Friday, July 14, 2017

The University Seppuku + SM Review-Preview 97

We are witnessing the delegitimization of the media. CNN is a symbol but the broader trend of negative views of the media is there. Even the Left has a 50-50 split on the effect of the media on society. This is a positive but the normie crowd still consumes media. We need parallel institutions. If the AltLite did not have its head up its ass, it'd see that this is their market to create: parallel news media. The next big shoe to drop is the destruction of universities.

The change and the destruction is coming. Even National Review wrote that it will soon be a target. Look at how fast republicans or the nominal right wing has soured on universities. That is a huge change, which shocks the idiotic, but is perfectly normal considering the events at universities since 2014. There have been poop swastika protest-riots, campus insanity, a heightened awareness of the uselessness of many degrees, more overt Marxism, psychotic feminists, psychotic grievance race haters entrenched as professors, debt slavery as a legit meme and also, attacks on milquetoast conservative speakers from even stepping foot on campus. The shocking result of that poll is that the Left's valuing of the university system's effect on American society did not drop a single percentage point. They love their priesthood even if it puts their kids into debt slavery.

It is not quite just a priesthood and religion thing for the Left. This other element applies to both sides but it is the good life meme. As long as the universities are the gatekeepers to entry to the good life, then they will be unbroken. What is the good life? High earning white collar work and other work (government and some medical grey collar) that requires the credential or papal blessing. Even if we remove government funding for the universities, they'd still have demand by people wanting to give their kids the good life who still believe that those paths are the good life.

What we do need is to reprogram people from viewing that as the path to the good life. The Last Psychiatrist noted in a three part series that college was a huge waste but we just had not figured out how to get around it yet. Republican lawmakers are too dumb to defund or freeze funding for universities. What will come will be the unraveling of the good life and the replacement with feudal jobs and people valuing other things. Missouri's tanking enrollment is a swath of people valuing the atmosphere of the university over U of M on their resume.

Money will be pulled eventually as people start demanding the funding be removed, as alumni stop donating and as elites start thinking about pulling R&D or science research private. When the money does get pulled, then the meltdown at universities will make the current meltdown in the media look tame. Jonestown mas suicides? On the table. Professors, sorry people stuck as adjuncts for 15 years, plummeting from buildings? Sure.

Once the identity of a learned academic is strongly shoved into the basement for many of these grievance hustlers and Marxist thinkers, they will have to admit they are nothing. It will crush them.


Last week I wrote on Venezuela's colectivos. Chavez made smart moves to try to capture the government. These were smart devious ways to use the oil revenue and harden all support for his regime. Seeing reports of men on motorcycles terrorizing people, this is a product of Chavez's deliberate moves. Weimerica Weekly was about barcades. I did pen the episode by talking about our class analysis. It is correct because it is politically incorrect.

I have a couple of items I may write about as I have been working on them a while so we will see what gets rolled out. Weimerica Weekly will cover the drag queen story hour coordination. I figured out why there was a burst of such events this year. Top down. It is always top down.


Dirtnapninja said...

Conservative oriented universities should form an alliance. These universities should eliminate all resentment studies programs and critical theory, restore the western canon and explicitly market themselves as places to learn free from social justice harassment. As a bonus, they can begin hiring all the wonderful scholars and scientists who are being purged for wrongthink.

A Texan said...

I've worked at a state institution. Even STEM is overpriced crap these days; no guarantee you will have a job and even jobs with an associates pay decently in a technical field.

Administrators are some of the biggest cost of a university and most of the research done is junk anyway.

I'm not sure how you would replace laboratory classes as part of a STEM curriculum, but the rest of the stuff a university does could be done online.

PR said...

Most STEM professors are useless in the lab anyways. In engineering, most professors are just number crunchers; few of their ideas work in real hardware or equipment. They churn out papers based on computer simulations.

Test equipment is admittedly expensive but local companies might be willing to charge you to use their labs. Anything is cheaper than a university.

In addition to administrator costs, colleges are giving more slots away to foreigners who pay higher prices. This restricts supply to in-state students which raises the price. Then, when you graduate, you are probably competing with the same foreigners for jobs at big companies.

I'm happy to see our university system collapse. Some of our best engineers have no degree at all but started out on the production which was, of course, moved overseas.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

> I've worked at a state institution. Even STEM is overpriced crap these days; no guarantee you will have a job and even jobs with an associates pay decently in a technical field.

Most of what is propping STEM up right now is the second tech bubble. Once that pops, so will the delusion that STEM is the land of milk and honey.

Anonymous said...

>> Conservative oriented universities should form an alliance.

Both of them?

In all seriousness, I can think of only 3 universities/colleges that could be considered "conservative": Wheaton, Liberty, and Hillsdale. Face it, the long march was successful.

radiobeloved said...

The house of cards could tumble suddenly:

1. End disparate impact---thus companies can filter based on their own criteria (IQ tests).

2. Permit loaners to filter based on ability to pay back---then the tuition funding streams for non-hard-science fields dry up quickly.

Neither of these are currently legal, but could change if the political will is there.