Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Orban's Smart Positioning

The lunacy in Europe continues as no one is stopping the boats. There is not much to stop. the boats simply float from the coast a tiny stretch and then the NGO boats radio the Italian Navy or Coast Guard to come and rescue them. Sending men with AKs to machine gun down the NGO workers and then the migrant boats is not on the table yet, but could be. Viktor Orban continues to be a voice of reason in Europe. If you look at his moves and message, he is strengthening his hand.

Despite being an actual product of Soros funded training, Orban has turned on the master. Orban and his government are openly going after Soros' pet university that acts as a forward outpost for regime change and pozzing nations. Remove the institution and the poz has no power node. The sinecures are not there. The propaganda fountains are shut off. These rabble rousers have to move to another country to sit in cafes and whine about the oppression in Hungary. This is a smart move to blunt the rise of the young filled with idiotic prog ideas. Every Western nation with any sense of self-preservation should be making moves like this.

Orban is not stopping there. From a messaging standpoint, Orban knows his nation is not wealthy nor doing great in an economic sense. What they have is safety and security compared to the 'troops on every corner' look of Paris or the 'barricades at markets' German look. Orban can rest on the smart decision to build a fence and say no to the migrants.

Orban is taking this a step further by offering his people an outside corrupt evil force to face. The slogan is brilliant, "Let's Stop Brussels". The faux program is that ideas put forth by random citizens will be used, but it is a way to engage the citizenry. The slogan makes Brussels the aggressor, the active pusher and the villain. It gives the people of Hungary the sense that they are doing a defensive act to preserve themselves. Brussels never being a proper democratic political force also combats the accusations that Orban's government itself is an illiberal government.

These are long term plays as Orban does see this as a long term crisis for Europe. If or more likely when Europeans start taking him up on his offer of asylum for those oppressed by their home governments in the rest of the West, a new Iron Curtain may descend upon Europe. The curtain may have a similar location as before, but this time separate Europe from Eurabia. In fifty years time, Sweden may become Somalia and France may become Algeria, but Hungary will still be Hungary thanks to Orban's smart positioning.


Alexandros HoMegas said...

Hungary is really special, I followed a israeli blog from a jew who was born in Hungary, raised in Argentina and now living in Rotshchildstan, many of his posts are about hating Hungarians. He recognised that the Communist in Hungary were all Jews and not native Hungarians.

Sid said...

And to think that that Magyars are not really Caucasians. The Magyars, Poles, and Serbs will unite in the near future, backed by the Russians, to protect Christianity from the Muslim empires of England, Germany and France.