Friday, August 04, 2017

The Shallow SWPL + SM Review-Preview 99

Travel to the city and find the SWPL area. Sit in the café, the bar, quirky retail space or the cutesy bar/café/bookshop combination and listen. Bring your laptop and work remote from the café since it will have free wifi and fit in a bit better. Camo does not just come in natural patterns.

Conversation after conversation, you will hear people engaged in a shallow life. Nothing spiritual or religious, of course, the activities will follow the newest fashion of what is cool. "Ooooo I've switch from yoga to barre class". There is a hyperfocus on food. "The bread is made on-site". The next fun night out becomes the rally point for not just anticipating fun but also commenting on the last night of fun and subsequent relationship drama.

This is not just women. The men are the same. The men have been feminized to have the same concerns and goals. For all the jokes about their focus on Harry Potter, I never heard one mention a book. Harry Potter might be the only thing they've read recently or have a solid grasp on for discussion. I doubt you could bring up an interesting book and get any recognition from them.

These concerns and this focus on the simple and shallow are mocked when applied to the non-SWPL set. The sole difference between the prole whites and these SWPLs is the BA or array of degrees from institutions of higher learning. There is nothing there. I'd go a step further and argue the degree has dropped the status badge on them, freeing them to have the shallowest of talks yet still not be an untouchable.

Even political or social discussions became a repetition of some slogan, an event and then "yeah I saw that on facebook". I truly wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. I wanted to hear them ponder deep subjects, broad concerns or even the worries of the individual navigating all of this. Comedy was hearing discussions about group events or activities but the consistent line that they did not know anyone at the events and were careful about engaging with those people. Nothing is organic with them, everything is transactional.

Didn't happen though. Problem there might be that any deep look into any topic is going to reveal their doublethink or blackwhite thoughts and to borrow again from 1984, immediately engage in crimestop. Better to fill the time with talks about the latest fluff.


Last week I wrote about identity and being in our modern liberation focused society. Weimerica Weekly was about the American Road Trip. Thank you for concerns about the microphone quality, but it was an odd technical circumstance, and I had to use a back up mic on the road.

This week I will discuss the rule of law, neutral arbiters and the break down of this. Weimerica Weekly could be on a variety of items as people have been sending me leads left and right. Spending as much time as I did in a gentrifying area, I may do it on that.

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August said...

I'm in the South, and the last time I was in one of these places I heard a contemporary Christian conversation. Some beta older dude talking to this Christian chick- a new guy had shown up at their church, she was probably attracted to him, but they found his attitude problematic. Apparently, at some point, he had said he was sick of 'praise' music.

Modern praise music is just stupidly syrupy love songs. This woman said something about this crap being what will be sung in heaven. I was sorely tempted to go on a tirade. Surely it is blasphemy to accuse God of such bad taste?