Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Jews, the IDF and What Does It Mean To Be American

Stephen Miller's recent press conference was a remarkable media-government moment in recent American history. A well spoken, intelligent and informed individual (on the right wing) reduced the media to a sputtering mess. Miller not only did that but he dared to point out the stupidity of the media constantly using the Statue of Liberty to justify our immigration policies. Emma Lazarus' poem is just a poem, and it was an addition to the statue itself. Miller's conference and the policies he hopes to implement focus on the idea of what does it mean to be American.

This is the core of the psychotic Jewish behavior on display since Trump announced his candidacy and said enough for immigration. There are enough Jews in the White House to maintain their place at the levers of policy formulation and implementation. GoldmanSachs still is running our economic policy, but the potential to replace Janet "Yenta" Yellen with a Gentile might make Jews nervous. The problem defined by Miller is simply that America belongs to Americans. Miller, a Jew himself, has 'gone native'.

If American means anyone on US soil, then Jews can flit back and forth with their 'fellow white people' act. If the definition of an America is not the washed up on the shore wretched refuse from anywhere, then the identity would have to be mapped out and hardened. For a nation that was 85% white of European ancestry right up until the 1960s, it is easy to configure. While Jews will always feel like outsiders, they will admit to being phenotypically able to pass as white. They will learn one day that non-whites consider Jews white, but possibly not until it is too late.

There is something deeper at play, not just wearing their masks to bounce between groups but in the core identity. Israel is the Jewish ethnostate. It has a military (IDF). Curiously, a US veteran informed me that roughly 1800 American Jews serve in the US Army, and roughly 1000 Americans serve in the IDF. Remove the Army lawyers, doctors and how many combat American Jews are serving in the US Army. There is a possibility that there are more American Jews serving in the IDF in combat roles than in the US Army. It burned him pretty good to learn this.

What is the most un-American thing a person could do? Serve in another country's armed forces. Israel is our greatest ally but is a foreign country. What happens if another USS Liberty attack occurred? Does an American like Rahm Emanuel, Jeffrey Goldberg or David Brooks' son load the munitions for an attack, fly the jet, attack a US ship? Rahmbo served in the IDF, and so does David Brooks' son. After centuries of dual loyalty accusations, it would actually apply in the heat of the moment? This is pertinent as the Israelis have treated Syrian jihadis, including ISIS fighters.

While the question is out there of what it means to be an American, the better question to Jews is not 'is it good for the Jews' but 'should our special exception end'. Flying back and forth to LARP as military men in the desert must end unless one wishes to move there and become Israeli citizens, renouncing their US citizenship. America fights enough in the desert to give them an opportunity if they want to fight Arab Islamists.

Jews have their homeland now. The Zionist dream of an Israel came to fruition. They had large patrons and they also engaged in terrorism to carve out a territory for their tribe. After 109 expulsions, they have a home. There are many Jews like Stephen Miller that feel that America is their home. There are some that despite the decades here will never quite feel American (Julia Ioffe, Masha Gessen, etc).

It is time to choose and decide where their loyalties lie and act on them. Even suffering from massive media brainwashing, many Americans know their identity as an American. The identity crisis causing the current media meltdown just must be located in the heart of American Jews. Aliyah or America.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Trans Fix None Dare Propose

The transsexual community is incredibly small. Under 1% of Americans are trans. The gender fluid or trans poseurs crowd on Tumblr is just the crowd that in 1995 would have been goth. What the trans push is really is an attack on the basic gender assumptions and on mentally persuadable crowds. The goal is destruction of Western civilization norms, and even just peeling off 1-2% additional of the core West (hetero white) crowd, the system can shrink the challenge group it fears.

Not just them but their direct family. How many people vote for the Left that decreed gays or blacks glorious victim populations solely because they had a family member of that group that could 24/7 play on heartstrings or give them a chance to do the good deed and get the status bump within their family? In 2012, gays rights and free birth control was the rally cry for a chunk of single white women. This targets that elastic voter crowd.

The Left and its system of academia, sinecures and propaganda cannot stop and target kids now. There was a news blurb on a camp for trans kids as young as four years old. The director (Sandra Collins linkedin) declared that her two year old was certain they were trans. A 2 year old. Collins holds a PhD in Japanese history, and taught Japanese subjects for years in academia but is now the executive director of EnGender.

EnGender aims to helps gender diverse kids feel safe with projects like camps. EnGender's board of trustees is staffed nearly exclusively by women. YALE graduates and researchers that push RULER. RULER is a program to help develop emotional intelligence. This is hocus pocus research that feminizes all kids. They use these camps as laboratories. The local schools use them as summer programs because they are for trans and trans allies. Indirectly, it might be a way for SWPLs to surround their kids with non-violent types in the Bay Area.

That two year old is a ridiculous example but out there. A 2 year old barely can walk and talk or use a fork competently. It has no concept it is trans. Mommy is making it so. It becomes a weird religious offering of the child up to the religious authorities, but it may also just be Munchausen by proxy. All that attention and all that care for the child despite nothing being wrong. In a dark manner, trans allows feminists and lesbians to castrate their sons in a progressively approved manner.

All of this, and all of these people push this method of treatment to heal someone because it fits their destructive ends. The nominal right is too dumb to offer an alternative because they fall into the left's framing and fake A/B choice. Fund surgeries and accept it good person or deny it you bigot!

Use hormones and therapies they give women to become men to men who feel like women so they become more male. Reverse it with females wishing to become men. Give the testosterone to the men who feel like they are women and give estrogen to the women who have an urge to become men. Try it at least for 18 months and talk therapy works out why they feel those feelings. Align the therapy so their gender expression will match their real chromosomes. Sex change operations were discontinued at Johns Hopkins due to not helping patients for decades. Making born men chemically more male and born women chemically more female might help.

Not done because it conflicts with the prog narrative of socially constructed genders. That social construction dies even in their A/B false choice because the right choice involves biological agents. They need the chemicals to make the social construction feel right. Note that the media has switched how they label it from sex change or reassignment to gender confirmation surgery. Physical scientific or medical applications to confirm the mentally constructed emotions and thoughts.

Why are we even hearing about this? Ask why the media covered the tiny little trans friendly day camp in the Bay Area? It is getting media attention like the drag story hour to inspire other good thinkers to copy it and get funds from local schools. They want other whites and aspirational minorities to see what the good deed is for them to do to declare their holiness.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Honda Is A Wreck

Honda announced that it was going to get into the self driving car game. They are going to deliver self driving cars kiddos! This is incredibly late to the game. People looking at their program are also chuckling that Honda is starting in 2017 a self driving program that looks like competitors' programs from ten years ago. This is not new with Honda. They are slow moving and reacting, propped up by the Japanese government.

Honda's late announcement on self driving cars is par for the course for their consistent belief that they are the geniuses and do not need to answer the market or anticipate the market. Honda is fantastic at building engines. That is their edge that when applied to cars and trucks became a huge advantage due to reliability. They also did not have to deal with the legacy employee costs that American automakers suffered from due to collective bargaining agreements.

Honda watched though as Ford closed the gap on reliability. Honda (and Toyota) have even had hiccups recently to mar their reputations as more reliable. The new versions of their steady selling cars are worse than the old ones and are priced higher. When they roll out new vehicles, they flop partly due to aesthetics and partly due to 'who wants to buy this'. That Japanese government help though carries them forward, limiting the need for change Honda needs to enact systematically.

Honda beat Toyota to the market for hybrids. Many consumers do not know this. Toyota just had sharper marketing, and a superior design of the Prius compared to the Insight. The Prius may have looked like a sperm without a tail, but it stood out. Toyota allowed for the environmental yet wealthy set to stand out with their conspicuous environmentalism consumer purchase. Honda watched Toyota eat their lunch on hybrid sales, and despite the jump on Toyota, did not think to roll the hybrid out for higher end vehicles.

Tesla has its problems but the genius in Tesla's approach was competing against luxury car makers for their all electric vehicle. They targeted a different market than the Chevy Volt flop, and deftly target a market not as price sensitive. Honda goofed in not taking their engine expertise and churning out hybrid SUVs and large sedans at the start rather than their weak hybrid Civic roll out. What does an additional $3,000 matter to an SUV buyer shelling out $40-50K versus a Civic buyer shelling out $18K? Far less, plus the gains from hybrid SUV gas mileage are superior and pay off faster.

Honda thinks it knows best what the market wants rather than meet the desires of the market. This is a post about Honda, and you're wondering, "Why is anyone writing about Honda", and that is the point. Honda has not had anything exciting in years. They continue to chug along with their help from the Japanese government. Maybe just producing X units and employing Y Japanese is all that matters. This could be the case, but the risks are there. The biggest risk is that Honda churns out products that fewer and fewer people want, hollowing out the firm no matter what the Japanese do to prop it up.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

WW1 - Why This Photo Post Series

I was going to wait until the final Thursday in 2018 for remembering the centennial of the Great War to explain why I did this photo post series. I have to post it now.

As the Civil War remembrance period rolled on, I was stunned by how few people paid attention. At 150 years and as a student of immigration into America, I realized, it was not many people's war. How many heirloom-Americans are out there that can trace back to an ancestor that fought in it? Forget post-'65 immigrants and their descendants. Forget post-Civil War immigrants. It was a startling, unusual way to be reminded how much has changed. The simplistic breakdown of making it all about emancipating the slaves and good v. evil makes more sense when you see the players on the board now. It had been reduced to history as propaganda.

That bothered me. I can trace my roots here back to the Mayflower on one line and on another it's late 19th century immigrants. Why didn't anyone give a crap about the Civil War? I'd post something to Faceborg and people would go 'wow, interesting haven't see CW stuff' or the worst 'I forgot'. These are people that memorize sports stats like Rain Man, and yet they forgot about a major point or aspect of the Civil War.

It bothered me enough to look at the Great War with it's centennial and make a point to highlight something each week. I could find a picture and then discuss some aspect of the war or the era. I wanted to have light hearted pictures as well because so often it is merely considered an unnecessary and gruesome war. True, but there is amazing humanity found even in the darkest places. Sometimes it could just be a caption, and other times, I could roll on if I found a good source. Each week though, I would make it a post.

I had to do it because my great-grandfather fought in WW1. In my hometown, there is a monument for those who fought in it. His name is on that. When it was his sons' time to fight the Germans in WW2, he had told them, supposedly, that it was their turn to show that this was their country. Family lore is good and should be learned and shared. He was the first generation immigrant and yet he sailed across the Atlantic for trench warfare.

We talk all of the time about what veterans and soldiers fight for. It's not trans rights. It's not even Muh Guns and Muh Speech. They were fighting for their people, which is why the imperial wars of choice are so disgusting. Wilson conned America, but the bankers had to get paid. My great-grandfather and his peers were fighting for something else. Their little hamlet in Maine and hoping for a patch of green and a better life for their kids in America. They scraped by in a shitty apartment and worked in the mills for decades. They wanted to protect what they had and the opportunity for more here in America.

They fought and they assimilated. They spoke fluent French and I know none. Remembering the little guy, forget the con that Wilson and the banks pulled on America, but remembering little guys like my great-grandfather is why I started that. I was always fascinated by the Great War that seemed to straddle two worlds, two eras. This series educated me, and I hope educated you. I know a few of you bought some books. For a general survey book, A World Undone is a great read.

Stop just being bothered by something. Push back. Do something to fight against the rising tide of spectators who shout about the daily 2 Min Outrage while forgetting the very core of our history. It's a blog, but I know it reached some people. Am I honoring that short, stocky millworker that picked up a gun to fight the Hun? I hope he thinks so.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

How Anti-Mass Incarceration Happens Without Legislation

The long play for the Black Lives matter and protest-riot series from 2014 to mid-2016 was to push the meme for police and prison reform. Police would need to be under federal control, policing would have to change, and this would help the number of innocent Democrats in jail. Jail itself would need reform too, with a changing in sentencing. Maybe the Hillary appointed Warren Court 2.0 could change federal sentencing laws. That was the low being paid to create an on the ground visual for the high wanting to create chaos and scare the population for more centralization.

It did not happen. This did not stop all of those media outlets that discussed the harm of school to prison pipelines, jail being awfully mean, jail being racist, jail hurting the black family, and other narratives to equate it with slavery or worse. The solution presented was never bring back wider execution practices and bring back exile. There was never any agency placed in the criminals and their families souls. The solution was preselected and presented to you for future legislation.

It did not quite happen, but this does not stop the entire system from on the edges but at ground level fighting mass incarceration, which is a made up problem by the Left. A judicial system is still only as good as its administrators and our system is staffed with plenty of good progressives. Good progressives not just wanting to keep their job but to advance and slide to political office is necessary. They want to be good progs.

This is where the religious aspect of progressivism comes in. These progs want to be good ones and want to be holy for future advance in the church hierarchy. They see the signal from up on high that something, something, must be done about mass incarceration. Shucks, legislation is not going to happen, but they can do something, even if small, they can do it.

America does write its laws down, but the rule of law is long since soured. Simply look at family court. A man and woman divorce, the children are considered her property but legally a man can petition for custody. The courts are legally suppose to hear argument, albeit arguments that a man has to pay a lawyer for because the default is mom has the kids. The underlying belief held by the system is to preserve the mother-child bond. We need not even start on children of unmarried parents, as it takes years to settle if dad dares to want his child. The system is in the hands of those that execute the laws and they are guided by who trained, educated and molded them.

They immediately start pleaing things down. No legislation needed for the people already with the editorial power to pick and choose charges. This already happens anyway but gets even worse as DAs, young ADAs and public defenders now actively look to plea things down to misdemeanors and other crimes that carry lower minimum sentences. DAs then strike deals for lesser time in jail. They even recommend lower time at all sentencing no matter the crime, violent felony or not. Judges on the bench get the signal, too.

This is why the Reagan Tokes rape/murder matters in the far bigger picture. It reveals the lie of these weepy penal reform advocates. Golsby robbed two women, assaulted them, kidnapped them, raped one, but did just six years. Golsby did six years in jail for robbery and attempted rape. The prosecutor plead that sucker down in 2011. Not only that, the prosecutor sold it to both victims that six years was a good idea for an armed robber who rapes women in front of their two year olds. What do you think a prosecutor is going to do to sell someone on a plea deal with the blaring horn and giant red flag from the left's clerisy to be softer on crime?

This lets everyone out earlier. Not everyone, but those from the disadvantaged populations mentioned in the media propaganda. No legislation needed. All within the perfectly okay boundaries of the judicial system as already encoded. All they needed was the proper flag to be run up the pole by the priest class and they would execute on it. All the progressives needed to be told was that this is a good thing.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Monday, August 14, 2017

Venezuela Insecurity Creates Repeating Motions

When I wrote about Chavez and Maduro funding the colectivos, it was to point out how the clique that they represented needed to route around existing power infrastructure to secure more loyal foot soldiers. Having a politically reliable security system and pipeline for political operatives is necessary for any takeover. Some people are pointing to President Maduro's moves now as a wild rewrite and farce. It's not. It's the same thing Chavez did when he took power.

The only change is that the situation in Venezuela has changed. Chavez was elected into power and then immediately pushed the momentum to have a new constitution to sweep out the old corruption. This was passed enthusiastically in 1999 in Venezuela. I was 1999. No one knew the damage Chavez's mafia would inflict on the nation, and their PR kept the poor validating it with electoral victory after electoral victory.

Maduro right now is simply copying the Chavez approach to cement his sponsors' and his clique in power. Earlier this summer, the bold prosecutor in Venezuela tried to stop his call for a new constitutional assembly. Maduro's clique's cronies were in the judiciary and sided with him. She had been a pro-Chavez administrator. The media reports her holding a copy of their constitution and calling for integrity. Muh Constitution is global. She was holding up a document that was the sham socialist paper from not even twenty years ago.

Maduro's clique holding the media megaphone blasted for voting in the July 30th referendum for a constitutional assembly. NPR, ever the neutral outlet, said the new assembly could, could, increase Maduro's clique's powers. Maduro needed that public validation of his rule for legitimacy because Chavez died before he had succession locked down and as the money ran out. The vote passed as it nearly always did for Chavez when he ruled. This new constitutional assembly is considered the highest authority in the land with wide ranging powers.

What does the assembly immediately do? Threats of liquidating any civic institution. Attacks on the old assembly that is in the hands of the opposition (but powerless). Oppositional figures continue to flee in anticipation of their moves. The new assembly sets up a truth commission. This is full on into the Soviet political kangaroo court mode. This commission would be to go after political opponents all the while Maduro's cronies on the new assembly write a new constitution to cement his power.

The new constitution will be rolled out, and then Maduro or a hand selected successor (who will keep Maduro + cronies wealthy) will be trotted out to run for the new presidential position. Power will present what it wants and then the people will magically approve of it in what will be contested elections but an offering to the god called Democracy.

Venezuela is in this odd political spot because Chavez died before turning 60. Maduro feels the need to secure himself as Chavez did in 1999 rather than take an approach like Chavez and he did for the colectivos. A wide range of newly formed government bureaucracies could have been created to truly control Venezuela, just as the judiciary + new security force locks control for the Maduro gang now. Maduro nearly lost an election where his side harassed opponents and stuffed the ballot boxes.

Maduro is insecure because of the system. He is also insecure because he is the new Big Man with impaired legitimacy even within the Chavez clique. Beyond that, the steady thread throughout all of the news articles is simply that Maduro is insecure because there is no food. Maduro cannot formalize what the ruling mechanism in Venezuela is because he cannot feed enough people.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Social Matter - Moving Away From GDP As A Metric For Civilizational Well-Being

New essay up at Social Matter. There has to be a better way to evaluate how a ruling class is handling their nation. Stewardship of a nation goes beyond GDP. GDP is a weak measure. There must be indirect measures of health, and maybe we can better formulate arguments for the direction of society if we only had a way to discuss the issue properly.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Google Reminds Us AIACC + SM Review-Preview 100

Google reminded us all that America is a communist country. It was this week's reminder that pseudonyms are a good idea as the neomaoism gets closer. It was this week's reminder of the essay The Power Of The Powerless, aka Havel's Green Grocer essay. You live in occupied territory by progressive colonists.

There is talk of James Damore's chances with a lawsuit at his former employer Google, but there is one major problem. There is somewhere in the Google employee handbook code of conduct for employees and gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, etc. harassment. This is Google's out.

The problem with the insanity of the left's academic priests is how it eventually molds our society's laws and codes. I've written before how harassment begets lawsuits for the progressive coalition voting blocs. These are merely transfers of wealth. This is their payoff for believing in the bullshit. To expand who gets paid and to add in the capability for class action lawsuits, it must get defined down to environmental and systemic situations so the shakedowns get bigger.

Harassment is now defined way down from 'have sex with me or lose your job'. All that is required in this day and age is that one says/types things that would create an uncomfortable environment. Inadvertent comments can become problematic and must be investigated for malicious intent. The corporation has to cover its ass to prevent lawsuits for creating a terrible environment.

But what Damore typed was calm and with facts? Doesn't matter. Microaggression and outrage culture have encouraged one side to overreact to anything and to express trauma and stress at it. Their overreaction, even as fake as it is, becomes the groundwork for employees feeling scared, victimized, hurt etc and voila, there is the cause for termination of employment.

The belief matters. They need to be religious progs to matter. They have to hear, read or see inadvertent or neutral, reasonable things and go to HR and go to lawyers. We all hear offensive things at times or get sexts of coworkers, but only some of us report it as a problem. We just aren't on that team for the people in power, and it is their country to administer.


Last week I covered the decline of the rule of law. Weimerica Weekly was on the Reagan Tokes murder. How much faster do rapists have to be released from jail compared to the 6 years that her murderer/rapist got for his first rape?

This week's essay will consider measuring society beyond GDP. Weimerica Weekly has multiple candidates, and I need to read up on them.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

WW1 - Muddy Passchendaele

One hundred years ago this week, the Battle of Passchendaele kicked off. I was the end of July and the Brits wanted to push their luck to secure the Belgian coast. Now all of this was happening after the horrendous months long battles of the Somme and Verdun. France was just pacifying their troops who had mutinied and nearly ended the war themselves. The Brits really could not rely on anyone else.
They charged ahead. Haig got what he wanted, but the coordination between the artillery and the infantry was hampered by poor weather. As seen in these pictures, mud was everywhere and pretty deep due to the inclement weather. This costly, horrendous war would roll on for another whole year.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Remember 67 + the Gay Agenda's Victory

The Brits live under Big Brother. What was a fantasy dystopia has become reality as people are arrested for words and social media posts. This is one element of the mental prison. The other is the never-ending stream of propaganda. Advertising, art, BBC series or BBC nonfiction videos, it never stops and sucks in more government money. Why not combine most of those and flash billboards of radical '60s gay propaganda? The Brits see this on their commutes and walks around the emerging caliphate.

Martin Firrell is the artist behind it, and he is standard issue lefty. The trick lies in the media coverage saying that he is the force driving it. No. He may be the simple artist putting the images and words together but big media is giving him billboard space and allowing him to broadcast his message in the place of advertisements. It is clear, "Remember 1967 has been supported by media brands Clear Channel and Primesight." Those big media firms are sacrificing billboard revenue to push the message.

What is that message? Remembering the 1967 change in British laws that legalized male homosexuality in merry old England. It's not even new art as he is recycling old slogans. Firrell is working with the the Tatchell Foundation, which is all about gay rights, civil rights and human rights. These rights all seem to center on gays, but can be cloaked as human rights brilliantly confusing normal people. Who would ever defy the Human Rights Watch or deny human rights? Only an evil, sinister character. It is the same message you hear today because the true goal is still out there.

This is all to destroy the traditional family unit. The Tatchell in Tatchell Foundation is connected to the Gay Liberation Front from the '70s. The GLF wanted to overturn society so that gays could be themselves and be fully free to live their lives in the open. Admirable to have liberation without anxiety as a tiny sexual minority, but let us read their manifesto to see why the Left was so eager to use them.

What is the crux of their problem? Not fitting into the norms of the society they live in. This is their giant anxiety. One that if they paused a moment and thought, they would see that there was a wide spectrum of roles and behaviors for both men and women, it is just that they sit in odd spaces of the spectrum. On top of this, there was no safe way for them to approach someone for sex without the huge risk of exposure and ruin. What gets them so mad, though, in their own words?

But gay liberation does not just mean reforms. It means a revolutionary change in our whole society. Is this really necessary? Isn't it hard enough for us to win reforms within the present society, and how will we engage the support of straight people if we get ourselves branded as revolutionaries? 
Reforms may makes things better for a while; changes in the law can make straight people a little less hostile, a little more tolerant-but reform cannot change the deep-down attitude of straight people that homosexuality is at best inferior to their own way of life, at worst a sickening perversion. It will take more than reforms to change this attitude, because it is rooted in our society's most basic institution-the Patriarchal Family. 
We've all been brought up to believe that the family is the source of our happiness and comfort. But look at the family more closely. Within the small family unit, in which the dominant man and submissive woman bring up their children in their own image, all our attitudes towards sexuality are learned at a very early age. Almost before we can talk, certainly before we can think for ourselves, we are taught that there are certain attributes that are 'feminine' and other that are 'masculine', and that they are God-given and unchangeable. Beliefs learned so young are very hard to change; but in fact these are false beliefs. What we are taught about the differences between man and woman is propaganda, not truth. 
The truth is that there are no proven systematic differences between male and female, apart from the obvious biological ones. Male and female genitals and reproductive systems are different, and so are certain other physical characteristics, but all differences of temperament, aptitudes and so on, are the result of upbringing and social pressures. They are not inborn.  
Human beings could be much more various than our constricted patterns of 'masculine' and 'feminine' permit-we should be free to develop with greater individuality. But as things are at present, there are only these two stereotyped roles into which everyone is supposed to fit, and most people-including gay people too-are apt to be alarmed when they hear these stereotypes or gender roles attacked, fearing that children 'won't know how to grow up if they have no one to identify with', or that 'everyone will be the same', i.e. that there will be either utter chaos or total conformity. There would in fact be a greater variety of models and more freedom for experimentation, but there is no reason to suppose this will lead to chaos. 
By our very existence as gay people, we challenge these roles. it can easily be seen that homosexuals don't fit into the stereotypes of masculine and feminine, and this is one of the main reasons why we become the object of suspicion, since everyone is taught that these and only these two roles are appropriate. 
Our entire society is build around the patriarchal family and its enshrinement of these masculine and feminine roles. Religion, popular morality art, literature and sport all reinforce these stereotypes. In other words, this society is a sexist society, in which one's biological sex determines almost all of what one does and how one does it; a situation in which men are privileged, and women are mere adjuncts of men and objects for their use, both sexually and otherwise. 
Since all children are taught so young that boys should be aggressive and adventurous, girls passive and pliant, most children do tend to behave in these ways as they get older, and to believe that other people should do so too.
They require a revolutionary upheaval of the family structure. This does not make sense, especially with the end of the manifestos requests (gays can hold hands and kiss in public). If you contrast this with the simple things they supposedly want at the end of the manifesto, this radical revolution in the family makes zero sense. Strung throughout this manifesto are words like privilege that are thrown around all over modern liberal discourse today.
What could possibly be the aim of the group that feels they can never conform? It sounds familiar to what you see today.
The long-term goal of Gay Liberation, which inevitably brings us into conflict with the institutionalised sexism of this society, is to rid society of the gender-role system which is at the root of our oppression. This can only be achieved by eliminating the social pressures on men and women to conform to narrowly defined gender roles. It is particularly important that children and young people be encouraged to develop their own talents and interests and to express their own individuality rather than act out stereotyped parts alien to their nature. 
As we cannot carry out this revolutionary change alone, and as the abolition of gender rotes is also a necessary condition of women's liberation, we will work to form a strategic alliance with the women's liberation movement, aiming to develop our ideas and our practice in close inter-relation. In order to build this alliance, the brothers in gay liberation will have to be prepared to sacrifice that degree of male chauvinism and male privilege that they still all possess.
This sounds slightly familiar, maybe even very familiar. Here is a quote from a disgusting activist from today, Masha Gessen, stating some truths about gay marriage.

Gay marriage is a lie... Fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we're going to do to marriage when we get there... It's a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist... I don't see why they shouldn't have 5 parents legally. I don't see why we should choose two of those parents and make them a sanctioned couple.

It is the same story that never changes. In fact, reading the GLF manifesto, the finals goals they wanted are tame compared to what we see now. The very phrase gay agenda was something comedians could laugh at the right for being wary of, but it never was the gay agenda. The gay agenda was a cover for the deep progressive agenda of destroying the family unit.
In the manifesto, the gays themselves cite being post-family and cutting edge for the change needed. What change? Change in all of society? Who could possibly want that instead of the more humble recognition that gays exist at all and deserve to be treated as humans? No one stopped to ask how liberation had to be tied to the destruction of historical roles common in every society.

Gays are merely the means right now for the progressives to attack the family, gender roles, sex practices and gender itself. Women and bastards were the means fifty years ago. If pedophilia and polygamy are to be the next steps, watch how Muslims and their cultural norms and practices become the hammer the progressives wield to push more degeneracy. The goal of eroding Western normative traditions stays the same.
This Remember 67 project is not a reminder of the '67 legislation. It is not even an edgy meme transmission. This is a commemoration or the victory lap of the gay agenda. They won not because of their power but that it overlapped with the needs of the progs. The danger was always the progressive agenda. The gays simply are the convenient tool to destroy norms because they are the antithesis of healthy, family formation for cultural continuity.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Weimerica Weekly - Reagan Tokes

New Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. Can one murder reveal the stupidity of anti-mass incarceration advocates? Yes. What more do we need to reduce sentences when rapists get out of jail in 6 years? Please listen in as I discuss her murder, the crook and the gentrified area she was snatched from.

Monday, August 07, 2017

Jeff Flake's Misreading of Tea Leaves

"If he plays his cards right, he has the perfect path to the presidency," Democrat operative on Jeff Flake in 2011.

Senator Jeff Flake has been in the news recently. Not for good reasons. He is a conservative with a conscience per his new book, which in 2017 means sniping at President Trump and doing everything to maintain the current system's desired policies. Flake's star has fallen, and whispers of primarying him in '18 spread. The words from 2011 that Democrat operative said have long since expired. At an 18% approval rating in his home state, Flake is toast.

The set up was there for Senator Flake. Flake is a telegenic, well spoken father of five with conservative bona fides for the base. As the 2010 Tea Party wave election crested incredibly high, the future for fiscally conservative GOPers looked good as the Obama deficits were piling up. Flake also had before him, statewide seats opening up that he could pick and choose from for the good of his constituents, his party and himself. Arizona is a safely red state that has good visibility due to the growth of the Sun Belt as well as it being a flashpoint for immigration. Another element playing to his strength, which the Midwest politicians will possibly enjoy in the near future, is that there is the chance that his Mormonism could help in the purple areas of the West that Hispanic immigration is putting just outside of GOP reach like Colorado and New Mexico.

The GOP is not a true party, existing to keep the sham democracy going and be caretakers when the Left goes too far. It does owe something to constituents and Flake was badly failing his. Phoenix is a SCALE-apocalyse, but it had some good city planning. The problem of the city planning of the '70s/'80s is that no one foresaw the tsunami of Mexican immigration into the state. Phoenix would be a better city if only the border had been sealed.

Flake's path to the presidency was an easy one. All he had to do was take note of the citizen uprising when W and McCain tried to ram through immigration reform and the nationwide disgust with the national status quo that set in after the 2005 W peak for current direction. The votes for change keep voting as if voting harder will work. Flake failed to see the disgust could be something to act on. Flake misread his party, his base, and the way to zig while his party zagged that Trump seized on.

In 2011, Flake could have read polls that showed national support for the Arizona immigration laws. These laws enjoyed support despite media demonization. For the 2012 election season, Flake still would run for the Senate as the Democrats were fielding a solid candidate for the newly open seat in 2012. Flake plays good soldier and holds the seat. If Flake simply slides over to the immigration hawk wing with Sessions rather than join the Gang of 8, his path is as follows.

Flake wins the Senate seat, and surveys the landscape, publicly rejecting the Senate Gang immigration bill. Instead of it just being old Senator Jeff Sessions, suddenly immigration restrictionism and patriotism has a younger, handsome face for every single television appearance to debate the issue. It becomes Flake's thing even if Sessions, Grassley and their aides are the real muscle behind it.

Flake's next move would have been the smart reading of the tea leaves that he failed to do. As the Arizona governorship opens up, Flake who protected the GOP seat in '12 versus a tough challenger, returns to Arizona to proactively enforce immigration as much as he can. Seeding the ground for outsider status despite being a long tenured DC creature, Flake could say, "I am returning home to take care of my people as the cesspool that is DC is toxic and unmanageable now". Something along those lines of "DC is evil"... despite being there nearly two decades.

Flake could have been governor Flake in 2015 with an eye on the border. Had he made these moves, 2016 was not the presidential round for him, but he could be the perfect heir to a President Trump as nationalist Trumpism takes form and the border and Mexican integration/removal/friction become major flashpoints. His tenure as governor would end in 2022, and he could write a book and softly campaign before the real primary season began as the heir to Trumpism with the border bona fides to prove it as governor of Arizona. Even without Trump, he'd have had 2020 as the perfect opportunity.

Instead, Flake misread the base. Flake is not a creature of his donors, as evaluating his donor base shows Club For Growth as a big donor but no base of money he desperately needed once ensconsed after the '12 election. Flake even misread his state. If the flood continues, he has maybe an election or two left in him before the Mexicans boot him out in pure ethnic bloc voting.

He coulda been a contendah but so goes many political what ifs.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Social Matter - Decline Of The Rule Of Law

New essay up at Social Matter. How and why did the English get so hung up on the rule of law. It worked so well but many individuals and institutions realize it has died. The signs of people cathcing on are all around us.

Friday, August 04, 2017

The Shallow SWPL + SM Review-Preview 99

Travel to the city and find the SWPL area. Sit in the café, the bar, quirky retail space or the cutesy bar/café/bookshop combination and listen. Bring your laptop and work remote from the café since it will have free wifi and fit in a bit better. Camo does not just come in natural patterns.

Conversation after conversation, you will hear people engaged in a shallow life. Nothing spiritual or religious, of course, the activities will follow the newest fashion of what is cool. "Ooooo I've switch from yoga to barre class". There is a hyperfocus on food. "The bread is made on-site". The next fun night out becomes the rally point for not just anticipating fun but also commenting on the last night of fun and subsequent relationship drama.

This is not just women. The men are the same. The men have been feminized to have the same concerns and goals. For all the jokes about their focus on Harry Potter, I never heard one mention a book. Harry Potter might be the only thing they've read recently or have a solid grasp on for discussion. I doubt you could bring up an interesting book and get any recognition from them.

These concerns and this focus on the simple and shallow are mocked when applied to the non-SWPL set. The sole difference between the prole whites and these SWPLs is the BA or array of degrees from institutions of higher learning. There is nothing there. I'd go a step further and argue the degree has dropped the status badge on them, freeing them to have the shallowest of talks yet still not be an untouchable.

Even political or social discussions became a repetition of some slogan, an event and then "yeah I saw that on facebook". I truly wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. I wanted to hear them ponder deep subjects, broad concerns or even the worries of the individual navigating all of this. Comedy was hearing discussions about group events or activities but the consistent line that they did not know anyone at the events and were careful about engaging with those people. Nothing is organic with them, everything is transactional.

Didn't happen though. Problem there might be that any deep look into any topic is going to reveal their doublethink or blackwhite thoughts and to borrow again from 1984, immediately engage in crimestop. Better to fill the time with talks about the latest fluff.


Last week I wrote about identity and being in our modern liberation focused society. Weimerica Weekly was about the American Road Trip. Thank you for concerns about the microphone quality, but it was an odd technical circumstance, and I had to use a back up mic on the road.

This week I will discuss the rule of law, neutral arbiters and the break down of this. Weimerica Weekly could be on a variety of items as people have been sending me leads left and right. Spending as much time as I did in a gentrifying area, I may do it on that.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

WW1 - Scuttled Submarine

This is UC61 stranded on the continent's shores by its crew. Summer of 1917 had unterseebootes like UC61 attacking Allied shipping in the Channel. This U-boat avoided the fiercest dangers from the Brits but ended up running aground on a sandbar. The Belgians captured the crew and preserved what they could as the Germans had begun destroying documents and equipment when they abandoned the boat.
The Brits found out the Germans had cracked their codes. The Brits then turned around and broadcast false information. This helped them as another U-boat sank in August by a mine that was laid by another German sub, but the Germans thought due to transmission that the Brits had swept the mine away.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017


There was a release late last year of the PRECISION trials. These trials were part of a massive study on the danger of the good ol' household favorite ibuprofen. They were just evaluating the safety of NSAIDS. Those are drugs all Americans take over the counter for a myriad of aches and pains. Some, like Advil, are even candy coated.

Unfortunately, looks like they do cause problems and that an aggressive handling of them would take them off the market. Slight little elevated risks for a variety of things like heart attack, kidney problems, etc, but for the elderly the heart attack risk jumped by 40% in the short term. Drudge linked to this months ago due to some of the in the weeds bits in the study.

This works to Big Pharma's advantage. Do not think this would hurt them. This actually creates a new market for a new product for them. This is a generic over the counter so no monopoly protection. This is a cheap medication that only allows for product differentiation if it is candy coated (Advil). There is no loss for the Big Pharma firms if this is taken off the market or made prescription for patients over age 50.

There is a huge potential payout for Big Pharma. The grand opportunity that is dangling out there now for Big Pharma is tweaking the formula and releasing a new form with a *patent* that will be safe for the elderly who are covered under Medicare. Demand for anti-inflammatory meds is going to be there whether NSAIDS are available or not.

Say they tweak the formula to be a milder dose or a more targeted. Higher dose for a more limited time for sharp pains. This would require a scrip for older patients, but how many old people have aches, pains and arthritis? They just had their old ibuprofen taken away. How much will they clamor for a new drug? One that is approved by the FDA and covered under Medicare's prescription drug program.

Big Pharma then builds a new economic moat with government money paying for a drug that used to be generic and bought without a scrip at a low low price. This is rent seeking. The companies have cover for a government and research approved means of safely healing the elderly while also charging them significantly more for the good ol' NSAIDS they were used to in slightly different delivery.

The Left loves Big Pharma not just because they can use medical justification for their politics. Big Pharma acts as a fantastic disruptor for the intergenerational wealth transfer of those that do manage to save any money into old age. There is no limit on the extra, painful days the people that will receive your wealth will promise to you.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Weimerica Weekly - American Road Trip

New Weimerica Weekly is up. This one covers the American Road Trip. Is the magic still there? Who is taking to the road now? It is an American institution or ritual for the entrance into adulthood. Hope you enjoy.

My audio is off a bit as I had to use my back up microphone as my normal one flaked and fritzed.