Friday, May 12, 2017

Comey 2017 + SM Review-Preview 89

You might have been worried 2017 would not live up to 2016, but you were wrong. Nick Land was right. It is only going to continue and speed up. Look at the FBI Director Jim Comey being fired out of nowhere. 2017!

Comey recently stated that people were stuck with him for another six and a half years. Poof! Gone. How did no one see this coming? For all the talk about Trump's leaking White House or administration, how did this not get out? Leaks by USG employees is one thing, and honestly, it is their sabotaging of the warlord chieftain who has usurped the throne. This did not leak at all. No one saw this coming. In fact, many thought that since Comey had made it beyond 100 days that he was safe.

Look beyond the firing though and listen to the deeper issue. Both sides want to jail the other. It's following the classic left-right patterns of justifications. The right wants Clinton jailed for crimes and to investigate Team Obama for potential spying infractions that are actual laws. The left has created a mythical boogeyman of Trump-Russia collusion that they equate to treason in some Keyser Soze fever dream.

This is the state of things from here on out. The nominal right will appeal to law and hope just hope that their opponents will finally see jail time that they deserve. The nominal left will keep pitching their conspiracy theories for why their opponents should be gulaged and murdered jailed. This asymmetry is the same as the idea that the right believes they can reason with the left and just sort it out with elections and politics, maybe even secession, while the left's academic crowd figures out convoluted ways to pitch the genociding of entire peoples.

This will only continue, so unplug from time to time, hold your loved ones and watch the rivers flow and feel the breeze run through your hair.


Last week I wrote on the way that the Left could formalize their destruction of free speech in our laws. As a Middle Eastern businessman once told me, "I can't say anything bad about Allah but you can't utter the truth about blacks while I can, so who is free". He was a Syrian Christian and fervent Assad supporter during this Civil War. Weimerica Weekly was on the rise of superhero movies.

I'll write this week on civil conflicts and why some spark and succeed. Weimerica Weekly might touch on the blackpilling everywhere from everyone.


peterike said...

The Comey firing does restore some hope. Maybe Trump is just taking his time, slowly getting people loyal to him in place. Certainly this is not easy given how Prog'd the various departments and agencies have been after Clinton/Bush/Obama. That's decades of filling the swamp. You can't drain that thing in a week.

But the big next thing will be Trump putting the cuffs on people from the Obama/Hillary camps. There is little doubt in my mind that crimes were committed. Thanks to the work of previous administrations, The Don has access to heaps and heaps of surveillance data. He can find where the bones are buried. It will concentrate the minds of the Deep Staters wonderfully to see a few, or more than a few, of their comrades (and I use that word specifically) cuffed and dragged off. Now if I were The Don I'd try to find somebody, anybody, that I could bring up on a treason charge, and have them executed. The bigger the better, but take whoever you can get. It's been way too long since we executed someone for treason. Maybe Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Ahh, a boy can dream.

If Trump takes a few scalps, much of the lower tier bureaucracy will grudgingly go along with his demands, as opposed to the outright mutiny we have now.

Trump ought to find a judge or two that he can lock up as well.

Angry Midwesterner said...

Can't lie. I blackpill a lot, but more about medical industry.

Glengarry said...

"The bigger the better, but take whoever you can get. It's been way too long since we executed someone for treason. Maybe Ruth Bader Ginsburg?"

I like the way you're thinking. Soros should go too, pour encourager les autres.

sykes.1 said...

Right now the neocons, cuckservatives and progressives appear to be winning. Trump will have to do something outre to stay in office. How about prosecuting the Clintons? How about arresting some big time Democrats and charging them with conspiracy to assassinate the President? Who cares if its true? It's time for a counter coup. Erdogan is visiting soon. Trump should ask him for some pointers.