Friday, April 21, 2017

Soy Pacification + SM Review-Preview 86

The Soy Meme is a good one. Wagner Clemente Soto's Twitter photo collection of 'effects of too much soy in the diet' is a fun one to cruise through. This has snowballed into more references, images and jokes. One of the more recent ones was that Moldylocks the antifa porn girl had a Soyfriend, not a boyfriend. Brilliant.

It is a joke and a meme, and like the successful ones, works because there is a foundation of truth. Soy does mess with estrogen and testosterone. Soy is a popular substitute for meat. Soy is in Asian cuisine that the SWPLs cite as their one reason to support immigration. It does pacify men by making them a touch more feminine. Physiognomy is real and soy does seem to have an effect.

Soy is not on its own. There is context. Soy's ubiquitous status in lefty pushed food reminds me of BPAs being in receipts and plastics with the government having no problem with it. This is similar to the birth control pill being so widespread that traces of it is in public water. Same for antidepressants, which cause weight gain and lowers sex drive and aggression.

Add to this the weird push for transgenderism with a hyper-focus by the media on boys in skirts. Dope them up with hormones young, no worries, say the media. I would add the glorification of marijuana legalization while simultaneously still treating tobacco like poison. Weed also messes with your T levels. An obese population fits this idea as well.

If these things all have elite blessing, then the social engineering becomes clear that they want a chemically pacified population, especially a chemically pacified male population. An elite wants that when they are worried more about internal conflict and challenges to their rule rather than ginning up men to fight an outside force.

Forget the conspiracy, just look at the patterns. It's a tapestry. It has a goal: securing current elite rule from any challenges.


Last week I wrote on how California's immigration and the marriage between FIRE/Tech and the Democrats created the current apartheid that the media is bemoaning. Weimerica Weekly covered adult day camps.

This week I will cover the odd way SWPL culture acts as an unconscious protection system. Weimerica Weekly is going to cover the conundrum of 'how many Obamas' for the Left. The curious lack of Democrats standing out from November 2016 to today is obvious if you look at the Left's system and its human inputs.


Toddy Cat said...

Institutionally, the French Army only partially recovered. Many historians trace the French collapse in 1940 as a direct and indirect legacy of the Great Mutiny of 1917.

Y. said...

The soy meme is just that, a meme.

There isn't any real evidence consuming soy causes problems or affects free hormone levels.

See here, for example:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

@Y Thanks. I've been wondering if there's any evidence on the subject.

I suppose I'm the odd one out, but I actually like soy. I've grown soy beans (they're perfectly normal plants, easier to grow than certain other crops,) and tend to think soy/tofu products are actually tastier than regular meat (weird I know but I haven't liked meat since childhood.) I have a sibling who's allergic to milk and so has to drink soy or almond milk (or water I guess) and I always feel a little bad for them when people make fun of soy-milk drinkers because it's not someone's fault they have an allergy. I don't see any ill-effects on my sibling because of the soy (well, that I can tell,) but regular milk was definitely harmful.