-this-again one. And if you're going for one of the coveted identity set-asides, the essay is where you exchange secret handshakes. But for everyone else, it's test scores and "leadership."

Regarding test scores, we don't know this kid's, but he's obviously verbally facile (spewing bromides for 20 minutes straight ain't Kissingerian by any stretch, but it is harder than it looks), and his parents' resumes put them both safely over the 120+ threshold. So, it's reasonable to assume the kid will be able to keep up wherever he goes, especially insofar as he's bucking for the management track where politics and platitudes rule the day. It's Stanford, not Caltech, and there's no doubt he meets the minimum.

So that leaves "leadership." Here's where admissions depts swoon, and what does this kid have? A long list of faux-accomplishments bought and paid for by rich parents. Starting a world-wide non-profit when you're in the 8th grade? I'm sure Daddy hired the best front-end web-designers NJ has to offer. Getting your picture taken with Obama and Hillary, all it takes is a 6 figure check, and only a 6 figure check. TEDx in Panama... that one's hilarious. Panama? Come-on. Anyone not think they accepted every presenter with the financial wherewithal to show up? This kid's entire resume is a stuffed suit of Cathedral, hive-mind insider signalling.

Of course he was getting in. The essay was a perfunctory part of the protocol and he treated it as such. If anything it makes me wonder if he's not all that bright. Parents seem to be dropping a lot of money burnishing his resume, overcompensate much? And what exactly is the end-goal for a kid who is a one-trick pony of banal self-promotion... White House Press Secretary?

For the rest of us, the message is same as it ever was... college admissions are where progs choose who they want for their leaders of tomorrow. The essay? Meh. I mean if that's all you got to show them that you're a good little prog, yeah, you're going to be sweating it out, but the pros know the essay comes last, not first. And remember, as Woody Allen would say, 80% of leadership is just showing up.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

"I wrote on how the Pentagon has expanded in size and scope so much that it threatens to replace CIA/State, which is why they are freaking out so much."

The war between Red and Blue Empire is getting more violent, so it seems.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

He is the perfect progressive soldier. The only way he could be a better one is if he is non-binary.