Monday, July 31, 2017

Social Matter - Liberation Means Subservience To Progressive-Approved Identities

New essay up at Social Matter. This one discusses how false the freedom of progressive coined liberation is, and how it means a narrowing of one's being. We all have to admit how the liberation of such side characteristics like sexuality end up becoming the core identification for individuals.

I am on the road doing a mix of business and vacationing so my posting has been off this week. I did not have time for some things. I will be doing my damnedest to get a Weimerica Weekly done for you for tomorrow.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

WW1 - Gas Mask Soccer

There are times when I find Great War pictures and they are light hearted. Sometimes the light hearted nature of them is layered in horror. Playing soccer with your mates while wearing gas masks just in case qualifies as one of those moments.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

With Mexicanization Comes...

If you were a spring breaker down in Cancun during its heyday, you might recall the old routine where cops would pick you up and then ask for cash to bring you to the hotel. This evolved into cops driving cashless students to ATMs so they could withdraw the daily maximum to get home safely. Third world countries have these problems. As America becomes more third world, these problems will become America's problems.

Will they hold your newborn hostage for payoffs? Yes, if this story is any indication. We can set aside the poor decision to take a babymoon at 27 weeks pregnant, but this woman had the child in Mexico as nature will not stop for vacations. The child was born and now the family is medically evacuating mother and child due to poor handling by the Mexican hospital and what sounds like outright blackmail or extortion.

We have heard that Mexico has nationalized health care, so there must be provisions for handling foreign visitors for billing. Either way the old pay cash for safe travels home is being applied to a premie baby. Reverse this and what would happen? International outcry at the evil American hospital extorting the young Mexican couple. This would never be an issue. They'd get billed back later, set up on a payment plan and the hospital's loss would be spread out over the rest of their customers' bills for the rest of the year.

This is not just in-group vs. out-group antagonism. This is extortion. To threaten to toss a premie out on the street without cash payment is ridiculous and the constant hits for cash to see the baby is low even compared to mafia don standards. Where's the simple approach of contacting the patient's local hospital network to transfer the baby? They fear no consequences. They know they have a desperate, emotional couple. What would American legal authorities do? Nothing is going to happen.

These kinds of antics will spread as America grows third world. The laws will not matter, as it is he on the ground that executes them. South Africa has protections and rights for gays, but gays want to leave South Africa in droves due to how the society truly treats them. Any society is formed by its people, who over a long period of time the culture and genetics work together to form. We constantly say that one cannot plug and play with people like they are interchangeable cogs. Even to get them to comply with another group's set of rules, they need to see the benefit of it. Not just a benefit but a superior outcome to their current system.

Monday, July 24, 2017

It's Not Evolving, Rich Gays Pushed Gay Rights

If one talks to the man on the street about social stuff, the discussion of things involving gays will spark the use of the word evolving. They might say evolved. This is used as a means to explain how America or a specific group changed their minds about gays. This has a positive connotation. It is never that they evolved negatively. This is compartmentalized because the same man on the street will say America is going to hell in a handbasket the next minute. There was no evolution. This was the work of the rich and academia to push acceptance, tolerance and now glorification.

I have written about how billionaire Paul Singer funded GOP politicians to make it acceptable for them to become pro-gay marriage if they lost Christian money. Singer has a gay son. Terry Bean, who I wrote about when arrested for raping a teen, was a rich gay founder of LGBT organizations and mega donor and bundler for President Obama. These are wealthy men funding the change they want to see executed by politicians.

This goes even deeper, and Rolling Stone's June profile did all of us a favor in pulling the curtain back on a multimillionaire who funded so much for the LGBT cause in a way to praise him, Tim Gill. This is a fantastic section to describe the high funding this social evolution.
Gill's sprawling network of LGBTQ advocacy groups rivals any big money operation in the country. The Gill Foundation, which he started in 1994, underwrites academic research, polling, litigation, data analytics and field organizing. Gill Action, a political group launched a decade later, has helped elect hundreds of pro-equality lawmakers at the local, state and federal levels. OutGiving, his donor club, coaches the country's richest pro-LGBTQ funders on how best to spend their money.

There is nothing organic to this. This is one homosexual that wants to see his vision of the world accepted, rationalized and justified. Yes, that photo of him with the man thirty years younger than him is his husband.

Gill is not stopping. Even though the Ford Foundation, CIA's old money conduit for social change, has stopped and declared victory, Gill is directing money to go after deep red states. Gill is also going after the religious freedoms moves that states have made to protect those religiously inclined to say no to gays. Religious freedom to not force churches to perform ceremonies or to protect people was a key part of Maryland passing the gay marriage vote as it pacified enough of the black community, along with President Obama saying it was okay to support gays and be black.

This is not a culture war but a religious war. Here is Gill's quote, "We're going into the hardest states in the country. We're going to punish the wicked". Those are the words of a religious man. Sure gays live in the South, but he wants to impose his worldview on them, the wicked. He has matched that religious fervor with over $300 million into his foundation endowment and other organizations.

There is no evolution in ideas. There is a high that uses its wealth and influence to force what it wants on the low. Opinion polls show that support for gay marriage keeps rising, and this is all under the threat of enforcement from top down. Look at everything he funded. Each piece of academic research was written with his money. Polling had quirky wording and selection with his money. Gill bought politicians for his pet cause.

The man on the street just went along. How many 9 figure donors were donating for anti-gay marriage advocacy? Even if they did, they carried the risk of being outed and chased out of polite society or their position in society (see Eich or Chik-fil-a). These mega-donors are aligned with a media/academia complex that wants to see this degeneracy pushed. The money only makes its execution simple. There is no Christian theocracy to be scared about because in no way does it have the resources, the media and academia control and power of the progressive one.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Teen Vogue Went Nuts + SM Review-Preview 98

Teen Vogue has gone all in on propaganda. It was formerly the teen fashion beat with focus on clothing, make up and celebrities. It started the political spin last year. It recently has run into odd issues with non-stop poz pushing. Even the norimiecons and parents are pushing back.

They got the ball rolling with some videos featuring some bearded trans person taking to a short lesbian in glasses and suspenders about introducing gay or trans stuff to kids. They decided to follow this up with a guide to anal sex for people with prostates and people without prostates. Not men and women. It was no prostate or has a prostate. I'm not joking. Then they had fun with an article about what to get a friend after their abortion. They have finished off the doozy of a stretch with a video discussing how children can understand consent. The soft pro-pedo push is underway.

This has zero to do with fashion. This is poz pushing for what the progs want near future voters to be primed to approve and push for themselves. It is simple degeneracy pushing to corrupt even more youth. They frame these as introductions but these are of course, special framing of all subjects by them, the pushes of degeneracy. Yes, the lesbian with suspenders is Jewish. The clichés are built into the system.

I dug a little deeper as the editor in charge of this claimed that he supported the butt sex guide because as a teen in high school he only had abstinence sex ed (Catholic high school), and then he was crying as a frosh in college when he contracted HIV. He graduated college in 2012 after matriculating in 2009. This means he was born in 1990.

To claim one did not know how HIV was transmitted as a child of the 90s and teen of the 00s is ridiculous. Everyone knows. Everyone knows. He was born a full decade after HIV popped onto the medical scene. There is a myriad of funding and educational programs. Television even discusses it. What the hell does he think the red ribbon trend was in the '90s? This is an outright lie to use one's irresponsibility to guilt people into supporting his poz pushing.

He also failed to see that if he did go to Catholic school, they did tell him that he was doomed for tragedy. His sin is how he contracted HIV. He is in a position to shape the minds of teenage girls, if there are any left that read Teen Vogue. No one will fire him. In fact, someone knew all of this and hired him while under age 25 to be editor. The stream of degeneracy from Teen Vogue is coming from a Jewish lesbian failing at passing for a man and an HIV infected homosexual. It does not get more clichéd than that.


Last week I wrote on the universities not being like normal businesses so they can't be killed by simple supply and demand dynamics. Normal people think simply pulling funding will fix it. Not quite. These institutions have huge regulatory moats and the most important advantage of all, 'distributors for the good life ticket'. Weimerica Weekly was tracking how the drag queen story hour fad spread.

I am traveling this week, but I hope to have an article for y'all. Weimerica Weekly will cover CNN and the pseudo flap. Pseudos have a long history and reveal how dangerous ideas sometimes require a mask.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Weird Immigration Chatter

There has definitely been some oddball immigration pieces out that are a bit head scratching. The Atlantic wondered if the Left pushed too far too fast on immigration and lost its mind. They cited Krugman, DailyKos and even Barack Obama as being immigration restrictionist or supporting limits in the near past. The NY Times had an oped that maybe they should move to the center. Then Bill Gates said Europe needs to get a handle on immigration or it will be wrecked. Macron in France is not quite the open borders purist he was portrayed as with his interior minister clearing out areas. It is a trend.

Is the tide turning? Is the public discourse now open to stopping immigration? There is an element to this of the Left's media managers trying to put the genie back in the bottle or put the mask back on. "No no no, we went to far, let's stop this, hello fellow nationalists". The Left lies until their objectives are met. I've written about this and Texas going blue being an equivalent to the Left lying for decades that there was a Keynesian conspiracy in economics departments until they had won with no going back. This was my first instinct when reading this but Gates and Macron changed my feelings.

Bill Gates mentioned the need to slow it down and be smarter, citing the need to help in Africa. This was roughly the same timeframe as Macron came out and stated that (I'm imagining) "En oui, the Afric-a, it has a problem of 7 to 8 ba-bies per woman. Civilizational issues". There is something brewing if billionaires and their transparent puppets are stating Trumpian things, and Macron is backing it up with some clear outs of migrant camps. The elite might have boiled the frog too fast and wants to pause.

Whomever sold them on unlimited 3rd world migration might have been proven a charlatan. The prog foundations and academics armed with blank slatism and their third worldism could pitch an easy peasy population replacement and massage or outright lie about data for prior waves of immigration to just turn it on into a quick flood of millions. The immediate results are killing that illusion, and even worse, building support for nationalists.

A very cynical take is that Europe was already turned into a living museum and that this migrant flood was to much too fast and destroyed the tourism industry. Tourism is 8% of France's GDP. Paris alone received 1.2 million fewer tourists. It might have finally bit the elite in the ass economically. France as a pillar of the EU bailout mechanisms (stop laughing) cannot suffer sharp GDP drops or else the EU bailout scams get exposed in daylight. Macron's benefactors might be saying, "hey this could crush us, do something so we can market France as 1950s pretty France still". Interests finally aligned for those wanting to do something about borders.

The elite might be trying to get back to boiling the frog slowly. They can set up faux nationalist leaders or even jumpstart an international band of nationalist populists that they can control. They must realize that the wave of populism is going to come at them, so it is a matter of whether it comes from the right or the left. The only difference may be in how much of the wealth they have accumulated gets washed away.

The cake is baked in many regions due to decades of stuffing third worlders. A lot of deportations would have to occur to prevent hard times, which are here and getting cranked up. This will all end poorly. When the days come where persuasion and compromise are absolutely dead and all sides agree that the experiment is over, there will be blood. There already is, it just has not moved in both directions yet.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Weimerica Weekly - Drag Queen Story Hour

New Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. The introduction is on the false measure of a nation known as GDP. After that I sink my teeth into the odd fad this PRIDE month of drag queens reading stories to kids. This covers the Drag Queen Story Hour. Yes it was coordinated by non-profits and well funded foundations. The mind virus got the ladies across the nation looking for how they could insert it into their local area.

Around minute 23 I mention how the dating market has changed due to all of the social engineering from the divorce and abortion boom as well as the head meds kids now all grown up. Everyone know is at those higher stats of dysfunction.

Monday, July 17, 2017

A Trump Policy: Prole Peace Corps

The Russia hysteria going on right now is good to view through the lens of what if Clinton had won. Everything you hear now could be used to justify aggressive moves against Russia. A no fly zone over Syria by March 1st would have led to friction and potential confrontation in Syria with Syria/Iran/Russia. How easy would it be to sell to America that Russia needs to get whacked for Syria stuff and Muh Electoral Integrity!

Luckily, world war three looks off in the distance.We can all laugh at Julia Ioffe saying that ISIS and Islam is a smaller threat to America compared to Russia. They have an army and tanks! Russia would also lose to America in a direct confrontation. Russia does not want to be undermined. If America and Russia can experience a new détente, it might be best to find different ways to coordinate. There must be interests that overlap and ways for exchanges to be made.

America also has the Peace Corps. This is a horrendous program that is progged to the core to spread good prog beliefs to the third world masses. It ended up such a rape factory that there have been calls to shut it down completely. Still, it is good ol' JFK's baby, so it will not die. Let us reform and reshape it.

Prole Peace Corps

America can maintain all the funding that we assign to Peace Corps and those wonderful private donations for programs and fund a different way to make friends while giving Americans skills that they can use when they return to America. President Trump should offer all men, preferably men not scared of blue collar work, the opportunity for training in a trade attached to the requirement that they must work for 2-3 years in Russia on Russian infrastructure and repair projects.

Ask anyone who does business in Russia. Moscow is great and up to speed. Then go into the hinterlands. It does not take much of a distance. The hospitals, the government buildings, the basic water and electrical infrastructure are in poor shape. Have you seen pictures from their hospitals? We could send drywall, paint and basic maintenance crews there to do wonders. These American men could return and be part of a community repair team. Maybe have access to preferential loans, daycare rates, etc.

What does Russia do in exchange? I'm going to be blunt. Women of decent BMI. We need these good guys to be able to find a wife and bring her back to the states. Now the Russians very well will send sleeper agents, but that's okay because when all of these good ol' boys come back, we will debrief them. They will have spent two to three years in a country that America has found notoriously ridiculous to get reconnaissance on, and Russians will already consider them spies but we would have some possible understanding of the Slav Soul. They are a mystery to us.

A positive to this would be sending a million or so men over in these programs of friendship, and having maybe half of them return with brides. If a woman does not produce a baby with her man within two years, she gets sent back. All visas have requirements. This contingent will also form a nice community for them in their new, disorienting society. It will help with adjustment. It will also help America's sexual marketplace imbalance.

Now I am an equal opportunity fellow. I also anticipate the cries of 'das rayciss, why are you not helping Africa'. They would be wrong. I would expand this program to replace the SWPL do-gooders that go for their pictures holding little black kids with black American men. I am sure they can swing hammers, build small sheds, and ladle out soup and food. The same opportunity for marrying would be encouraged, and some could even stay there like colonial administrators of sorts with spiffy uniforms. I have seen the statistics for black American female BMIs. I know that 80% are overweight/obese. We all have read the hoteps discuss a longing for Africa. We could use some intel of Africa as China continues to pour money and resources into it. Let us solve all of these problems in one fantastic program.

Our problems are deep. Our problems are called impossible to solve. The problem to our problems is we never think of alternative solutions outside of the Overton Bubble that the media has us living in. Radical problems need radical solutions.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Social Matter - The University Empire

New essay up at Social Matter. This one covers the curious case why talk of an education bubble popping does not make sense. This is not like housing or car sales. Education has a different form. It is not like any other business, and this is also why it is weird in how it grows despite an awful product.

Friday, July 14, 2017

The University Seppuku + SM Review-Preview 97

We are witnessing the delegitimization of the media. CNN is a symbol but the broader trend of negative views of the media is there. Even the Left has a 50-50 split on the effect of the media on society. This is a positive but the normie crowd still consumes media. We need parallel institutions. If the AltLite did not have its head up its ass, it'd see that this is their market to create: parallel news media. The next big shoe to drop is the destruction of universities.

The change and the destruction is coming. Even National Review wrote that it will soon be a target. Look at how fast republicans or the nominal right wing has soured on universities. That is a huge change, which shocks the idiotic, but is perfectly normal considering the events at universities since 2014. There have been poop swastika protest-riots, campus insanity, a heightened awareness of the uselessness of many degrees, more overt Marxism, psychotic feminists, psychotic grievance race haters entrenched as professors, debt slavery as a legit meme and also, attacks on milquetoast conservative speakers from even stepping foot on campus. The shocking result of that poll is that the Left's valuing of the university system's effect on American society did not drop a single percentage point. They love their priesthood even if it puts their kids into debt slavery.

It is not quite just a priesthood and religion thing for the Left. This other element applies to both sides but it is the good life meme. As long as the universities are the gatekeepers to entry to the good life, then they will be unbroken. What is the good life? High earning white collar work and other work (government and some medical grey collar) that requires the credential or papal blessing. Even if we remove government funding for the universities, they'd still have demand by people wanting to give their kids the good life who still believe that those paths are the good life.

What we do need is to reprogram people from viewing that as the path to the good life. The Last Psychiatrist noted in a three part series that college was a huge waste but we just had not figured out how to get around it yet. Republican lawmakers are too dumb to defund or freeze funding for universities. What will come will be the unraveling of the good life and the replacement with feudal jobs and people valuing other things. Missouri's tanking enrollment is a swath of people valuing the atmosphere of the university over U of M on their resume.

Money will be pulled eventually as people start demanding the funding be removed, as alumni stop donating and as elites start thinking about pulling R&D or science research private. When the money does get pulled, then the meltdown at universities will make the current meltdown in the media look tame. Jonestown mas suicides? On the table. Professors, sorry people stuck as adjuncts for 15 years, plummeting from buildings? Sure.

Once the identity of a learned academic is strongly shoved into the basement for many of these grievance hustlers and Marxist thinkers, they will have to admit they are nothing. It will crush them.


Last week I wrote on Venezuela's colectivos. Chavez made smart moves to try to capture the government. These were smart devious ways to use the oil revenue and harden all support for his regime. Seeing reports of men on motorcycles terrorizing people, this is a product of Chavez's deliberate moves. Weimerica Weekly was about barcades. I did pen the episode by talking about our class analysis. It is correct because it is politically incorrect.

I have a couple of items I may write about as I have been working on them a while so we will see what gets rolled out. Weimerica Weekly will cover the drag queen story hour coordination. I figured out why there was a burst of such events this year. Top down. It is always top down.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

WW1 - Body Armor

Body armor disappeared from the battlefield as guns continued to increase in firepower. During the Great War, there was an odd return of armor. It was not to stop bullets and artillery but to protect from the splinters, rocks, and sharpnel that would maim and kill many men in the trenches during artillery shelling.

The French were the first to bring armor back, but not the only ones. The important thing they did was start using steel skull caps, which everyone adopted.

The Germans switched their festive, showy hat for the steel stahlhelms that would be made famous by the Nazi army in the next world war.

I have tried to say that the Great War was more steampunk than the fools that call themselves steampunk now. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Leaving Indy

Most readers know I lived in Indy. That is no longer the case. I am in the Midwest still but in a different area. I may have written for the need to decentralize to fight urbanization but my job requires I be close to an airport. There are a lot of mid-sized cities that are good, you just have to find them. We will be close to family and some friends and in a quieter situation. I still recommend Indianapolis, and have done so online for years. I have spent years trying to get old coworkers from the East Coast to relocate to Indianapolis but to no avail. It was time to leave.

My wife and I are both small town kids, and I have forced her to live in large cities for over a decade now. We also both wanted to give our kids a childhood closer to what we grew up with. Just seeing the stars at night without the glowing haze of the city's light pollution is a bonus. I'm a Midwest family man, and the little lookey here posts about my city tipped many off to my location.

It is also why I dislike Paul Kersey's hyperbole about Indianapolis. I have actually seen the change in a decade. I know parts are getting worse, parts are getting better and the best protection an area can have is to be populated by 'those mean redneck whites'. Lawrence Township schools turned from fine to ehhh to awful within 12 years. Washington Township is going through the same pattern. This means the high school that GLEE! was based on will become a hellhole within 5-7 years. Look at the changes in the census maps. You don't hear that about the southern townships though, but shucks, them schools have them thar rednecks.

Anti-bad whites signaling mushroomed in the Obama age. The class split within whites seemed to harden so much in this last decade, even in red states. I went to parties and cookouts where the well to do might joke on their rednecky hometown or township. The parasitic behavior is not just below but above, and I stood there and listened to a small business owner explain how the government changed a regulation to mandate new types of air filters which meant boom times for his business. Did this mean Boomer business owner would hire more guys and help his ol' blue collar or redneck brethren? Hell no! It meant he made his firm as lean as possible, contracted with a temp agency that provided him with illegals that had stolen/fake SSNs for the shop floor, and he raked in millions while looking for a large corporation to sell his firm to. Boomers gotta boom.

I can live anywhere whereas my wife is a country girl. City living has its advantages. It is great working in a large city with the option of catching a sporting event or some concert right after work. I had some lunch places where I was such a regular, they'd already get my order going. Fun stuff to do if you make the effort. It is a grind, too. I was done with commuting. I was done with the horror of the city. Those progs love to talk up city living as long as they stay free and clear of the underclass and that cesspool of dysfunction that the underclass wades in daily.

Working in mind work or creative industries (media euphemisms) for small firms does help segregate the SWPL class. Larger firms need grunt white collar workers and will get diversified. Cheryl is white and will not need time off for a shooting related death but Sharell will. Rebecca is on head meds, is 15 lbs from being pretty and whines about her husband who plays a lot of video games. Ra'bekah is 80 lbs overweight, a single mom to a teen and that teen just got picked up for assault with a weapon. Forget the three single white moms with half-black kids. You see the five shy or goofy white guys (all are taller than 5'10") with Asian or Hispanic girlfriends that become wives getting their ticket into the upper middle class. The Asians they met in college or at their tech/engineering job; the Hispanics they meet at bars. At a BBQ, Marisol ("Call me Mary") explains how her parents church is so crowded and full of illiterates with one foot out the door to leave if ICE knocks. SWPLs just talk food when it comes to immigration for a reason.

SWPLs get all their news from Vox or the NY Times because it completely cuts them off from seeing the daily crime around them in their city. Combined with their workplace segregating them, they can pretend what Vox says about crime in general is true. I had coworkers or direct reports tell me they would have to leave early due to attending a funeral or going to the hospital. They don't have an HR course on calling hours etiquette for a direct report's family gunshot victim. The Bugman, the careerist Thot or as Pax named them 'wageskanks' can enjoy the ethnic good food and avoid the crime mostly. My direct reports or coworkers had it hit their families. If they sat down and said, "Ryan can we talk downstairs wit sum coffee, not here in your office" I knew it was going to be bad.

Two coworkers had family members shot and killed. They'd take a week or two off from a project and it'd throw you for a loop when they returned. One coworker's nephew shot a man, but he only did it because his sister told him to (the nephew was dumb and she manipulated him) but only he would be going to jail for the attempted murder. Family knew this but wouldn't force the sis to confess her part and possibly get IQ 62 brother a lighter sentence or time in a mental facility that he merited, because see then 2 of them would be locked up. Can't have that.

Another two had friends raped. One's sister was raped but managed to stab her attacker with a pen from her nightstand and flee her bungalow butt ass naked screaming to a neighbor. Rapist was from her church, and yes, old black ladies in the giant hats at her church warned her about pressing charges since she'd be sending another black man to jail. I'd watch people tell me these stories with a straight face like nothing was strange.

I indirectly knew of a horrendous one to close out 2014. That year was rough for some coworkers, and this 'my cousin the knucklehead...' story at the holidays piqued my curiosity. When blacks call another black a knucklehead, you know they have done some horrible crime that there is no excuse for, and they need a word instead of 'sadistic beast'. This is pretty brutal as a man killed his girlfriend's three year old daughter. Her obituary's photo, which is a regular smiling three year old, is heartbreaking. Hispanic single mom shacks up with black guy and within eight months, he kills her middle child. They'll send him to jail. The mom is going to jail, too.

Where was dad? Well he did exist and was distraught his daughter was murdered. Dad just couldn't get custody. Family court, which has the unspoken, prime directive of maintaining the mother-child bond, thought his kids were best with mom. What does mom do? She makes the decision to shack up with a beau who might have had some anger management issues. Check the murder's date: December of 2014. When did they start seeing each other? May of 2014. This guy was free daycare.

Ultimately, she the single mother of three in her independence and empowerment had to settle for the slime of humanity who barely had a shred of it. Courts thought this was best for the child. Check the timeline. They had off and on moments caused by abuse. Her kids still were with her, and she knew what was best as the authority of the progressive courts declared. Read the details. Cigarette burns and belt marks, even bite marks, on the kids.

It is not just the sadistic nature of the man but his bullshitting cover to the cops. If you've watched the "First 48", then you have heard the same song and dance before. Wait for a moment, what a G he was? I bet he was one of those passenger seat riding brothers living with a woman with 2-3 kids from her first man. There is no clemency for the mamacita, as she went along with the original, 'let's blame the dog' act. Go back and read the details. The child's head was so swollen that they did not remove her tee-shirt for fear it would mess with her head. Supposedly, he just had her stand in the corner for 6 hours and shoved her head in the corner maybe 10 times. That isn't how a head gets so swollen one dares not remove a tee shirt. A 3 year old girl.

Their extended families cared but not enough to perform duties to help or save people. Kinglessness. Loss of authority. These people are miserable because they are free.

These people are barely human. These people are the underclass voting muscle for the Democrats' feudal cities. Yeah yeah yeah everyone commits crime but tell me the rates of who does what. Now scroll up. You don't have to guess what my coworkers who took time off for funerals and other dysfunction looked like. It's a grind.

Now this is the Internet, so I could just be staying in my city, lying to y'all and throwing off antifa. You never know. Maybe city living has infected me too much.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Weimerica Weekly - Barcades

Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. This one discusses the class analysis that the dissident right uses that is supported by observation. I then cite how Common Filth and I are different despite covering the same things. Lastly, the show discusses barcades. It is a lighter episode covering something fun.

Monday, July 10, 2017

No Shareholder Revolts

Notice no shareholder revolts over idiotic things like Facebook saying they'll hire 3000 hall monitors to scrub posts for hate speech, which they define down. These are not silly things like changing the icon or logo to a rainbow during PRIDE month. That should be a slight problem as there are millions if not billions of consumers that do not support PRIDE. The idiotic things are the hiring of hall monitors at Facebook, creating entire departments of diversity outreach (rather than just one employee) or money pits like forced diversity hiring. These affect the bottom line in an age of cost cutting. Shareholders should revolt.

I respect Nick Land but he is wrong to think capital is routing around poz. Capital loves poz for marketing purposes as each new niche allows for microtargeted advertising that gets people to create a consumer culture identity via slapping their special niche onto it. I have never seen a white person drink or order ciroc vodka, but several blacks I know swear by it. Why? Puffy/P-Diddy got behind it as a spokesman.

If capital was upset with poz, we would see capital rise up and protest this garbage. Apple shareholders did reject a diversity initiative that would have fast tracked diversifying their upper management and board of directors. That one hit a little closer to home with the board as a target for diversification. Nice rejection of a poz coup, so broader protest and rejections are possible, Facebook.

Capital does not as it does not rule, it merely has money. It fears bad press. There are money managers that actively avoid and worry about headline risk. Facebook is already feeling heat from insiders and the media that they are aligned with leaking out the details of their program because it supposedly is not politically correct enough.

If this truly will be 3000 new employees, then Facebook is going to increase its employee headcount by 20% to tackle an issue that only the media says is an problem. What is really going on here because 3000 employees, if located in the Bay Area, is a monstrous cost to then lay at shareholders feet instead of R&D, product development, user data research, acquisitions or simply stock buy backs. There are some possibilities of what is really going to happen.

1. This is a lie and just for headlines and Zuck pr.
2. This is real and they will expand their head count by 20% for something this dumb.
3. This is real and a way for them to hire diversity and get SJWs off their back.
3a. If this is real and they hire people still in the Bay Area, this is a complete abandonment of fiduciary responsibility to shareholders. Costs could be contained by hiring teams in non-Asian minority heavy areas.
4. This is real and will become automated with a much smaller team than the 3000 headline number, but no one will remember.

If this is real and not an automated program then the shareholders should revolt. In no way is this a smart use of company resources. Will it happen? My money is on zero shareholders speaking out against this. This is waste and garbage wrapped in the blanket of fighting hate speech. Nope, sorry, the prog message wins and these people don't bother to even push back when it actually affects their bottom line. Facebook has been stagnant for user numbers, and with the people that earn those advertising dollars, white women.

This is absolute trash, this is a perfect way to push back with the carefully crafted message of 'why can't current automatic standards be fine tuned", and the shareholders of facebook should immediately push back on this declaration by Zuck. This sounds like PC garbage to improve his own image and not the firm's. They already have offensive speech monitoring systems, look at Steve Sailer's "Niger" post triggering one. This is trying to fend off the pc SJWs.

Shareholders can exercise some power. If not at Facebook, more capital accumulated will be consumed by the parasitic Left. If not elsewhere in the economy, the parasitic Left will destroy that which everyone, including these passive investors that make up giant blocs of shareholders, has built.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Social Matter - Venezuela's Colectivos

New essay up at Social Matter. This essay covers the ways that Huga Chavez's clique created a means for them to secure rule, route around the existing political structures and solidify their takeover. Even if Maduro is removed, the Chavez machine will still be in place.

Friday, July 07, 2017

The Media Mafia + SM Review-Preview 96

This week CNN and the broader media managed to hyperventilate and then escalated the political problems in America due to their disgusting behavior. First, they cried and whined about the Trump-CNN wrestling gif that caused feared throughout newsrooms. Oh jeez, we were informed by them they had to have extra security in their newsrooms. We were told by them that they feared for their lives.

It was not even a day before they revealed their power and the sham that was the fear they felt. CNN managed to track down the maker of the gif that mocked them. The media swarmed on his creations or use of other memes or bad words. He was a bad person! CNN did investigative journalism for the first time in a long time and tracked down his real identity.

CNN then got him to apologize and say he would never make fun of them again. Did CNN reveal his name? No, they said they wouldn't unless any of the promises he made were broken. CNN would never look into antifa or BLM rioter lives or identities. It is who-whom. This was an enemy, and one that was not the big bad president making fun of CNN. It was a little person. They don't fear us. They don't have extra security.

This is a problem though because even if it is Mafioso tactics, it is a horrible step out from the job of policing the supposed neutral landscape for political debate. This is effectively escalating the 2 minute hate sessions they do for thoughtcrime. The darker thing is not just ruining one person's livelihood or family relationships, it is giving antifa a target. The liberal media has riled up the leftist hordes so horribly that Bernie bros are shooting up GOP congressmen. What do you think they'd do with a made to order, officially designated 'nazi'?

One way to combat this would be to prevent the workplaces of America from firing anyone who is  thoughtcriminal. Adding political identity to the laundry list of protected traits in fair hiring and housing practices should not be a stretch. Men who put dicks in their mouths and anuses are protected from firing, so why not people with different political opinions?

A topic for a much more in depth essay is, you think this is any different than how they treat organizations, corporations, public figures, etc.? This is their modus operandi. Once they have something on you in any way negative, they then can get you to leak out information to them. You have to feed them information or else, they'll publish the bad stuff. They now are just drilling it down from corporations and powerful individual people to little anonymous plebians.

CNN has picked a fight with /pol and the anonymous internet. CNN has under 1 million viewers during primetime. That is already trouble considering the TRS podcasts get over a hundred thousand listeners. CNN delenda est.


Last week I wrote about the potential for the Left to take science primitive in academia. Science would then have to leave American shores or go into private R&D labs. The official loop of academia and media reports on findings would be a loop of lies. Weimerica Weekly was on NPR.

This week I write how the Chavez regime built organizations, some loose and some firm, to maintain control and route around existing power structures to aid Chavez's takeover of the Venezuelan state apparatus. Weimerica Weekly will cover barcades with some class observations thrown in beforehand.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

WW1 - Scale of Underground Mines

At the start of the Battle of Messines, almost twenty underground mines were set off by the British. They killed 10,000 Germans. Below is a photo with soldiers standing at the lip of a crater caused by just one. Unbelievable scale if you did not see the picture.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Bitcoin Is A Revolt Of Savers

Bitcoin has been making headlines recently as have all cryptocurrencies. The rise in values will always do that for a commodity of any sort. For the entire bloc of them to rise would garner media attention. Likewise, their price drops are reported. Moldbug wrote how Bitcoin could be killed instantly by USG, which still is true but has not happened yet. Is there an underlying cause that could give Bitcoin hope and potentially foreign help? Yes. Bitcoin is a revolt of savers.

Not just savers but holders of capital. Not just holders of dollars and capital but sovereigns seeing the dollar erode and USG continue to print. Gold is a way out, and it is easy to see those with dollars using them to buy gold. China continues to buy gold hand over fist. The interests high and low can align because you the small bitcoin user are the low but are part of the revolt.

The alignment is seeking the monetary trait of a store of value. Money is a medium of exchange, a unit of account but also a store of value. England is a good example where the pound held good value for over 100 years, collapsing after WW1 and the creation of the welfare state. Similar charts could hold for the Autro-Hungarian Empire, and this was something Stefan Zweig commented on as the comfort of the certainty with the currency. It allowed for long term planning and even acted as an incentive for saving as a dollar earned and saved could be counted on to be a dollar in later years. This is the savers' temperament.

This is not how our economy is set up. We are a consumer spending driven economy. Keynesians won every academic argument and then served the purpose of justifying forever pushing a consumer demand centric economy. We are so driven by this that our economy switched over from the productive focused industry side to a debt fueled economy that funded the marginal borrower to spur on activity because GDP is all that mattered. This applies to both left and nominal right. They ate the seed corn with the debt that was loaded onto corporations, households, home buyers, consumers and even students.

Added to this are FED and other central bank policies that continuously inject more money into the system. This continuous injection destroys one's capital by diluting it. Inflation is taxation yes, but it slaps an expiration date on your savings. It is not the frantic management of cash that hyperinflation causes, and please read about the 1980s and 1990s experience in Latin America for how to handle daily double digit rates of inflation. The subtle erosion is continuous and small, or not small, but arguably small because the same people eroding your capital are the ones fiddling with your government inflation statistics.

Savings becomes a threat. A bloc of savers can avoid the debt game. Savers can accumulate capital to then use as they see fit to challenge the regime. Savers can also invest their capital without the debt gatekeepers saying yea or nay to their desires. The debt game means that someone makes a decision about assigning you money to deploy. When you do not need leverage, you do not need their say in going forward or not. He who receives credit first also has the advantage for scarfing up assets, so the first receivers will be approved of by the system's men at the important nodes.

Bitcoin is not perfect. It can defy the system's current set up. Bitcoin can be endlessly split out so that slivers are used for paying but the potential for saying 1 Bicoin is a Bitcoin is a Bitcoin is there. Our financial infrastructure is geared towards using money purely as a medium of exchange and while not a majority or even a large minority, the saver bloc is out there. Like so many other tech processes that route around the current system, Bitcoin is this for money. This saver bloc can revolt and Bitcoin can be its means to achieving that capital accumulation and protection. Dedicated minorities with help from up high can create change or build new ecosystems. Bitcoin did not die in 2013. The rebellion lives on.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Weimerica Weekly - NPR's Neutral News

New Weimerica Weekly is up. This one starts with a monologue on Al Pacino thanks to a new sponsor. After that, I end up discussing the important node in the media web that is NPR. A key is the faux neutral reputation it has along with its high status reputation.

Happy 4th of July!

Monday, July 03, 2017

Operation Fast + Furious Was For New Gun Laws

Some government operations are pretty obvious in their motives. Some are head scratchers unless you recall the need for patronage and makework for coalition members. Some are just mysterious but have such draconian cover up moves that there has to be something else going on. Operation Fast and Furious falls into this last bucket.

Operation Fast + Furious (OFF) was also conveniently swept under the rug by every media member except for the Instapundit wing of the right and some of the GOPe right. Finally it was a scandal for Obama. This makes fey Ezra Klein's claims of a scandal free Obama a joke. There were plenty, but he and his ilk would not discuss them. Allowing guns to go to cartels despite federal agents objecting would be a scandal under normal human conditions.

When it started to get some rpess, I thought I covered it, but I did not. I sent Instapundit himself an email explaining what I thought was going on, but never published here. He didn't even reply to my email. What was going on though with OFF?

This was all about gun laws. OFF did not ensnare anyone in the cartels. The guns themselves were lost. CNN even has a nice timeline of what exactly was going on with OFF and even noted Eric Holder's horrible cover up actions. Somehow El Chapo even got his hands on an OFF 50 caliber gun used to take down helicopters. Who was the target? What was the purpose? FedGov is not good at much, and the great machine is still only good at propaganda.

Think of the timeline again. The Left had amazing majorities in January of 2009. Obama had the pen in hand, but the gun laws were not coming. Obama even had said that they were working on it "under the radar". Nothing was happening. No records. No legislation.

That is where OFF comes in. Americans now have a standard routine to get into when a mass shooting happens, and the muh gun control doesn't work. The Left's ignorance of guns actually kills their talking points as they look dumb calling SKSs assault rifles. There is also the problem of using black urban violence. The cucks won't say it's a black problem, but no one cares when the gangs of Chicago kill one another. No one. Innocent children killed in drive by crossfire now focuses the rage on the gangs, not gun manufacturers. There needed to be a new example of crazy gun violence and a new target for control.

This is where OFF and the cartels come into play. The current political battlefield understands the examples of violence used now. Cartel massacres of innocents with American bought weapons would be completely new. Because the Left's top nodes of power would already know this was coming, they'd have pre-arranged debate points and an edge in the politicla debate. President Obama could have had a press conference to kick this all off, and then NPR, the New York Times and the entire media machine would have run with his cues or even Oval Office invites for message management.

It is easy to envision the media narrative and campaign. Imagine a news narrative of cartel violence, bloody shootouts, vicious gangs known for mass sprees of shootings. This would be horrifying. Now if a gang were busted with caches of weapons bought at American dealerships, America would now be supplying a tremendously destructive conflict killing poor, innocent Mexicans. With massive body counts and American made and sold guns caught in the bad guys hands, it gives a new public relations object for people to debate.

We would not be needing gun laws against American gun owners, but against the stores. The distribution network would need reform. ''Dang it man, you cannot just walk in and buy these powerful weapons easy peasy, they could end up in the hands of the cartels.' It is an easy sell to the middle and an even easier sell to the Left. This would be a powerful PR weapon. It would be an all new form of gun violence that does not come with preconceived sides and debate talking points. No one would want to enable cartels.

The cartels did not quite perform the way the Obama administration wanted. The horrors south of the border also fed into immigration hawk talking points. This was an indirect play, and one that failed for the Left. This is why OFF was covered up by Holder and company. This is why Obama exercised executive privilege on information related to it. It was not just that USG let powerful guns go right to the cartels. It is that they did that dastardly deed and all for use in domestic gun politics.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Social Matter - Progressives Will Make Science Primitive

New essay up at Social Matter. There are stuctural and doctrinal reasons for why the progressives, via their control of academia, will take science into a primitive direction. Not all of science, but the rent seeking will carve out space. it has to because how else will they hire their voting coalition bloc represenatatives that cannot do math?