Wednesday, July 26, 2017

With Mexicanization Comes...

If you were a spring breaker down in Cancun during its heyday, you might recall the old routine where cops would pick you up and then ask for cash to bring you to the hotel. This evolved into cops driving cashless students to ATMs so they could withdraw the daily maximum to get home safely. Third world countries have these problems. As America becomes more third world, these problems will become America's problems.

Will they hold your newborn hostage for payoffs? Yes, if this story is any indication. We can set aside the poor decision to take a babymoon at 27 weeks pregnant, but this woman had the child in Mexico as nature will not stop for vacations. The child was born and now the family is medically evacuating mother and child due to poor handling by the Mexican hospital and what sounds like outright blackmail or extortion.

We have heard that Mexico has nationalized health care, so there must be provisions for handling foreign visitors for billing. Either way the old pay cash for safe travels home is being applied to a premie baby. Reverse this and what would happen? International outcry at the evil American hospital extorting the young Mexican couple. This would never be an issue. They'd get billed back later, set up on a payment plan and the hospital's loss would be spread out over the rest of their customers' bills for the rest of the year.

This is not just in-group vs. out-group antagonism. This is extortion. To threaten to toss a premie out on the street without cash payment is ridiculous and the constant hits for cash to see the baby is low even compared to mafia don standards. Where's the simple approach of contacting the patient's local hospital network to transfer the baby? They fear no consequences. They know they have a desperate, emotional couple. What would American legal authorities do? Nothing is going to happen.

These kinds of antics will spread as America grows third world. The laws will not matter, as it is he on the ground that executes them. South Africa has protections and rights for gays, but gays want to leave South Africa in droves due to how the society truly treats them. Any society is formed by its people, who over a long period of time the culture and genetics work together to form. We constantly say that one cannot plug and play with people like they are interchangeable cogs. Even to get them to comply with another group's set of rules, they need to see the benefit of it. Not just a benefit but a superior outcome to their current system.


Anonymous said...

What the Mexican hospital is doing is illegal under Mexican law. If a Mexican hospital tries this you should call the police and tell them you have been kidnapped. That is exactly what they are doing.

A Mexican lawyer has written about this and he said he has sprung more people from Mexican hospitals than Mexican jails. He also said that if the hospital tries to get you to sign papers (all in Spanish) before they let you go to not sign any document in Spanish unless you can understand Spanish. This point is very important.

The Mexican hospital by law must treat you enough to get you stabilized.

Peterike said...

I have a better way to avoid these problems. Just never go to Mexico.

Anonymous said...

It gets worse:

Anonymous said...

By law this, by law that, illegal under law: What does this even mean in a country like Mexico? Earlier anonymous, sweetie, were you aware that you are writing parody, or did it just happen to you?

Anonymous said...

Contrary to popular opinion, Mexico is not a lawless state. As an American who has lived there all I can say is that the law and how it works it is different there, but it does work. We have laws here and yet corporations routinely violate it and screw people over. We just screw people over in a different way. The American way. It's just the way it is. Hell, ever hear of someone getting screwed by their own government here? Just like good old America, if you want to enforce your rights in Mexico you need to hire a lawyer.

That said, we do have more protections here than in Mexico. However, Mexicans are not completely defenseless in their country.

I remember reading about tourists who found themselves in hospitals in the Baltic states. Now that was a real nightmare for them.

That Mexican hospital was trying to screw someone over for all the money they could get. That would never happen in America.

Portlander said...

Mexican hospital trying to screw someone over for all the money they could get. That would never happen in America.

Heh. Touché